Historic October Snowfall Ignores Global Warming

Historic October Snowstorm Still Crushing New England

A historic October snowstorm is still crushing New England with heavy snow and howling winds before cruising away into Atlantic Canada.

Snow amounts have already topped two feet across portions of New England, while record-shattering snow hammered the major Northeast cities from Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia to New York City and Hartford, Ct…Keep reading…

Schellnhuber Says “House Of Mankind Is Rotten”

The know-it-all German Greens want to create a new world. But the question is how ugly would their world be? I live in Germany, and I can tell you the windmills everywhere are a total eyesore and are doing nothing to cut back emissions. Here’s a good report on the German movement. H/t: DAmbler.

Green Is Ugly: Style Problems Plague Clean Energy Push

Germany is a world leader when it comes to green energy. But while its windmills and solar panels may be cleaning up the atmosphere, they’re also sullying the landscape.

Recent speeches and interviews by Green Party leaders offer insights into their plans for the future: speed limits, higher taxes and lots of regulations. Fans of fast cars will still be able to enjoy their rides, but not at the expense of the greater good of the people. Introduction of the planned speed limit would kill the one place where Germany is less regulated than the rest of the world, the Autobahn.

The Greens are hoping many people give up their cars altogether. Their re-education efforts – aimed at turning Germans into eternal bike riders – demonize the highway in order to glorify the bike path.

The intellectual cue givers for this planned policy shift leave no doubt about the drastic nature of the change. The government’s environmental advisory council demands nothing less than the reconstruction of civil society.

“The house of mankind is rotten and needs to be repaired urgently,” says climate scientist and advisory council member Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. “We need a sustainability revolution.”  Read more…

Der Spiegel 1948: “America Will Become Less” – Sea Level Rise Of 6 Millimeters Per Year!

Awhile back Stefan Rahmstorf took a few readings off the coast of North Carolina and concluded sea levels were rising faster than at any time since Jesus had walked on water.

Well, Der Spiegel noticed it 63 years ago in 1948 and wrote a piece called America will become less”. Obviously Rahmstorf had only recycled an old story from Der Spiegel when he wrote that paper. Needless to say his remix of that story was promptly debunked (J. R. Houston and R. G. Dean, Journal of Coastal Research 27 (4), 788-790 (2011).

In 1948, just after the 1910-1945 warm period, Mr. H. A. Marmer of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey of the North American Coastal Observation Bureau “reported that the sea level along the east coast of the USA was rising 6 mm/ year” and posed the question:

Is the country sinking or is sea level rising?  It is still not decided. The uniformity of change along the 2000-km coastline allows us to conclude that the sea is partly responsible.”

Der Spiegel then mentioned that sea level rise from sediment build-up from rivers discharging into the ocean adds 3-4 mm of sea level rise per century and writes:

A big part of sea level rise is the melting of ice. During the last ice age there was approximately 40 million cubic kilometers more ice on land than today. The melting of ice made the sea level rise about 100 meters over the the last 10-20 thousand years. And again a strengthened melting of glaciers and polar inland ice like a few decades ago could be responsible for the rising sea level along the American east coast.”

Der Spiegel also mentioned that Scandinavia was rising while the North German coast was sinking at a rate of 20 cm per century. Along North America Der Spiegel wrote that measurements had been taken since 1895, and that sea level in 1948 was accelerating:

…in the time until 1930 the coast sank at a rate that was only one seventh of the current rate. Then it began, from Florida in the south, to Maine in the north, a sinking of 6 mm per year. If that will continue, no one knows.”

As Der Spiegel was writing about melting polar caps and rising sea levels, it was only 26 years later in 1974 that they warned us of a new coming ice age.

The Math That Gives You The Result You Want – Every Time!

UPDATE 1: Roger Pielke Jr:

Here is another good example why I have come to view parts of the climate
science research enterprise with a considerable degree of distrust.”


With the IPCC 5th report due to come out in the near future, the order books at hockey stick factories are full.

