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Yeah, Climate Protection Is Going To Be A Little Expensive

Why do I get the feeling this Accenture/Barclay’s report is going to have a serious backlash? Good if it does! The warmists outlets are already out there doing pre-emptive damage control, going into denial and wishful thinking. A study carried out by consultants Accenture and Barclays Bank confirms that “climate protection” is going to cost a […]

“Sustainable” Is The Marketing Word Of The Day

In the older days, whether selling detergents, applicances or food products, marketers often used the slogan: “new and improved!” to con consumers and to boost sales. The German online DIE WELT reports that companies have changed their marketing slogans to make their business more profitable and sustainable. The new slogan used to pitch products today is: Almost […]

Most baltic Ice in 25 years.

Baltic Ice Most In 25 Years

Sweden’s meteorological agency reports that ice coverage on the Baltic Sea is greater than it’s been in nearly a quarter century. Read more here. About 250,000 square kilometres of the Baltic Sea are now covered in ice according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). The last time so much of the Baltic was frozen was […]

The $15 Trillion Green Self-Flagellation, To Reduce Warming 0.1°C

H/T: Rudolf Kipp at Skeptical Science (see first reader comment). That is about the same as the US annual GDP. That’s the number reported in a recent article appearing in the online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ), Germany’s leading political daily. Europe set to climax with green bloody self-flagellation. The FAZ writes: In the coming 40 years, […]

Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Klaus-Dieter Humpich: The Dirty Secret Of Renewables

When it comes to renewable energy, you can call them “Jesus technologies”. These are technologies that went the way of the dinosaurs a long time ago due to their inefficiency and impracticality. But in order to serve a political purpose, they seem to keep getting resurrected every 30 years or so. I came up with […]

Rahmstorf: Difference Between Vineyards In England And A Frozen Thames Is “A Few Tenths Of A Degree”

The online leftist Die Tageszeitung (TAZ) from Berlin has an essay by Stefan Rahmstorf, who attacks Dr Fritz Vahrenholt, head of RWE Innogy, for his comments in a December essay that casts doubt on man-made climate change appearing in the somwhat more conservative Die Welt from Hamburg.Interestingly, instead of appearing in the Science section, Rahmstorf’s rant appears in the Debate […]


Piers Corbyn Blasts Met Office: “Bunkering, Self-Serving – Delusional As Gaddafi”

When you have an institution that can longer function because of incompetence, corruption, or whatever human element, it is impossible to repair it without first replacing the bad personnel behind the problem. Anything else is like trying to cure someone with a bad liver by treating everything else except the liver itself.That’s the case at […]

DIE WELT: “Certainly: Global Warming Stopped”

That’s what one of Germany’s leading national dailies, DIE WELT,  writes here at it’s online site.Who knows! Maybe parts of the German media are beginning to see the the big block-letter writing on the wall and are now slowly taking baby-steps towards acknowledging the claims and science behind catastrophic global warming are not all what […]

Why Dana 1981 Hasn’t Proved Climate Disruption

Some of us may be wondering whatever happened to the dana who we all love and miss so much. Well, Lubos Motl at the Reference Frame has a nice little update on the adventures of dana:H/t: Mindert Eiting Why Dana 1981 Hasn’t Proved… By Lubos Motl Dana1981 is a 30-year-old Prius driver and the owner […]

PIK’s (Naive) New Deal – Based On A “State-Of-The-Art Model Of Climate Economics”

Although the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK) gives the impression that it is a climate research facility, it also appears to have become an institute for formulating novel economic policy. H/t: reader Ike The PIK, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, has produced and released a […]

Deep freeze is forecast to continue

Moscow Shivering In “Coldest Winter In 100 Years”

Minus 30°C for days…13°C below normal…homeless people dying…hands and feet are freezing… That’s what we are hearing from a few media outlets in Europe, those who have dared to mention the “cold-snap” word and to write about reality. It’s been cold in Scandinavia, much of Europe, North America and Russia too. Where’s all the warming? […]

Mighty Google Moves To Improve “Science Communication”

Or to call it what it is: theological propaganda. Google is also responding to the growing skepticism in climate science by starting “an effort to foster a more open, transparent and accessible scientific dialogue aimed at inspiring pioneering use of technology, new media and computational thinking in the communication of science to diverse audiences.” They’ll […]

Dr Roy Spencer Rips Climate Scientists – “Ashamed For Our Scientific Discipline”

And I’m glad Dr. Spencer is coming out and calling it like it is. It’s not often you hear a distinguished scientist rip into his colleagues as Roy Spencer does at his blog here yesterday. His essay is a reaction to the House vote to suspend the funding the corrupt IPCC. Here are some excerpts: On […]

Yasi Traumatizes Crocodiles

Some things are just so silly that they have to be mentioned. The online The Star Phoenix reports on yet another victim of cyclone Yasi (climate change) that hit Australia some days ago – crocodiles. According to The Star Phoenix: A group of ferocious Australian crocodiles were so traumatised by a maximum-strength cyclone last week that […]

Beyond The Political Energy Tipping Point – Leaders “In A State Of Shock”

Having invested so much in renewables, the German government and Greens apparently are having great difficulties in coming to terms with the recently discovered huge reserves of cheap shale gas worldwide. This source of energy is not only affordable for consumers, but it is relatively environmentally friendly as well. But exploiting the gas would require […]

Obama Meets With IT And Internet Bosses – To Create Jobs?

I get really nervous, I have to admit, when the President of the United States, who happens to be a leftist ideologue, sits down with really powerful people who happen to be the biggest players in the US Internet and communication technology. Politics the Chicago-way is not exclusive to Chicago. This is the table where […]

How Rampant Is Plagiarism In Climate Science?

Germany’s Defence Minister (Dr?) Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is under heavy fire amid allegations he plagiarised other works and included them in his doctoral thesis, read short report here. Unlike Climategate, the media here is doing its work and reporting on these developments which are now breaking, thanks in large part to the work of bloggers. The case against […]

Another German Professor Rejects Climate Catastrophism

A new book written by University of Konstanz Professor Gerd Ganteför is now being released by science publisher Wiley VCH: Klima – der Weltuntergang findet nicht statt (Climate – The End of the World Called Off). Although Ganteför is a warmist, he dismisses the notion that a climate catastrophe is coming, and even adds that […]

Figure 1: Sea level rise since the last glacial maximum 20,000 years ago. (Chart source:

A Level Look At Sea Levels

Head for the hills folks! Sea levels are rising. But first read Ed Caryl’s latest essay on sea levels. It sure helps ignoring the climate catastrophe cultists for a few minutes and taking a sane look at the data. ——————————————————————————— A Level Look At Sea Level By Ed Caryl One of the tenets of the […]

Journal Sees Risk Of Energy Civil War In Germany – Socially Explosive

It’s logical. Bad science leads to bad policy, which leads to bad decisions, which in turn inevitably leads to costly results. Destructive “solutions” A perfect example is the science behind palm oil plantations for producing biofuel. Here the costs outweigh the benefits probably 1000 to 1. But can you even put a price tag on […]