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The Sun’s Impact On Earth’s Temperature Goes Far Beyond TSI – New Paper Shows

No surprise here. Just more inconvenient results for CO2 broken-record dogmatists. New paper: GISS temps and solar activity A recent paper published by the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestial Physics (74) 2012 87-93 and authored by Souza Echer et al. suggests that solar cycles, to a substantial extent, drive global temperatures, and that likely […]

New Paper Shows Profound Urban Warming Impact

A new paper written by Maeng-Ki Kim, Department of Atmospheric Science, Kongju National University, and Seonae Kim of the Applied Meteorology Research Team, Environmental Prediction Research Inc. of Korea has been published by the Journal of Atmospheric Environment.The two scientists examined cities in South Korea and the urban heat island effect. Hat-tip: Dr. Ghana. According […]

Heated Thermometers? It's One Way To Fabricate A Warming Trend

Heated Thermometers? It’s One Way To Fabricate A Warming Trend

If your “Globe” Is Only 10 Meters From Your Door – It’s Warming! By guest writer Ed Caryl In A Recent Temperature History – Part 1, 22 stations in the midwest U. S. were examined. On an average, these stations were cooling slightly over one AMO cycle, from 1934 to 2000, but there was much […]

German Veteran Journalist Maxeiner On Norfolk Police / DOJ Moves: “Something You’d Expect Against Chinese Dissdents”

German veteran journalist and publicist Dirk Maxeiner at his website is a bit shocked by the over-the-top, misdirected investigations recently conducted against sceptic bloggers and free speech in general. In his short piece: Climategate On The Path To A State Scandal Maxeiner writes: This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see against Chinese dissidents. […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For Christmas I present to you my favourite Scrooge film – with Seymour Hicks. It’s a classic. Let’s hope that the climate Scrooges among us, those who think that 6 billion people or more are “surplus population” and see only the dark side of everything, will open their hearts and minds for once, and stop […]

Temperature History (Part 2) - More On Muller's Sloppy Job - Heat Source-Free Stations Tell A Different Story

Temperature History (Part 2) – More On Muller’s Sloppy Job – Heat Source-Free Stations Tell A Different Story

By Ed Caryl In A Recent Temperature History, Part 1, the temperature trends for the contiguous United States were examined. In part 2, the rest of the world (as far as there is data) will be explored. Again, the selection criteria were: less than 10,000 population, and (as much as possible) a continuous record from […]

Back To Petroleum! – BP Shuts Down Solar Business – “Also In Germany Solar Industry Faces Collapse”

Energy giant British Petroleum (BP) announced that it was shutting down its solar module business for good. In 2000 the corporation had announced that it would expand aggressively into promising renewable energies, and dubbed itself “Beyond Petroleum”.Today, according to the online leftist “TAZ” daily here: Already last year the company shut down its own solar modules […]

A Recent Temperature History (Part 1 Of 2) - Richard Muller Does An Incomplete Job

A Recent Temperature History (Part 1 Of 2) – Richard Muller Does An Incomplete Job

By Ed Caryl The recent issuing of four papers by Dr. Richard Muller, et al, has increased the on-line discussions of temperatures over the last decade. There are several claims in the first of these papers that deserve study: 1. “…The global land mean temperature has increased by 0.911 ±0.042 C since the 1950s…” 2. […]

Hysterical German Newspaper: Climate Protection “Question Of Life And Death”

Here’s something in line with yesterday’s post…how people can get caught up in mass hysteria (prerequisite: mass ignorance).Hat tip; DirkH Germany’s online Süddeutsche Zeitung reports here on Environment Minister Nortbert Röttgen’s comments on the results of Durban. Röttgen calls the outcome of Durban a “huge success”, yet “criticized global climate protection with clear words” in his offical […]

Collective Mourning Hysteria Over Loss Of NK Great Leader Resembles Climate Hysteria

Today we have learned that a true champion and warrior in the fight against global warming and CO2 emissions has passed away, read, and see video here. Kim Jong Il, The Great Climate Protection Leader Jr., died of a heart attack at the age of 69. No leader had done more in capping CO2 emissions, […]