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) offers a complete line…whether you’re looking for sea-ice sticks, temperature sticks, storm frequency sticks, tornado sticks, drought sticks, flood sticks, glacier sticks….you name it, they can craft it.

And all now come with even sharper than ever blade angles. Here’s the latest junk science from the PNAS:

Increase of extreme events in a warming world

Stefan Rahmstorf and Dim Coumou, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, PO Box 601203, 14412 Potsdam, Germany

Edited by William C. Clark, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, and approved September 27, 2011 (received for review February 2, 2011)


We develop a theoretical approach to quantify the effect of long-term trends on the expected number of extremes in generic time series, using analytical solutions and Monte Carlo simulations. We apply our method to study the effect of warming trends on heat records. We find that the number of record-breaking events increases approximately in proportion to the ratio of warming trend to short-term standard deviation. Short-term variability thus decreases the number of heat extremes, whereas a climatic warming increases it. For extremes exceeding a predefined threshold, the dependence on the warming trend is highly nonlinear. We further find that the sum of warm plus cold extremes increases with any climate change, whether warming or cooling…continue abstract here.

By the way, the authors conclude that man is responsible for the heat (and not nature or the sun).

Rare Moments Of Sobriety – EU Energy Commissar Says High Energy Prices Threaten Social Peace

Perhaps the images of angry mobs in Greece and forecasts of a bitter cold winter for Europe are having a sobering effect on our CO2-drugged up politicians here in Europe.

And as other countries line up behind Greece on the path to discontent, perhaps its a good idea, after all, to stop raking honest citizens with the global warming scam.

At least EU Energy Commissar Günther Oettinger may be getting it.

The online Stern magazine reports here that Oettinger has a warning on the dangers of rising energy costs.

Higher energy costs do not only threaten the businesses here, but also the social peace when a part of the population is not able to afford paying the electric bills.”

Yeah, it can really piss people off when the power gets shut off in the middle of winter. Oettinger, at an international business conference last Saturday, added:

I’m surprised at how thoughtlessly the development of the electric prices have been taken. This is one reason for the steady de-industrialisation – energy intensive production is being sent overseas.”

And most the production that is done overseas uses much more energy and entails higher greenhouse gas emissions. But who cares, Germany can pat itself on the back for its contribution in rescuing the planet from greenhouse gases.

We need to recall here that Oettinger is likely only speaking the words his audience wants to hear, and that tomorrow he’ll be at some environmental conference and will be spewing just the opposite-  on how “green” jobs are the future. It’s this kind of dishonesty and insincerity that really fuels the mobs out there. So let’s look at what Oettinger will say tomorrow.

Oettinger also provided a few other wise words during his rare few minutes of good sense. Stern writes:

For this reason Germany has to reconsider its subsidies in solar energy. ‘The Energy Feed-in Act was clever, but there comes a time when we have to wake up and realize that the sun shines brighter and longer in other countries,'”

Just come out and say it, Herr Commissar, solar energy was a flop.


German Meteorologists: “Horror Winter” To Hit Central Europe

Not even CO2 can stop it!

The German online Bild newspaper here projects another bitter cold winter ahead for Central Europe. Early November will be on the mild side, and the real cold will not arrive until the end of November – but then look out! The Bild article starts with:

Shiver-Alarm: In four weeks the Horror-Winter begins!

Bild quotes meteorologist Dominik Jung of www.wetter.net/:

This snowy winter will extend over three months and spread into the flatlands. And it is going to be bitter cold. For Germany the fourth colder-than-normal winter in a row lies ahead. The fourth below normal winter in a row would be a small sensation.”

Wetter.net predicts December in Germany should see a fair amount of snow with good chances for a white Christmas. Temperatures will be around normal.. January will see temperatures plummet and the month will be considerably colder than normal. Central Europeans can expect to see temperatures to fall as low as -25°C.

