Lights Out For Kid-Killing, Save-The-Planet Lights in Europe?

The German online Die Welt has an article today titled: Politicians Want To Ban Energy Saving Lights.

Hat tip: Reader Roger L.

I can’t understand why they’d want to do that. After all, lamp producers have only spent hundreds of millions in R&D, retooling and marketing these wonderful, planet-saving lights.

And who cares if these new lamps cast a light nobody likes, are difficult to clean up if they break, terribly expensive, only practical if they are on all day, and contain toxic substances? I’m stumped as to why anyone would want to buy anything else.

Damn citizens are just too stupid to know what’s good for them, I guess.

Die Welt writes:

Politicians in Brussels warn: No ESLs in children’s bedrooms. Because of too much mercury, the EU pols want to remove these lamps from the market.

What is it today? World Sanity Day? Since when do good ideas come from Brussels?

EU politician Herbert Reul of Angela Merkel’s conservative-in-name-only CDU party says:

I will do everything in my power to roll back the ban of conventional light bulbs in the EU.”

What for? We already have a thriving black market for these old practical heat-generating lamps. People are still buying them via other channels. I recently bought 40 pieces of the 100-watt bulbs from a home-center three weeks ago. I don’t know if this home center was ignoring the law, but there they were – on sale. Still, they are hard to find, and it would be nice if you could just buy them anywhere.

Bedrooms turn into slow-death gas chambers
Mercury concentrations 20 times the allowable limit

Though it took awhile, politicians are waking up to the fact that ESLs are dangerous. DIE WELT writes:

The reason for Reul’s statements are new findings from the German Federal Department of Environment (UBA). According to studies conducted by the authorities, energy saving lights…pose a serious health risk. If an energy saving light breaks, then, according to experts, a mercury level  of 0.35 micrograms per cubic meter (20 times the allowable limit) can be released in a room. For this reason, particularly children and pregnant women should stay away from energy saving lights, recommend federal authorities.”

Simply said: If such a light breaks, then the room turns into a slow-death gas chamber. Actually, it’s quite the diabolical scheme for saving the planet. The state discreetly kills kids who would otherwise emit thousands of tons of climate-killing CO2 over their lifetime, and save energy at the same time. It’s like killing two kids, er, birds with one stone.

Not only does Herr Reul want to roll back the ban of conventional light bulbs, but he is also pushing for a ban of the ESLs. Herr Reul:

The EU commission also has to check whether it is allowed to market the alternative ESLs based on their proven health hazard.”

DIE WELT adds:

The CDU politician accuses the EU Commission of “being driven by climate protection madness – driven by political symbolism that neither benefits the climate nor people.”

It’s a fantastic first step by a politician in Germany. Now Herr Reul only needs to summon the courage to speak up against the climate religion, and the faith and junk science that underpin it.

Reul is not alone in voicing opposition to ESLs. The Vice President of the European Parliament, Silvana Koch-Mehrin (FDP) also calls for an end to the incandescent light ban, and forbidding the highly toxic ESLs. DIE WELT:

Koch-Mehrin added, as a mother, I can only urge: “Don’t use any energy saving lights in children’s bedrooms!“

Now all that is left to do is for the politicians to give back the consumer the choice it once had: Do I buy a safe product, or a hazardous one?

Finally, for German speakers, here’s an interesting documentary that shows the trail of dangerous toxic mercury and all broken ESLs that the recycling process leaves behind in Germany (Note the outright lies that the Philips marketers spread).

14 responses to “Lights Out For Kid-Killing, Save-The-Planet Lights in Europe?”

  1. Pointman

    The EU straying into a bout of sanity? An early Christmas present, I think. This would kill the black market in Britain as well.


  2. Ed Caryl

    Sanity, one step at a time. A 12-step program for warmists? Humm!

  3. R. de Haan

    Right, that’s what we’re all waiting for.
    A political elite messing up markets and correcting their mistakes after the factories are all exported to China or demolished.
    And this is only lamps we’re talking about.

    But what’s up with the lunatic demands for automotive CO2 emissions, the carbon trading scheme now in the hands of the Mafia and the incredible waste of money spend on Climate Change propaganda, research, green fuels, solar panels, wind farms and support of totalitarian powers in the third world?

    What’s up with the incredible pile of regulations that require home isolation projects turning former healthy living spaces into mold and fungus breeding holes?

    What about the incredible spending madness and the complete incompetence with handling the onset of a few weeks of winter weather?

    What about the standard policy to hook up the tax payer with all the bills?

    What about selling us out to the idiocracy of the EU and the UN?

    Why don’t we kick those idiots out of office permanently and clean house.

    Because that’s the real necessary step to make. Clean House.

  4. R. de Haan

    The entire Climate Change doctrine and the Green Industry is nothing more but a scam based fraud.

    The effect is a society that’s based on lies, lies, damned lies.

    Totally unacceptable with only a single public response:

    T O T A L R E JE C T I O N

  5. Casper

    EU politician Herbert Reul says:
    “I will do everything in my power to roll back the ban of conventional light bulbs in the EU.”

    That may happen sooner If harsh winter strikes again… 😉

  6. R. de Haan

    The ban if the incandescent light bulb is a success already!
    It really pays to maintain a “green” lifestyle.

  7. Quixote

    Another Great Idea from the Green Idiots that have overrun our planet!

    Time to “out” these pariahs of humanity!

  8. DirkH

    Couldn’t watch the video. Too many smug ecos. Glad i’m not under the thumb of Mr. Tobias Pape.

  9. Mindert Eiting

    I do not know whether there is a black market for incandescent light bulbs in The Netherlands but I know someone who has stored in his attic hundreds of them, enough for the rest of his life, he says. In this way numerous old fashioned bulbs may now have a secret existence. So far, I have thrown my used ESL’s in the dust bin, because I did not know that they were poisoned with mercury. Perhaps I am not the only one.

  10. DirkH

    Incandescent light bulbs may still be openly sold as long as a shop has stocks; it is only prohibited to import or produce new ones in the EU (for the power classes already prohibited, 100W and 75W).

  11. lighthouse

    Maybe of interest,
    extensive coverage of the EU and USA politics behind the light bulb ban

    Also covers the strange history behind the ban,
    and how the EU Energy and Industrial Committee was side-stepped to achieve the ban

    Why light bulb regulations are wrong – from every perspective
    Official USA, Canada, EU and Australia links to energy efficiency regulations on lighting

    The Politics behind banning Light Bulbs
    The involvement of manufacturers and other vested interests,
    as seen by official US and EU documentation and communication
    PG: Thanks – will certainly read this.

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