Naomi Oreskes' Denial Of Non-Consensus: A Look At A Failed Historian

Naomi Orsekes

My how the times have changed. Climategate, and all the other gates surrounding it, have turned things inside-out. The science is far from settled, as many of us have long suspected. The ranks of sceptic scientists are swelling, public opinion has swung; even the Royal Society has adopted a new position on climate science –  by George, there might be more to it than CO2 molecules after all!  The mainstream media is slowly coming around, too.

Yet, others refuse to hear it. 

Here’s a Youtube clip of Naomi Oreskes’ Truth About Denial presentation in 2007. Some of you may have watched it already. That presentation is in two parts.

Part 1: The Truth Part (CO2 drives global warming, there’s a consensus, science is settled).
Part 2: The Denial Part (There’s a disinformation campaign out there, denying it all).

Okay, that was back in 2007. Back then global warming science looked convincing, and so maybe such a position was plausible.

But here’s Oreskes in March 2010  in a presentation called the Merchants of Doubt, which is pretty much the same as her 2007 Truth About Denial. Despite all the new revelations, scandals and shifting scientific viewpoints, Oreskes continues to play the same music.  In the 2010 presentation she continues to ask (paraphrasing):

How can there be so much scepticism in the public when there’s consensus among scientists?  Where does all the public doubt come from?

And answers by claiming it all stems from a tiny few merchants of doubt, who she describes as:

…a small but powerful group of people aided and abetted by well-funded think-tanks and a compliant mass media…not for money, but in defense of an ideology of laissez-faire governance, opposition to gevernment regulation in all forms.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Oreskes still believes, despite all the new revelations we’ve seen over the last few months, that all the scepticism and denialism out there today is still coming from the same sinister merchants of doubt. You’d think she’d would step back for a minute and re-evaluate her position. No chance.  Instead her reaction is to drive her head yet further into the sand.

Oreskes claims to be a science historian. My question is: Will she wake up and start a new chapter for the science history books? Or will she continue repeating her fairy tales? Don’t hold your CO2 breath.

UPDATE: Yesteday this post appeared at position No. 6 when one googled “Naomi Oreskes’ Denial”. Today it has dropped off to No. 17.

Katla: The Game Changer?

According to MSNBC, the Katla volcano in Iceland is about to blow her top – hat tip Joe Bastardi Joe Bastardi blog. Katla is the big sis of Eyjafjallajökull;I mean the really big sis. And according to an initial research paper by the University College of London Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction:

Analysis of the seismic energy released around Katla over the last decade or so is interpreted as providing evidence of a rising … intrusive magma body on the western flank of the volcano.


 We conclude that given the high frequency of Katla activity, an eruption in the short term is a strong possibility.

A Katla eruption could be an order of magnitude greater than Eyjafjallajökull and possibly emit significant quantities of ash and sulphur particles into the stratosphere. Read the part about volcanoes at FOCUS warming will end. If that happens, then it’s a game-changer.

And look for a lot of uneasy alarmists to use it as a back door out of an increasingly embarrassing situation.

German FOCUS Magazine: Warm Times Will Soon Be Over!

The prominent German online news magazine  FOCUS  reports that 2010 may set a new NASA high temperature record. The cause of the recent warmth is El Nino. But FOCUS then throws ice-cold water on any warmist dream of an overheating planet, at least for the next few years, and writes that scientists believe: “Womöglich aber sind die warmen Zeiten für unseren Globus bald vorüber”.

In English:

Quite possibly, the warm times for the planet will soon be over.

The FOCUS report looks at three factors, which I present in 3 parts.

Part 1: La Nina

FOCUS first zeroes in on La Nina, and quotes AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Bastardi:

There are wild cards in the climate system that have changed the previous climate events. Now we’ve got a weak solar cycle and the prospect of increased volcanic activity. Together with a La Nina, it all could be a troublesome triple whammy.

FOCUS also quotes Joe D´Aleo of TV Weather Channel:

We’ll have La Nina conditions before the summer is over, and it will intensify further through the fall and winter. Thus we’ll have cooler temperatures for the next couple of years.

Part 2: Solar Activity

The next big factor is the sun, which has worried a number of scientists over the last couple of years. It refuses to start-up with a new cycle. 2008 had 266 spotless days and 2009 had 261.