Whatever happened to the balmy winters that were predicted by the models of CO2-drugged up climatologists not long ago? Remember being told that snow in the future would be “rare and exciting” and how we’d all would have to move to Antarctica to escape the heat?

Jung also says February will also be colder than normal and that snow will fall until the end of the month, and possibly drag on into March. So forget about an early spring. Who knows, maybe we’ll be shoveling snow for Easter too.

Note that these forecasts predict snow and ice for the normally temperate lowlands. Just a few years ago the drugged-up climatologists were predicting the end of skiing in the Alps.


Countries Leaving Kyoto Process – Kyoto Countries May Soon Be Down To Only 16% Of Global CO2 Emissions!

The German online CO2 Handel here writes that things are looking bleaker than ever for a Kyoto successor climate treaty.

Once again German Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen has dumped more cold water on expectations for a climate treaty in Durban later this year. CO2 Handel writes:

‘A breakthrough for a global climate protection treaty as a successor to the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012 is unrealistic,’ said Röttgen on Friday in Capetown.”

Even worse for the junk-science-based climate rescue movement is that their numbers are shrinking rapidly and approaching fringe status. As China and USA refuse to sign a treaty, CO2 Handel writes:

After the announced departures of Japan and Canada from the Kyoto process, only the EU as well as Norway and a few other countries see themselves contractually obligated to systematically reduce CO2 emissions. Rising CO2 emissions of countries, among them the USA and China, as well as the shrinking number of countries in the Kyoto process could result in Kyoto countries being responsible for only 16% of the global CO2 emissions.”

Christopher Columbus Caused Massive Climate Change, And Not The Sun, Says Stanford Professor

The online German-language Die Presse reports here on new climate research out of Stanford. Did this get picked up in the US press? Too nutty probably.According to the new research, Christopher Columbus was likely the cause of the Little Ice Age.

How, you may ask? Columbus, a really dirty European, and his fellow colonizers sailed the ocean blue in 1492, just before the LIA began in earnest. He brought along with him some nasty diseases which quickly spread across the new world and wiped out the indigneous population. As so after a very short time, there was no one left to burn down trees, and so tree growth exploded, sucked up huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere in the process, which in turn lowered global CO2 concentrations, which led to global cooling, and thus the production of the Little Ice Age.

Hey, at least they admit now that the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age weren’t just local North Atlantic phenomena.

Global temperatures began dropping after the end of the Medieval Warm Period, in the 14th century. Richard Nevle, geochemist at Stanford University, claims that the Maunder Minimum, a period of low solar activity from 1653 to 1715, had less to do with causing the Little Ice Age and thinks he has solved the mystery and found the real culprit.

The cooling was already in full swing by the time the Maunder Minimum began and so it had to be something else. Die Presse writes:

It was Columbus and the following colonists. They caused the not so sparsely populated New World to get practically wiped out in a very short time. Back then at the end of the 15th century as Columbus was on the way, between 40 and 80 million people were living mostly in Central and South America, and they cleared forest with fire. But as the Europeans arrived, most of them died of unknown diseases – measles, pox, diphtheria – 90% of them were wiped out, or one fifth of the global population. The forests suddenly stopped being cleared.”

I wonder if this brilliance will be taken up by the IPCC’s next assessment report. What conclusion shall we draw? It confirms how desperate the warmists are in their quest to remove the sun from the climate equation. Pretty damn desperate.

Finally, before you parents think about spending $250,000 to educate your child at Stanford, you may want to think again.



The Paul Ehrlich Of Climatology Reveals His Latest Halloween Horror Visions

Halloween is already in full swing at the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Reseaarch in Germany. Witches, goblins, flesh-eating zombies and scary monsters are stirring about and spreading disturbing horror visions. Right now Stefan Rahmstorf is frozen by such a vision like a deer in the headlights.

