Mass Exodus From Al Ron Gore’s Church Of Climatology

The end of summer is approaching, and so it’s a good time to look back at this year’s developments in public opinion on the topic of climate change.Germany’s sceptic site Readers Edition has posted a short note on the dwindling belief in manmade catastrophic climate change globally. The piece is titled: Der Klimahype Ist Vorbei! (The Climate Hype Is Over!), by Michael Krueger.

Indeed the once faithful are leaving the Church of Climatology in droves. The drones are waking up. I recap as follows:

In USA the Pew Institute says the number of Americans who believe global warming is a big problem dropped from 44% in April 2008 to just 35% in October 2009  (before Climategate!).

In Britain the BBC recently reported the number of Britons who believe in “man-made climate change went from 41% last November to a ghastly 26% now.

– In Germany Der Spiegel reported that the faithful have diminished from 62% in 2006 to only 42% today. And, as I reported yesterday, a website supported by the German Ministry of Environment released a graphic (see above) showing a stunning plummet in public interest when it comes to climate protection.

As mentioned at Readers Edition, the above figures are reported here at Die Welt online in a report titled: The Constant Climate Warnings Are Making Us Complacent. The truth is that they are sounding old and people don’t want to hear them anymore.

– In Australia, a recent Gallup poll shows the number of faithful has slid from 52% in 2008 to 44% in 2010.

These percentages mean that just in the four influential countries named above, 55 million people have stopped believing the hoax.

And now Republican candidates in USA are discovering that the hoax is indeed becoming an effective campaign issue for attacking warmist control-freak Democrats. With tough economic times and a host of other far more pressing issues bearing down on regular citizens, expect the exodus of people leaving Al Gore’s Church to continue.

8 responses to “Mass Exodus From Al Ron Gore’s Church Of Climatology”

  1. DirkH

    OTOH, the Green Party in Germany has risen to 20% in opinion polls. I fear the worst (No, not global warming; rather, more government theft come the next election. The Germans like it that way.).

    -Reply: The SPD will get over 30%, so such a centre-left government will have a comfortable majority. It proves Angela can’t lead when she has an opposition. Dark green times ahead for Germany I fear. -PG

  2. Edward.

    Only the mankind hating, narcissistic green loonies really believe in AGW because to them it is a religion.

    Most open minded people have in the past thought; “OK maybe there is something to it, all the scientists seem to think so.”

    Now that the so called ‘consensus’ is nothing of the kind, there is no consensus and never was, sapient beings/the electorate can smell a rat.

    It is/was the politicians who had most to gain by promoting the great AGW lie, they could demonstrate their commitment to ‘saving the planet’ and what wonderful human beings they all were by signing up to the scam.

    When ordinary people woke up and realised the solutions to a non problem were going to hit them severely in the pocket (and are laughably, totally useless), that’s when the whole Ark (of save the planet from AGW) started to hit the rocks.

    The hype is over; we want sanity and pure science to attest and prevail, the post normal prestidigitator’s have been found out, as are all liars in the end.

    The greatest of these charlatans, Albert Gore is exposed as a snake oil salesman, others such as (ex agitprop) Angela are backpedalling fast, even Klabama has gone quiet.

    The only loons left to be convinced are the idiot politicians in Britain – we seem to have the monopoly on pigheaded wooden-tops; MPs and the brain dead biased Nomenklatura, MSM ideologues and blind faith apparats and the, R.S./CRU/Hadley Centre boneheads who suck at the teat (and the monstrous waste) of British government funding of AGW Alchemy (some call research).

    No wonder people have had enough, the world is in a recession as deep as can be remembered, this is no time for the madness of combating something which is a figment – lets get real.

  3. DirkH

    BTW, today i listened to NDR while driving and they had a nice example of alarmism-by-reduction: Giant oil plume undersea in Gulf Of Mexico! In German, they saif “riesige Ölschwaden”. Of course the news slot was to short to mention that the Woods Hole Oceanographers found 0.1 % oil concentration in depths of 1000m; i guess the “0.1%” would have been to non-alarming so they dropped any mentioning of concentrations. Here’s another German translation that also fails to mention the low concentration.

    An appalling state of journalism in a nation that prides itself on technological prowess. Hail mother Gaia.

    Reply: – I wonder what they’ll be saying about this next year? It’ll be forgotten! – PG

    1. DirkH

      A follow-up:
      Today i found this article.

