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As Germany Cools, Projections Of Warming Heat Up

As Germany Cools, Projections Of Warming Heat Up

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has a story on the German Weather Service, and temperature trends for Germany, which are a good indicator for Central Europe. A few days ago the Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD, (German Weather Service) in a press release warned that Germany’s temperature were likely to rise 2 to 4°C by […]

Der Spiegel On Monnett – Shoddy Scientist Who Is A Victim Of An Intrigue

Now that the science behind the threat of polar bear extinction has fallen to pieces too, it’s worth looking at how the German elite media has approached the story, at least those who have not chosen to ignore the inconvenient embarrassment altogether, as most have done. Der Spiegel, to their credit, has given the story online, […]

Germany’s 2011 Summer Will Be On August 2 From 1:30 PM Until 3:30 PM

 Reader Bernd Felsche has a public service message for those of us living in Germany: Summer in Germany this year will be on August 2, 2011, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. A whole 2 hours. Sorry, but that’s all that’s in store for summer in Germany this year. Germany over the last weeks has been […]

Threat To Coral Reefs Exaggerated, Says New Study

 Some scientists and media have gotten much attention claiming that the world’s coral reefs could disappear in as little as 20 to 30 years – all because of humans consuming fossil fuels and whatever. Now the Financial Times Germany reports on a study that claims this is all exaggerated. The world’s largest coral reef off the east […]

2000 Years Of Mega Extreme Weather Events (When CO2 Was Only 280 PPM

What follows are just a couple of examples from James A. Marusek’s A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events (may take a few minutes to load). This is an oustanding work that the warmists’s will not want you to see. (Hat tip reader Ron de Haan). 585 A.D. “Western Europe was so rainy, that it […]

South America Gripped By Brutal Winter

South America Gripped By Brutal Winter

German climate blog Readers Edition here has been keeping an eye on the winter in South America. While much of the news has been buzzing about the “record heat wave” hitting the US last week (a whopping 0.4% of the stations reported record highs! /sarc), Europe and South America for example are being left out in […]

Climate Change A US Political Issue More Than 200 Years Ago

Here’s a must read. German blogsite Ökowatch here brings our attention to a report appearing in the Smithsonian: America’s First Great Global Warming Debate. Even Thomas Jefferson was worried about man-made climate change. The Smithsonian writes: The date was 1799, not 1999—and the opposing voices in America’s first great debate about the link between human activity […]

Summer Blogging Break

Even with all the global warming we are supposedly having, summers are still too short. So I’m taking a few days off to enjoy some time outside. Back early next week! Here’s something to watch in the meantime (h/t Andrew Bolt):

Economics Professor: “Germany’s Energy Transition Is Going To Be Very Expensive”

 German leaders seem to have a habit of driving their country into a wall. This time it’s their desire to show environmental supremacy. Many really do believe they are powerful enough to control the climate and at the same time defy the laws of economics. The European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE) has a piece written […]

CERN Clouds Climate Science – Confirms It Is “Highly Political”

People are discussing the instructions made by CERN Head Rolf-Dieter Heuer not to interpret the results of the CLOUD experiment on cloud formation, read here. What follows is a translation of the relevant text in the article that appeared in DIE WELT here. Welt Online: Also the results of the so-called Cloud experiment are being awaited […]

German Geology Professor Rejects Claim Of Accelerating Sea Level Rise

 Germany’s leading political daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) published an open letter written by geology Professor Dr. Friedrich-Karl Ewert rejecting the claims made by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) that sea level rise is accelerating. The open letter is now available at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), read here (part after Schellnhuber).  […]

Der Spiegel: Projecting Sea Levels Has Become "A Bazaar - Who Can Bid The Most?"

Der Spiegel: Projecting Sea Levels Has Become “A Bazaar – Who Can Bid The Most?”

 Just call it bazaar science. The projection of sea levels has become quite the political football. So much hinges on the projections. Der Spiegel in an article titled IPCC haggles over data for sea level rise writes that 146 million people live in areas 1 meter or less above sea level. Tens of billions of dollars […]

Poland Blocks Europe Madness

I was in transit over the last day and so moderation was absent. Blogging in the days ahead will also be reduced and stories shorter. In the news Poland is holding firm against all the EU-climate rescue nonsense. According to the German site (Climate of Justice!), climate protection is going to be increasingly problematic with Poland, […]

The Growing Unfaithful - US Skepticism At All-Time High!

The Growing Unfaithful – US Skepticism At All-Time High!

GOOD NEWS! The scam is falling apart, bit by bit like a cake out in the rain. Hat-tip: No wonder some “climate science” characters are resorting to desperate acts. I wonder how the media feels about all this. They used to view themselves as so high and mighty, and now nobody is listening to […]

Flop Green Passive School Is Suffocating Its Students

One way to indoctrinate children on living green is to teach them in a green passive school that requires little energy consumption. This is what they are attempting in East German Schwarzheide, as reported at the online Lausitzer Rundschau daily.  There’s only one small problem: The lesson in living repsonsibly to protect the climate has […]

The Week That Was

The Week That Was

Dear Readers I’ve often thought about writing a weekly summary of the week’s climate news. But fortunately someone is doing that already. You can get an excellent summary of all the news from Fred Singer’s SEPP “The Week That Was” (TWTW). You can subscribe here: Sign Up For The Newsletter I urge you to do so […]

Europe's Temperatures Show No Evidence Of Warming Since 1998

Europe’s Temperatures Show No Evidence Of Warming Since 1998

 By Matti Vooro The European Environment Agency recently (March 2011) updated their European temperature data by adding the data for the years 2010 and the winter of 2011. The data can be found at EEA 2010, KNMI (, based onClimate Research Unit (CRU) gridded datasets HadCrut3 (land and ocean) and CruTemp3 (land only) from WINTER TEMPERATURES 1948-2011 […]

Prof. Horst Malberg: Climate Change At Most 10% Because Of CO2 – Dominated by The Sun

Wolfgang Mueller of the European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE) conducted an interview with Prof. em. Dr. Horst Malburg at the Gegenwind [Counter Wind] Conference at the German North Sea island of Sylt. A translation of the entire interview follows the video below: Start interview: Mueller: We are here on the island of Sylt at the conference […]

Dr. Holger Thuss Of EIKE Reports On 6th International Climate Change Conference In Washington

What follows is a translation (with some minor editing) of the German report appearing here. ================================================ Heartland Institute’s 6th International Climate Conference Concludes While climate tourists were meeting for the zillionth time to talk about rescuing the Kyoto Protocol and spreading a party-atmosphere at the taxpayers’ expense in Berlin, elite climate scientists met in Washington for […]

Kilez The Climate Science Rapper Mobilizes Youth To Think For Themselves

More about More. Below is a short interview with Austrian rapper Kilez More. More, 22, recently released a rap song/video called Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle…), which features the IPCC, CRU and the hockey stick. Now how does a young rap artist know so much about such a complex issue, let alone write a […]