FOCUS writes:

Now some scientists fear the solar slumber could herald in a new Little Ice Age. This period, which extended from the 15th to the 19th century, was characterised by bitter cold winters and cool, wet summers which left grains and crops rotting in the fields.

FOCUS magazine then acknowledges the Maunder and Dalton Minimums, thus indirectly refuting Mann’s version of climate history. The German media is waking up!

FOCUS then quotes Joe D’Aleo:

If the number of spots does not climb over 40 or 50 during the next maximum, which would mean a low level of solar energy, then we have to reckon with much lower temperatures in the coming years.

Part 3: Volcanoes

Volcanoes in Iceland are coming alive. So far the ash clouds have been too small to have any effects on the climate. The real risk, however, is that it may be a foreboding of something much worse to come – the eruption of the mighty neighbouring Katla volcano. Katla has a far more immense chamber of magma. It erupts on average every 70 years and in tandem with Eyjafjalla. The last Katla eruption was in 1918, thus making an eruption overdue.

According to Joe Bastardi:

Katla could be a game-changer. If it erupts and throws ash and sulfur particles into the stratosphere, then the global temperature will plummet.

The triple whammy of La Nina, low solar activity and increased volcanic activity all acting together would certainly put global warming on the back burner for a while. But some scientists, like Prof. Mojib Latif of the University of Kiel, insist that warming will resume once the cooling factors fade off, and that global temperature increases of 5°C by the end of the century cannot be excluded.

In the meantime, get ready for cooling.

Adios El Nino

The equatorial Pacific is now showing a distinct band of cool surface water developing. Many forecasters have already written the obituary for the now departing El Nino, which pushed global surface temperatures up by some 0.8°C over the last few months.

Developing La Nina


The newly developing La Nina will probably erase much of that in the months ahead. For example, Accu Weather meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicts cooling over the next year or two. But he does say this year’s Arctic ice melt may challenge the record low set in 2007. One more but – he says that after that the ice will recover over the next 2 years and reach normal levels. So all you obsessed global warmists out there, milk it while you can. It’s your last chance (if Joe’s right).

Read the latest Wrap-Up from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Casus Belli – Suspend Democracy!

Here’s another excellent post by Eduardo Zorita at the Klimazwiebel.

In this BBC podcast (takes a minute or so to load), the view of green elitists is that we have casus belli. Thus democracy has to be suspended and common sense authoritarianism has to take over – just for a while, until things are put back in their proper order. The general population is just too stupid to understand it, and is only getting in the way. (Actually, and thankfully, they’re too informed and many people understand precisely what this is about).

“The situation is urgent, the world is going to hell in a handbasket – let us rescue the planet. Trust us,” we are constantly told.

I’m trying to think of a veggie or fruit that’s green outside and brown inside. The closest thing I can think of is a rotten avocado. For me it’s even disturbing that the BBC even gives equal time and weight to the green nutjobs who propose suspending democracy and taking us back to the German Democratic Republic – East Germany, behind the Berlin Wall, for those of you who may have already forgotten. “Trust us” just isn’t good enough. History shows that populations have been burned by this all too often.

The good news is that authoritarianism only works if there’s consent. But there can be no consent unless there is a genuine debate. That’s where the problem lies for the kook warmists. They’ll never win this debate, and they know it. Indeed consent has been massively eroding lately. Their science has been exposed as a hoax. They’ve lost the case and their desperation has caused them to lose any rationality they may have once had.

Update: Bishop Hill has found the perfect food staple to symbolise enviro-leftists: pistachios. Green only on the surface, brown inside, and in total, a nut throughout.

As Governments Bedwet Over AGW, World Faces Potential Food Catastrophe

      While world governments bedwet over a fantasized climate catastrophe taking place 100 years out, mankind could be facing a potential catastrophic food shortage. A worthhile read (see link below).

A fungus threatens 20% of the world's food supply.

      The disease is Ug99, a virulent strain of black stem rust fungus (Puccinia graminis), discovered in Uganda in 1999, threatens the world’s wheat supply. Read the scary details here:

      Wheat provides 20% of all calories consumed by humans. According to Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution:

This thing has immense potential for social and human destruction.

      According to, the fungus attacks the stem of the wheat plant, causing it to wither and die.

Stem rust is the polio of agriculture, a plague that was brought under control nearly half a century ago as part of the celebrated Green Revolution. After years of trial and error, scientists managed to breed wheat that contained genes capable of repelling the assaults of Puccinia graminis, the formal name of the fungus.