German Climate And Energy Experts To Publish Controversial New Book - Reject Alarmism, Call For Reopening The Debate

German Climate And Energy Experts To Publish Controversial New Book – Reject Alarmism, Call For Reopening The Debate

A new book is coming out. Personally I believe it’s going to cause a political storm in Germany, if not Europe. It’s going to upset a large number of climate Scrooges and the profiteers of doom. The book Die kalte Sonne, Warum die Klimakatastophe nicht stattfindet (The Cold Sun, Why The Climate Catastrophe Is Not Taking […]

Two Thirds Of Germans Not Willing To Make Sacrifices To Protect The Climate. Most Don’t Fear It.

German site CO2 Handel here writes about a survey on the sentiment of Germans with regards to climate change and their will to do something about it. It’s no surprise that a vast majority of Germans believe that man is profoundly changing the climate. The major media outlets feed Germans with a constant stream of climate doom […]

Figure 1

Global Warming Not Happening – Global Cooling Is Real And Now

By Matti Vooro A quite recent headline in our news warned that “Regions must brace for weather extremes: UN climate panel”. Apparently this will be the after-effect of global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gases. We can expect more frequent extreme events such as the drought in Texas and the Thailand floods because of global […]

Von Storch & Steyr: “UN Durban Climate Conference Was A Swan Song – Scientists Fixated On Conceitedness”

The online Der Spiegel yesterday published a piece by Hans von Storch, Director of the GKSS-Research Center in Geesthacht, Germany and Nico Stehr of the Karl-Mannheim-Professur for Cultural Sciences at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. The title:”The world of the the world-saving professors has failed” Their conclusion on Durban: “The conference in Durban was a […]

Renowed Warmist Scientist Mojib Latif Says Humans Could Be Responsible For Only 0.35°C In 100 Years

Usually warmists screech that humans are 95% responsible for the recent warming, and that huge positive water vapor feedbacks will get involved in the future. So it’s not very often you hear a warmist admit that humans perhaps could be just half responsible for the warming of the last 100 years.This is what German climate […]

Durban Is Not Even Half-Baked. “The Appearance Of An Agreement Is Preserved.”

They put it in the oven for a minute, baked its outer surface only, put the frosting on, and called it a cake. But once you sink your teeth into it, you find out it isn’t. In fact you wonder if they even put the mixer to the batter. That’s the Durban “deal”. The TAZ comments: …that countries […]

Der Spiegel: No Deal – Durban Sinks Into Chaos (It’s Over!)

We’re hearing about clandestine evil deals being made in Durban and that the UN may indeed emerge as the global Führer soon. Rubbish! Der Spiegel reports here that Durban threatens to sink into chaos. According to Der Spiegel, a new paper had been drafted overnight and included things like “warming will be limited to 2°C, […]

Monckton Slam-Dunks Panicky Ocean-Acid-Head At CFACT Press Conference

Here’s a snippet from a CFACT news conference in Durban I find quite amusing. Some British-accented girlie-guy, tree-hugger warmist ocean acidist (Felix von Geyer, Platts Emissions Daily) demands to know “who-the-hell” funds CFACT, and that CFACT comment on ocean acidification. Lord Monckton gives the yuppie retread more of an education in 2 minutes than he probably ever […]

More Evidence (Again) It’s The Sun

A reader brings our attention to a paper published by the Quaternary Science Reviews, authored by Liang Chen, Karin A.F. Zonneveld, and Gerard J.M. Versteegh of the University of Bremen: Short term climate variability during “Roman Classical Period” in the eastern Mediterranean.This one is about a temperature reconstruction from Southern Italy going back 2000 years. […]

Schellnhuber Awarded Order Of The British Empire “For Spouting Bullshit”, Ray Bradley And Phil Jones Write

Reader cementafriend provides us with a Climategate e-mail that reveals what warmists really think of their own science and fellow scientists. In 3803.txt Jan2005, Ray Bradley writes he read that Schellnhuber was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and comments “how far standards have fallen”. Phil Jones agrees! date: Tue Jan 18 07:43:29 […]

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