Great News! Sarkozy Kills French Super Environment Ministry “Medad”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pulled the plug on the French prestige project, a super ministry of environment, dubbed “Medad” (Ministère du Développement durable). This piece of good news is brought to us by German warmist website here in a piece written by Susanne Götze in Paris.

Gone with Medad are its former director Jean-Louis Borloo, and with him, the last hope for a real breakthrough in environmental and climate policy in France. As a result, no one believes the CO2 tax, once promised by Sarkozy 2 years ago, has any chance today. Good riddance.

Klimaretter writes:

For three years, the super ministry “Medad” was in charge of sustainable development, environmental protection, energy and raw materials, as well as industry safety, transport, agriculture, urban planning and even the oceans. Sarkozy and his Premier Fillon have removed the Ministry’s hard functions and have even ushered in a paradigm shift: the Ministry for Environmental Protection, Oceans and Sustainable Development and Energy will be transformed to only a Department of Environment, Sustainable Development, Traffic and Housing.”

The all important sector of energy has been brought back under the control of the Economics Ministry. In summary, Medad was a bureaucratic monstrosity that would have regulated everything. Sarkozy killed it. The omnipotent ministry that treehuggers had been salivating over for the last 3 years has been reduced to a boring second-tier government department.

Free enterprise and liberty-loving citizens can all breath a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, environmental organisations like Friends of the Earth and the Germany-based BUND howled in protest. As klimaretter blog site reports:

Sarkozy’s once promised green revolution now seems to be over.”


26 thoughts on “Great News! Sarkozy Kills French Super Environment Ministry “Medad””

  1. Our little French Crook has no choice left at all.
    The French people are already as mad as hell and his chance for re-election is sloshing over the brim of the two buckets he carries around for the remainder of his Presidency. One bucket is marked State Deficit and the other Unemployment.

    There is no time, money or political power left to embark on a voyage with a sinking ship called the Green Titanic.

    What could play a role in the background is the fact that the French television took an old tv series from the shelf produced by the environmental alarmist Jacques Cousteau. In his series he combines really interesting and amazing videos from the animal kingdom with remarks about the pending doom of our civilization, mass starvation and the loss of species by the year 2000. Jacques Cousteau passed away in 1997 and non of his dire predictions materialized.

    Now it’s up to Europe to rewrite it’s environmental future and the same goes for the money grabbing criminals at the UN.
    These from demagogues infiltrated bodies will proof a very hard nut to crack.

    The same goes for Merkel who still doesn’t get it. In her speech today she re-confirmed that Germany is determined to green it’s energy infra structure, save the Germans, Europe and the Euro.

    This in short is nothing more but a voluntary act of economical suicide as the next Euro Crises is already knocking on the door.

    Having that said I really think we still have a lot of work ahead of us before the AGW Fraud chapter finally becomes history.

  2. Who would have thought the French would be the first to take this bold step toward a reversion to reality!
    Based on empirical evidence the AGW theory has been disproven many times over. Looks good on Sarkozy. Let’s hope other national leaders will follow. Once this happens the AGW “House of Cards” will tumble!

  3. Lets home other countries follow suit and see the light. These green leeches on the government gravy train should do the honorable thing and resign!

  4. Thats France and the US out of the race before Cancun. The BRIC won’t do anything stupid although they may well encourage the fools at the EU and Australia to commit some economy destroying foolishness. Our PM Gillard is pushing a carbon tax even when 87% of the voters two months ago voted for no carbon tax. She is the fool but we will do the suffering.

  5. Australia has delayed Carbon Pricing pending a report from our Productivity Comission on what other countries are doing about carbon abatement. This is an excellent model for us to follow – abolish our Dept of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. I must let them know immediately.

  6. No shift in the land of the ‘unfree’ though.

    Let it snow in Britain till next may or June.

    Reform/ rescinding, ‘The climate change act’ seems as likely as my ‘double’ this year……… at odds of 10 trillion to not a lot………….Snow to fall in the centre of Bangkok and lightening to strike the Loch Ness monster……………………


  7. Unlike the UK, France is well-placed in terms of energy – having moved heavily into nuclear power (some 75% of capacity).
    Our loony coalition governmet, on the other hand, with ultra-loony Chris Huhne in charge of Energy and (ha..!) Climate Change, is blundering on with wind farms. This despite the fact that even on a windy day (today, wind speed Omph) the best that can be achieved from wind is about 4% of required capacity – but – hey, lets not let engineering reality get in the way of political dream, eh..?

  8. I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the official, or the exact quote, but yesterday on the BBC some EUrocrat was commenting on how to generate an EU fund to help countries like Ireland and Greece and one of the things he mentioned was an EU wide carbon tax. So even though this might have been quashed at the state level in France, it’s still alive and kicking at the EU level.

    1. Thanks Ike.
      I’ll try to get something up about this later this week. Right now my plate is awfully full.

  9. Oliver Manuel,
    You are right.
    Since our political establishment merged with the MAFIA (remember the food for oil scam with the Un and Iraq) no true Statesman has entered the political arena with a single exception: Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

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