New NoTricksZone Site!

Well, here it is!

This is where I’ll be posting from now on. I started blogging on the 1st of April this year, thinking I’d maybe get a few dozen visitors per day. But these expectations have been far surpassed. Since April 1st I’ve gotten over 96,000 visitors on the old site, averaging almost 1000 over the last few weeks. And almost 10,000 have visited the lists of climate gates I’ve posted, making it the most popular page. It’s good to see others are finding it useful.

Of course this is small fry when compared to the other big climate blogs, but to me it represents a good start. This is why I thought now is the time to make the move to a new upgraded WordPress site, which will offer more features and better service for readers.

There are still some minor details that need to taken care of on the new, site, but this will be done over the next days. The main thing is that I can do what I like to do – write more posts!

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2 responses to “New NoTricksZone Site!”

  1. Agile Aspect

    I liked the layout of the other site much better.

    I liked the way comments were organized and I miss the blue header on the top.

    Is there a separate RSS feed for comments?

    Reply: Not yet, but there will be. I have to look around for that and figure it out. All this stuff is new for me, and so I kinda have to muddle through it all. Luckily my mate Markus has helped me out immensely on all this, but he’s leaving for Denmark tomorrow for a week’s holiday. Be patient a little longer and we’ll get it there. -PG

  2. DirkH

    Hi PG!

    I rather like the new layout. And congrats re the number of hits; you deserve to be read, and the world needs to be informed about the climate science madness in Germany. You’re keeping a good focus. All the best!

    Reply: Thanks Dirk,
    I still have a few glitches to work out, but in general I’m happy with the new set up. -PG

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