But now it’s clear: The triumph didn’t last.

      The new fungus has spread from Africa and into the Middle East. It would only take a  traveller with a single spore on his shirt to transport it to the USA and Canada.

The pathogen makes its presence known to humans through crimson pustules on the plant’s stems and leaves. When those pustules burst, millions of spores flare out in search of fresh hosts.

      It goes to show that nature has a bag full of nasty tricks, and there’s nothing you can do to stop her. All you can do is adapt, hopefully quickly enough. But if you waste your time trying to appease her, and don’t invest your resources wisely in adapting, you’ll get eliminated.

German Industry Says: Take A Break!

The online German Der Spiegel reported yesterday here that the EU Commission wants to accelerate cuts in CO2 emissions, but industry and government officials are saying “no!”. With economies gripped by hardship and overall growing public scepticism (see here), calls for even more draconian measures to curb CO2 emissions are ringing hollow.

German Minister of Economics Rainer Bruederle says it’s time to take a break from efforts to protect the climate:

It accomplishes nothing for environmental protection when Europe goes it alone and jobs are sent to other regions of the world.

Werner Schnappauf, Director of the German Association of Industry adds:

As long as there is no international and legally binding climate protection treaty,  industry rejects increasing the climate reduction target from 20% to 30%. There are only disadvantages for both the climate and economy if Europe rushes and goes it alone.

      The EU wants to ratchet up the target from 20% to 30% less CO2 emissions than 1990 by 2020. Other leading German government officials think they can both appease the climate gods by making human sacrifices at the Altar of Climate, and at the same time boost the economy. German Minister of the Environment Norbert Roettgen and other EU environment ministers have said they want to go ahead and require the 30% target, with or without an international treaty.

It’s good for the environment and also for the incentive to innovate, from which the German industry would greatly profit.

      According to the EU Commission, a CO2 reduction of 30% by 2020 would lead to a 0.54% drop in GDP. Can’t these people think of ways to make our lives easier for a change?

Pachauri And The Chicago Climate Exchange

Pachauri CCX advisory board member

EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, a sponsor of the 4th ICCC in Chicago, has dug up a some information on the Chicago Climate Exchange CCX, where Maurice Strong and a host of other influential leftists are among its board members.

When it comes to cap & trade, i.e. emissions trading, we’re talking serious money here. According to Dr. Richard Sandor, an economist and CCX architect, cap-and-trade represents a $10 trillion per-year market.

Recognizing the enormous profit potential, Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management (GIM)  purchased a 10 percent stake in CCX and became the company’s fifth largest co-owner. Yet all this coziness shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But taking a closer look at the CCX Advisory Board, we find among the likes of Joe Kennedy, Ed Begly, Thomas Lovejoy – Rajendra Pachauri. It’s known that Pachauri has huge investments in carbon markets, but this is ridiculous. Talk about a scam. Yet another gate to add to the long list.

Conflict of interest? Nahhhh

Update: FYI, CCX Directors here and External Advisory Board members here.

Mammoth Junk Science

Many news outlets have reported today that humans hunted and killed off the large methane-emitting mammoths 13,000 years ago, thus causing global cooling. This report has been published in Nature by some University of New Mexico scientists. Again man, armed with nothing but spears and arrows, may have been the culprit in significant climate change. Read here for example. Here, the Telegraph reports:

But by 11,500 years ago, around 80% of these big mammals had vanished forever.

Their disappearance, accounting for more than 114 lost species, came within 1,000 years of the arrival of humans in the New World.

So the mammoth killing ended at about 11,500 years ago? Wouldn’t that mean that it should have gotten colder from then on as a result? Let’s take a look at the temperatures over the last 20,000 year or so.

This graphic is taken from:

At about 11,500 years ago the Ice Age ended! With all those big inefficient herbivores disappearing and the millions of tons of methane along with it, wouldn’t the hypothesis suggest that the Ice Age would have deepened, and not ended? Using AGW logic, less methane means more cooling, which leads to more ice, which then leads to more albedo, more cooling, more ice…you know an irreversible tipping point into a permanent ice age. But the opposite happened!

To me this stinks of more junk science by a journal desperate to rescue a science that’s quickly going the way of the mammoths: to extinction. This will be debunked in a matter of days.

Update: The following graphic from Jeff Masters Weather Underground shows the temperature for the last 100,000 years. Note all the spikes during the period. Why are the Younger Dryas caused by man and all the other dips not? Clearly the graphic shows that climate is always changing, often wildly. Belching mammoths were not the drivers.