      It mentions that the Woods Hole study that was reported about on the 20th of August by German radio used data taken two months ago:
      “In the Woods Hole study published last week, scientists described finding an undersea oil cloud on June 23 to 27 ”

      So the radio speakers i listened to SHOULD have said “2 months ago, there were concentrations of more than 50 parts per billion of oil in depths of 1000m”.

      Instead they said “huge oil plumes discovered underwater”.

      Astonishing that “News” people can’t mention a time lag of 2 months. Which is a lot of time for oil-devouring bacteria to multiply.

      Reply: Thanks Dirk. Now that’s awfully interesting. Last week all the German papers etc were writing about it like it was news. Turns out their news is 2 months old! Unbelieveable- -PG

  4. R. de Haan

    This isn’t over by a long shot.
    The AGW doctrine is only one of the tools to shackle our populations and strip them from their rights and their economic independence.
    Population control is the final objective.
    There will be an assault on the blogs that severely undermined their latest offensive and there are several new scares and new tactics in the pipeline to achieve to continue their quest (maybe too many) and Agenda 21 of the UN.
    Also read the Lisbon Treaty.

    People have to connect the dots.
    Europe is already lost and the EU is preparing a scheme to tax it’s citizens.
    This is taxing without democratic representation as we have not elected the EU President and the “Kommisars”.

    I often hear the remark that the new regime will be Socialist (Communist) but the facts state it is a Corporatist model they are preparing. (Corporatist=Fascist)

    My advice: Get the hell out of here and leave Europe.
    The masses are a sleep and they only wake up the moment they are slaughtered.

    History is repeating it’s self. The only difference is the scale of the events and the number of people involved.

    Reply: Calm down a little. They may try misguided things, but the masses of people who’ve experienced democracy will not simply stand by and let their voices be taken away. Look what’s happening to the Democratic party in USA. They went too far, and in November it’s payback. The Green agenda is not going to get popular anytime soon- – PG.

  5. DirkH

    I wasn’t sure about the 0.1% i stated above so i googled again.
    This article says the oil concentration in the oil plume exceeds 50 parts per billion.

    So 0.1% was a tad high.

  6. DirkH

    R. de Haan
    20. August 2010 at 20:08 | Permalink | Reply
    “[…]History is repeating it’s self. The only difference is the scale of the events and the number of people involved.”

    I have to disagree. The destructive power of fascism and nazism came about largely because of a youth bulge. In aging Europe of today, this is not possible. Iran would be a candidate for such an explosion, but ATM they lack the revolutionary impulse (the 30-year old regime can’t deliver it even though it calls itself revolutionary; instead the Iranian youth embraces Afghan heroin.)

    Without the power of youth, Europe is condemned to stagnation. The rising opinion poll rates of the German Greens don’t come from the youth but from the officials; the German Greens are also called a Teacher’s party as most of their MP’s are teachers which are officials in the German system; and a lot of the party members are teachers.

    So it is a kind of aging, official cleptocracy that votes for this Gaia Cult Socialist Party.

    This is not the raging firestorm of a Nazi uprising; it is the kiss of Death by a venomous spider.

    That being said, the ever-rising productivity of industry and agriculture will be able to carry more and more such parasitic action; the stagnation will be a nearly unbearably slow death. A death in slow motion;the only vision of this society being the protection of absurd species like the hermit beetle; no joke…

    (which was an obstacle to an enlargement of my local airport in Braunschweig)

    It is a good place to grow old; it is not a place to have visions of progress. It is a cemetary.

  7. mamapajamas

    re: Reply: Calm down a little. They may try misguided things, but the masses of people who’ve experienced democracy will not simply stand by and let their voices be taken away. Look what’s happening to the Democratic party in USA. They went too far, and in November it’s payback. The Green agenda is not going to get popular anytime soon- – PG.

    True, that. One of the biggest things gathering support is those candidates who are all for de-fanging our runamuck Environmental Protection Agency. The people who seem to be doing best in the polls are the ones who want to roll the agency back to it’s original mandate of cleaning up major pollution problems, and get it out of the “save the planet” business.

    The people here were NOT amused by the media-fed angst about the oil spill followed by a bottom drop-out when the oil mostly vanished because of natural cleanup by the hydrocarbon-consuming organisms that populate the Gulf of Mexico naturally. It left us with a feeling of, “So what was all the fuss about???”

    I think the oil spill was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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