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Just Suck It Up; Otherwise The World Is Going To Be Destroyed By Global Warming

How long have we been hearing this kind of talk from alarmists? How often are we told that we have to make lots of sacrifices and give governments unlimited power – otherwise the earth will be destroyed? The answer is: almost everyday. High energy taxes, loss of freedom, massive regulation, constant monitoring, surveillance over how […]

Summary And Conclusions Of The Scientific Advisory Board Report Buried By Germany's Ministry Of Finance – English Translation

In my recent post here I wrote about a ZDF story on an Expert Assessment Report, led by Prof. Dr. Kai Konrad of the Max Planck Institute and a team of finance researchers, on Europe’s and Germany’s climate policy. The report is titled: Climate Policy Between Emissions Prevention and Adaptation Expert Assessment By The Scientific Advisory Board Of The […]

Oreskes At Deutsche Welle’s Journalism For Dummkopfs Conference

Ulli Kulke of the German online Die Welt national newspaper has written a piece: How Sceptics Are To Be Converted. He reports on the recent Global Media Forum held by German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle dubbed “The Heat Is On – Climate Change and the Media”, see here for background and here. According to Kulke the real objective of the forum: […]

Max Planck Institute Finance Researchers Call Europe’s Climate Policy A Failure

Hans von Storch’s blog brings our attention to an excellent German report by normally green ZDF public television. The report takes a critical view of Europe’s energy policy and reaches the conclusion that it’s a failure. My last post Billions Of Euros For Nothing Called A Success Story illustrates this beautifully. The ZDF interviews a leading finance researcher, Professor Dr […]

Minister Tanya Gönner Calls Hundreds Of Billions Of Euros For Nothing A Success Story!

Like in many countries in Europe, politcal parties in Germany, whether right or left, are big boosters of re-engineering society in order to save it from the fantasized self-inflicted climate catastrophe. People who speak up face risk feeling the wrath of the many climate-doctrine-following drones and zombies. And as the level of absurdity reaches intolerable […]

Pachauri Should Step Down, Say Leading German Scientists

The German Readers Edition reports that 3 leading scientists, among them alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf, are calling on Rajendra Pachauri to step down as Chairman of the IPCC because of management errors and the recent attacks on the IPCC and climate science.According to Stefan Rahmstorf’s blog Klimalounge: I’m not calling for an end of Pachauri, but I could certainly imagine […]

Media: No Evidence, No Crime. Let's All Move Along.

I must admit I’m in a bit of shock reading this stuff, especially full police report about Al Gore’s alleged behaviour. I’m not going to draw any conclusion right now. It’s all too stunning, if it’s true. The other climate blogs have not written a word about it so far. Maybe they want to be extra careful, […]

Al Gore: Massaging More Than Data?

I know I shouldn’t go here, but the temptation is just too strong. I’ll let the readers make up their own minds. Here are some links to read. But do research more.UPDATE 1: Oh! Oh! Drudge has got Gore as the big headline. 1. Serious accusations 2. 3 reasons not to believe the accusations 3. […]

Frustration At Deutsche Welle Forum

H/T: Benny Peiser This is the final day of the Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum, this year’s conference is titled “The Heat is On – Climate Change and the Media”. If any conclusion can be drawn, it is that elite warmists are extremely frustrated. Read here. Bob Ward: British journalists don’t know difference between fact and […]

Research Institutes Predict Arctic Sea Ice To Remain Steady in 2010

The June SEARCH report of September sea ice outlook here shows the predictions of 16 research institutes for 2010: According to the report:  A quick calculation (leaving out the outliers of 3.2 million in 2009 and 1.0 million in 2010) shows an average prediction of 4.72 in June 2009, and 5.05 million this year. On […]

Alfred Wegener Institute: 80% Probability Arctic Ice Will Bottom Out Between 4.7 and 5.7 Million Km²

We recall last year how projections of new lows in Arctic sea ice extents were boldly made, and eagerly publicised by the catastrophe-obsessed  media. It made for good headlines, but they were all wrong. See here June Outlook Report. This year Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute AWI here and the KlimaCampus of the University of  Hamburg are taking another shot at […]

German Solar Energy Gravy Train – The Coming Meltdown

Other blogs have mentioned today a report from the German financial daily, Handelsblatt here, but didn’t provide many details, and so I’ve decided to shine a little more light on the article. It is indeed frightening. The German government has been generously subsidising renewable energy sources for years now, and it’s going to cost the German consumer a […]

EIKE Replies To Deutsche Welle's Letter Of Denial

In yesterday’s post I wrote about Deutsche Welle’s  letter to European Institute for Climate Energy (EIKE). where it denies being one-sided in holding an alarmist conference for journalists called: The Heat Is On – Climate Change and the Media, which has workshops like: How to professionally deal with climate scepticism. The conference’s own stated objective: This workshop aims to point out […]

Deutsche Welle Gone Rogue – Pushes One-Sided Journalism, But Denies It

Here’s a story on how a publicly funded broadcaster in Germany has abandoned obeying the laws of the Land, and succumbed to the temptation of practicing activism instead of journalism (a violation of German law). All of this of course on the premise of the fantasized urgent need to rescue the planet. On June 9 the European […]

Gate-Update – Next One On September 3

Many of you are aware that I compiled a list of climate scandals on May 20 (Gate Blowup) and an updated version on June 6 here.Rarely does a science give us so many scandals to write about. Indeed there’s quite an impressive cast of unseemly scientists and public figures out there who just keep the gate pipeline flowing. Thanks for all […]

Germany Guide: Who’s Who In Climate Science?

I) WHO ARE THE SCEPTICS IN GERMANY? The real “troublemakers” in Germany are: 1. Professor Hans von Storch of the GKSS (warmist, but scientific and welcomes debate). 2. Prof. Josef H. Reichholf of the Technical Univ. of Munich. 3. Hans H.J. Labohm (Dutch), journalist. 4. Prof. Augusto Mangini, U. of Heidelberg (maybe not a sceptic, but critical […]

More Junk Science Out Of NASA. Top Russian Scientist Says There’s "No Scientific Basis" For 2013 Solar Devastation Prediction

You’ll recall that WUWT reported here  a couple days ago on NASA’s warnings of “huge space storms” causing devastation in 2013 or so.  Well, one leading Russian scientist has something to say about it.The German edition of the online Russian RIA Novosti has a report today called: World Catastrophe in 2013? Russian Solar Scientist Is Sceptical. Astrophysicist Sergei Bogatchov told RIA Novosti yesterday: Today […]

Robbed! Referee Hallucinates And Sees Infraction That Didn't Exist!

Voodoo Policymaking

Again the excellent Readers Edition here has an excellent piece on Pachauri, which I’ve written here in English. Pachauri became Chairman of the IPCC in 2002.The following is his little-publicised partial resume of some of the posts he’s held. Now if you look closely and squint your eyeballs really hard, you might see a conflict of interest […]

FOCUS On Desertification – Misleading Its Readers

In yet another “we’re all threatened by climate change” piece, the German online FOCUS magazine presents here a piece on the desertification of the earth, of course all worsened by climate change. FOCUS quotes a source: Almost 33.3% of the earth’s surface is threatened by so-called desertification. Right off the bat I have trouble with that statement […]