Action Hero Lewis Gordon Pugh

Super Pugh

Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive…able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, it’s a bird! No it’s a plane! It’s Super-Pugh!

When evil threatens the planet Earth, then it’s Super Pugh to the rescue.

Now Super Pugh is in Nepal, where he just completed a 1 km swim across an icy 2″C lake to save the planet from, yes, you guessed it, manmade global warming read here.

One or two summers ago, publicity-monger and Mr Save-The-Earth Lewis Gordon Pugh attempted canoeing to the North Pole to draw attention to the problem of AGW (not to himself). He didn’t make it, probably too much kryptonite up there.

But now, in Nepal, according to his Hero Website, this was a “Swim for Peace. It is a plea to every nation, to do everything it can, to put a stop to climate change.”

Who knows, maybe Super Pugh will get the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

How did he get to Nepal? Like everywhere else his expeditions take him, it’s up up and away – in a jet! (Surely he offsets his super carbon footprints).

Action hero Pugh is concerned that AGW is not being taken seriously enough. According to the Daily Planet, er, the Beeb: 

He urged governments to make tackling climate change a priority and said he was disappointed the issue did not feature more prominently in the UK election

It’s not easy being an action hero when nobody cares. Finally, here’s a video of Super Pugh in action!

My hero.

Gate Blowup! Come On In Gate Lovers!


What follows is only the first orignal list of climate gates, click above for the newest list.

Climate science has produced an entire warehouse full of scandals. In fact the scandals are in such big supply that you can now get them at the House of Climate Science for a dime a dozen. No other science has produced such a huge inventory.
It reminds me of a scene in the cult film Dusk till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino where an unseemly character named Chet makes a famous sales pitch outside a certain locale. I simply substituted the obscene term, for what some consider to be the world’s oldest known commodity, with the different “gates” we’ve seen in climate science.  Here’s the new sales pitch:

Come on in gate lovers!! Here at Sleazy Science we’re slashing gates in half! Give us an offer on our best selection of gates! This is a gate blowup! All right, we got drought-gate, Gore-gate, Sting-gate, Himalaya-gate, ursus-gate, we got Amazon-gate, China-gate, Russia-gate, Dutch-gate, Toad-gate
We got data-deletion-gate, we got Overpecker-gate, Hansen-gate, we got Inconvenient-gate, Africa-gate, boot-gate, Finland-gate, we even got Freedom of Information-gate, Greenpeace-gate, Yamal-gate. Come on you want gates, come on in gate lovers! If we don’t got it you don’t want it! Come on in gate lovers! 

(Warning! Should you get the idea to watch the original Chet speech in Dusk Till Dawn, then first clear the kids and ladies out of the room.)

Anyway, that said, here’s my abridged list of gates in climate science for your future reference. There’s something there for everyone! We now got:

1. Acceleration-gate
2. Africa-gate
3. AIT-gate
4. Amazon-gate
5. Antarctic sea-gate
6. Bangladesh-gate
7. Boot-cleaning manual-gate
8. China-gate and here
9. Climate Camp-gate
10. Climate-gate
11. CRU data deletion-gate
12. Dog-ate it-gate
13. Discernable influence-gate
14. Drought-gate
15. EPA-gate  h/t Climate Depot
16. Five-star WWF-gate
17. Finland-gate
18. Flooded house-gate
19. FOI-gate
20. Fungus-gate
21. Gatekeeping-gate
22. GISS Metar-gate
23. Gore private jet-gate
24. Greenpeace-gate
25. Hansen 1930s hot-gate
26. Hansen stagecraft-gate
27. Himalaya-gate and here
28. Hockey-stick-gate and here and here WCR
29. Hollywood hypocrites-gate and Dave Matthews
30. Hurricane-gate
31. Jesus Paper-gate
32. Kilimanjaro-gate
33. Malaria-gate and here (new!)
34. Meat-gate h/t reader Catalina
35. Mega-mansion-gate
36. Met Office computer-gate
37. NASA/NCDC bad data-gate and here
38. New Zealand-gate
39. NOAA adjustment-gate and here, and here
40. NOAA/GISS data selection-gate and here
41. NYT alarmism-gate and here
42. Overpeck get rid of MWP-gate
43. Oxbourgh-gate and here (bishop hill)
44. Pachauri-gate and here and here
45. Peer-review-gate 1
46. Peer-review-gate 2
47. Persecute and execute-gate
48. Polar bear-gate and here
49. Porn(soft)-gate
50. Rahmstorf smoothing-gate and here and here
51. Revelle-gate
52. Russia-gate and and here video
53. Solar-gate  Spain solar-gate
54. Sting-gate
55. Student dissertation-gate
56. Surface stations-gate and here
57. Toad-gate
58. UNEP-gate
59. UN natural disasters-gate
60. Ursus-gate
61. Windmill-gate and here
62. Wikipedia William Connelly-gate h/t to
63. Yamal-gate 

