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Joe Bastardi Unloads On Penn State Corruption – Feels Betrayed

{Note 15 August 2010: Joe has replaced his Penn State post with a new post, and so you can no longer read it.]Anyone who reads this blog knows that meteorologist Joe Bastardi is one of my favorites. Yesterday he wrote a scathing piece at his European blog about his alma mater Penn State for the way […]

Peer Review In Need of Reform – Reproducing Results Entails Too Much Time And Effort, Says Philip Campbell of Nature

The Swiss online NZZ here  has a report on the peer-review process and the problems plaguing it. Peer-review has become a leading topic in science in Europe and all over the world. The NZZ starts off: Irritated by multiple scandals over the last years, many scientists are up in arms over the peer-review of scientific articles and are […]