Ivar Giaever – On Winning The Big Prize

Last week I featured Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis: http://pgosselin.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/the-clergy-says/

Though not as eccentric as Mullis, Norwegian mechanical engineer Ivar Giaever describes how he won the Nobel Prize in physics. In the following video link, he tells what he feels is important to win a Nobel Prize. His tips:

1. Give talks, don’t be afraid of criticism.

2. Check yourself – try to prove yourself wrong.

3. It’s not proving theories, it’s about disproving famous ones.

4. You have to be curious.

5. You have to be competitive.

6. You have to be creative.

7. You have to be  self-confident.

8. You have to be very sceptical – don’t believe anything!

9. You have to be patient.

10. You have to be lucky.

http://www.lindau-nobel.de/MediaContainer.AxCMS?type=lectures&Meeting=105. (Click on Ivar Giaever on the right).

Note: These are tips for winning the Nobel Prize for Physics. For winning the Nobel Peace Prize, other completely different ones surely apply.