      Come on in gate lovers we got lots of gates coming in!  We even got gates for a penny! Gates for only a penny! Come on in!

Hopefully this list will be helpful for the observers of climate science.

77 Non-Anonymous Sceptical German Scientists

77 German scientists have signed an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel casting their doubt on the hypothesis of manmade CO2 emissions causing considerable global warming. The letter, drafted in 2009 by EIKE, continues today to gather signatures from scientists in Germany. Here is the German Letter with signatures, and here’s the English translation.

The open letter states:

…humans have had no measurable effect on global warming through CO2 emissions


More importantly, there’s a growing body of evidence showing anthropogenic CO2 plays little measurable role. Indeed CO2’s capability to absorb radiation is almost exhausted at today’s atmospheric concentrations. If CO2 did in fact have an effect and all fossil fuels were burned, then additional warming over the long-term would remain limited to only a few tenths of a degree.

The letter is also signed by more than 300 concerned citizens, many with doctorate, engineering and other professional titles.

Recently the online Franfurter Rundschau published some comments made by German über-alarmist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and an advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel, implying that sceptics were hiding in anonymity and that scepticism was anti-scientific, saying:

Most of them [sceptics] operate from the safety of anonymity in the internet. They don’t try at all to do it successfully through a factual debate; rather they attempt to sow scepticism on science being an instrument to explain reality.

Perhaps the open letter will convince Herr Prof Dr Schellnhuber that the sceptics are not as anonymous as he would like to believe. Furthermore when it comes to debate, Schellnhuber employs the same tactic as Al Gore – running and hiding. Still, he is surely welcome to debate the issue at the  ICCC now taking place in Chicago. But don’t expect him to show up. He’s too busy scrambling to keep his science alive in Germany.

Accelerating Global Erosion Consensus Smashed – Artifact Of Observation

The consensus was that global erosion of mountains and the Earth’s surface had been accelerating over the last 5 million years. Well, guess what? This once long accepted hypothesis has just been smashed by researchers at the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam Germany. They present their results in the May 13 issue of NatureGFZ Potsdam (click English top right). They write:

The globally observed four-fold acceleration of sedimentation is an artifact of the observations. Important geological hypotheses that are based on this observation now require revision.

Artifact of observation? Gee, where can one see that today? Hansen, are you reading?

Erosion of rocks and the Earth’s surface over the last 5 million years could be found as sediment. Measurements of the sediment layers suggested that erosion had increased over the last 5 million years. The question was why? What caused the acceleration?

Hypotheses for the cause included the increased global growth of mountains by movement of tectonic plates which resulted in accelerated erosion, or the onset of the ice ages 3 million years ago – which accelerated erosion. But neither of these hypotheses was satisfactory. Another wrench in the the machine was CO2 –  it just didn’t pan out.

GFZ-scientists Jane Willenbring and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg appear to have solved the riddle.

They found that the increase in sedimentation rates is a so-called “artifact” of the observations: the more detail geologists observe, the more sediment they discover. In younger geologic time the observations get better than those made on sediment millions of years in age. This is so because not all sediment, once deposited, survives the passage of geologic time. The increase in sedimentation therefore is not real – it merely mirrors the better preservation of younger sediment.

Read the GFZ Potsdam report to see how they used isotope Beryllium-10 to solve the riddle.

Of course other scientists could claim that the consensus supports the old view, and that the GFZ researchers are just a couple of fringe scientists that can’t be taken seriously.

4th ICCC – Is it Worth It?

The Conference has begun – I’ll get right to the points.

1) How’s the mood going to be over there? Like a funeral?

LOL! Yeah, like dancing on the grave of your most bitter and hated enemy. I wish I could be there. It goes without saying, the mood will be festive, buoyant, and giddy. So much has happened since the last Conference back in June in Washington. Just 11 months ago who would have ever thought science would progress so much and that the ugly truths behind the CAGW science would be exposed like they have been?

2. What has changed since the last Conference?

The last 11 months in climate science have been like a millenium.  Huge seismic events have occurred, namely the scandal that was Climategate and the debacle that was the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report. The report has been completely discredited. Chairmann Rajendra Pachauri surely will be forced to go. The CAGW science has been reduced to a heap of crushed ice.

3. What about the program there?

First of all, let the guys and gals celebrate a little. It’s good they are getting away from their laptops and blogs and coming together to talk face-to-face. As mentioned in Pt. 2, there’s a lot to talk about. This year the program is much bigger than last year’s.  The roster of speakers is second to none. There are other speakers I’d like to see, but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

4. What about inviting the warmists?

That’s been done. The sceptics don’t hide behind closed, locked doors. The doors are wide open and I’m sure the sceptics would even roll out the red carpet for the warmists. Note how the sceptics have no qualms about opening the Conference up to other points of view. That’s how science works. Compare that to how the warmists conduct their conferences, making sure no dissenting views are expressed. Personally I don’t know why people like Mann should be invited. He’s a climate science fraud and criminal. His hockey sticks have proven that. Others like Hansen, Gavin, etc. – okay. Red carpet’s waiting just for you!

5. What are they going to accomplish there?

It’s a chance  to spawn new initiatives and to communicate other points of view to the public. Sure the old washed up MSM won’t be there. But my view is: Who cares! I hope Talk Radio mentions it and maybe Fox News will do a story or two. Otherwise, the growing internet media will do the rest.

6. How do the warmists feel about the Conference?

They can’t stand it. Already many are peeing and moaning about how demoncracy doesn’t work anymore, and that the media gives the sceptics too much coverage, and that they are in a way aiding and abetting the “denialists”. Of course this shows what they really think of free speech and democracy. They’d prefer not have them. Yesterday I wrote about Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, IPCC lead author and Director of Germany’s Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who said:

They [sceptics] don’t try at all to do it successfully through factual debate; rather they attempt to sow scepticism on science being an instrument to explain reality

In Schellnhuber’s world, scepticism is anti-science. And if you doubt his science, then you are anti-science.

Well Schellnhuber, the doors to debate are wide open in Chicago. You only need the courage to walk through them.

Schellnhuber: Now Scepticism Is Anti-Science!

Things have really gotten desperate for the CAGWists also here in Germany. That’s what a little Climategate and Germany’s coldest winter in 46 years can do to a junk-science theory.

Dirk Maxeiner brings up a piece appearing in the German online Frankfurter Rundschau titled: Campaign of Lies McCarthy Style Click here!

The piece describes how more than 250 scientists, among them 11 Nobel Prize recipients, have expressed their outrage in a letter published in Science claiming they’ve been the targets of McCarthy-like attacks. The Frankfurter Rundschau says the attacks are coming from “Konservative Think-Tanks” and “Republikaner”, among them the Heartland Institute, and James Inhofe, all designed to “torpedo the urgently needed climate protection measures”, and blah blah blah.

The tone of the piece of course is that sceptics are bad and the warmists are good. The piece also heavily bemoans the rapidly eroding public concerns of AGW as an issue, and asks: Who’s behind all that irresponsible scepticism?

Prof Hans Joachim Scellnhuber, an IPCC lead author, explains it for them. Here’s the text in German, then followed by the translation in English:

Der Potsdamer Klimaforscher Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, Mitunterzeichner des Science-Briefs, hält den Einfluss der Skeptiker in Deutschland für geringer als in den USA. Es handele sich dabei um sehr unterschiedliche Gruppen, sagte der Präsident des Instituts für Klimafolgen-Forschung der FR. Die meisten operierten ‘aus der sicheren Anonymität des Internets heraus. Sie versuchen erst gar nicht, bei einer sachlichen Debatte erfolgreich zu sein, sondern vielmehr grundsätzliche Zweifel an der Wissenschaft als Instrument der Wirklichkeitserklärung zu säen.” Damit fänden sie große Sympathie “bei vielen antiaufklärerischen Kräften’.

In English:

Potsdam climate researcher Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, a signatory of the Science Letter, thinks the sceptics in Germany have less influence than in the USA. They involve very different groups, the Director of the Institute for Climate Impact Research told the Frankfurter Rundschau. Most of them ‘operate from the safety of anonymity in the internet. They don’t try at all to do it successfully through a factual debate; rather they attempt to sow scepticism on science being an instrument to explain reality.’  This is how they gain much sympathy ‘from the many forces of anti-science’.

In Schellnhuber’s world, scepticism is anti-science. And if you doubt their science, then you are anti-science.

Oh, by the way, let’s not forget that reality and science for them are doctored up iStock polar bear photos and manipulated temperature curves. And who are the ones who keep running and hiding from debate?

What about the polar bear photo in the Frankfurter Rundschau piece? The caption reads: “Polar bears searching for food”. But at least that photo, as far as I can tell, hasn’t been doctored.

Heads Up – Coming: AWI Climate Reconstruction 400,000 to 4 Million Years Ago

The Polarstern ice breaker of the government-funded Alfred Wegener Institute is now returning from a 7-month long expedition to the Antarctic, putting 37,000 nautical miles behind it. A total of 150 scientists from 15 countries have taken part in the Antarctic research expedition. here

Onboard in the ship’s cargo bays are 1000 meters of sediment cores, weighing 11 tonnes in total. These cores will now allow the researchers to extract climate information for the period from 400,000 to 4 million years ago.

There’s already considerable knowlege going back about 600,000 years.

But beyond that it starts to get awfully fuzzy. We do know that it has been trending colder over the last 5 million years.

The period from 400 thousand to 4 million years back is not well-researched, and so the sediment cores will certainly deliver key information on how the climate developed in leading up to the periodic ice ages, clues about ice behaviour, and ocean currents. Surely it’ll take some time to extract the data and digest them. We’re certainly looking forward to the first results.

Normally the AWI provides a translation of their press releases in English. I expect one will be out shortly.

The Green Movement’s Death-Farms

Thanks to reader ThomasJ, who provided this link to a Norwegian documentary about bird-killing windfarms. It might take a few moments to load. And although the clip is in Norwegian, the pictures themselves tell the story. The Norwegian windfarms are turning once majestic landscapes into a nightmare.

I’m also amazed at the number of websites, blogs, documentaries, reports, etc. popping up and casting light on this large-scale avarian slaughter by windmills. Expect resistance to this failed experiment to grow. The Green Movement is quickly proving to be an abject folly.

Aren’t all those windmills along Norway’s prestine natural coastline just lovely?

Update: No problem littering the landscape with bird-chopping windmills – but try putting up a new bridge.

Update: More bird killing

$310 Million For Temperature Reduction Of 0.000005°C – Protest

Michael Krüger of Readers Edition has a post on Germany’s first offshore Alpha Ventus windpark located in the North Sea, 30 miles from shore. Alpha Ventus has 12 5-MW wind generators. The electricity will have to cost 7 – 8  US-cents per kwh just to cover the construction costs. That’s about the price electricty is traded at on German commodity markets. But then you have to add the operating, maintenance and dismantling costs after the expected 20 years of operation. Also the added cost of expanding the electrical grid to accommodate the wind parks has to be added in.

In general windparks cannot compete against conventional power plants. That’s why the German government subsidizes windpark operators and guaratees them 19 US cents per kwh. The higher costs are of course borne by the consumers and industrial customers.

Contribution to “climate protection”. So what is the consumer getting for his money? Using IPCC data and forcings, Krüger calculated how much Alpha Ventus will help to reduce the global temperature:

Without the assumed positive feedbacks: 0.000001°C,  with the assumed positive feedbacks 0.000005°C.

That’s right – a whopping few millionths of a degree! Boy can you feel it already?

Protest: The offshore windparks also kill a considerable number of migratory birds, and so environmentalists are already protesting the planned construction of 11 additional offshore parks. Indeed a Folks’ Initiative protest against wind energy is taking place in Berlin this coming weekend:

Global Warming Is Off The Radar!

Earth to Gore! Earth to Gore! Do you read?

I remember seeing Gallup polls listing Global Warming and Environment separately, and almost always near the bottom on the list of concerns. But I don’t ever recall GW being relegated to obscurity – but maybe I’m wrong here. Anyway the “climate crisis”, as Gore likes to call it, is not even among the top 10  concerns for Americans. Here are the latest Gallup poll results. H/t: hotair

Maybe global warming has been lumped in under Environment, along with air and water pollution, littering, lawnmower noise and plastic bags.