North Pole stop in the 1950s. (Photo US Navy)

Rahmstorf, who has the unscientific habit of taking cyclic graphs and drawing straight trend lines along their upward or downward flanks and extending them all the way out to doomsday, presents the latest horror vision that has been haunting his mind lately. Indeed the visions seem to be getting more intense and vivid. In a piece in the Gulf Times he warns of “grave warning signs”.

Obviously he appears unaware of the fact that the Arctic all but melted away in the 1950s (see photo above) before rebounding to the record high levels of the 70s. You can’t start at the top of a cycle a draw a straight line along its downward flank all the way to yonder (hat-tip DAmbler):

A grave warning sign in the Arctic
By Stefan Rahmstorf /Berlin

Largely unnoticed, a silent drama has been unfolding over the past weeks in the Arctic. The long-term consequences will far outstrip those of the international debt crisis or the demise of the Libyan dictatorship, the news stories now commanding media attention. The drama – more accurately, a tragedy – playing out in the North is…continue reading

Oh no! Here comes doomsday!!!

Professor Judith Curry: IPCC “WG2 And WG3 Reports Pretty Much Belong In The Dustbin”

And she used to be a big proponent of the IPCC! My how things are changing.

I’m glad to see that Donna Laframboise’s new book is taking off well. I’ve ordered a copy myself and look forward to reading it. Sounds like it’s a real IPCC slammer. First off, hats off to Donna for taking the time to do all that digging into an organisation which sorely needs transparency.

Judith Curry at Climate Etc here does a good job reviewing the book. She gave it 4.5 stars (professors rarely give out A+s), which means two solid thumbs up. I was particularly amused by her comment:

Does the problems with the IPCC mean that WG1 science is incorrect?  Not necessarily, but I agree that a “new trial” is needed.  WG2 and WG3 reports pretty much belong in the dustbin, as far as I can tell.”

There it is. Now how much money and resources went into producing WG2 and WG3? Paper in the dustbin is what we get for it?

Worse, the IPCC refuses to learn anything from all this. Recently we’ve heard they are setting up shadowy back rooms in order to skirt FOIA. I’m starting to wonder if it would be safe to turn on the light in a room full of these characters.

Donna appears to have set something into motion. The books are well-priced and I suggest readers buy extra copies and give them away as birthday or Christmas presents – or give them to your political representatives. Ask your pol if they can do better with our money.

ORDER INFO HERE: http://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2011/10/13/a-book-is-born/

PS: Donna Laframboise is the midwife of NoTricksZone. I was one of her “citizen auditors” which she mentions in her book and she invited me to WordPress. The rest of the story you know.

Letter To Senator Patrick Leahy

This morning I found an e-mail from Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy in my mailbox. It was just a mass mailing asking readers to mobilize against the construction of a pipeline and warning of climate change. I’m a native of Vermont.

One last look at Vermont before the turbines come. (Photo credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

I remember visiting Washington back in 1982 and actually dropping by his Washington office out of the blue (back then you could do that) but he was out to lunch, or something.

Anyway I thought I’d send him a reply:

Dear Senator Leahy,

With all due respect, climate always changes. Just 12,000 years ago the Green Mountain State was buried under at least a mile of ice. Thanks to climate change, it isn’t so today.

Concerning today’s climate change, global temperature hasn’t risen in over 10 years, and many scientists say it won’t rise for another 30 or 40 years because of cyclic solar and oceanic activity. You haven’t heard?

To understand climate, it first helps to know that it is a heck of a lot more complicated than just the straight line equation: CO2 regulates the climate and weather. To tell others that it is that simple is a disservice to the public. Why not talk to scientists from the other side? There are many. You haven’t done so yet? Seems to me it would be the responsible thing to do.

It really is time for you to retire, Mr. Leahy, and to let fresh ideas and open minds back into the Senate. Vermont thanks you for your service, but you’ve been in the Senate far too long.


Pierre Gosselin
Native of Vermont

PS: I made a trip up to Crystal Lake last summer – nice wind turbines up there on the surrounding mountains. And I hear such a landscape-beautification is in the works for Lowell Mountain too.


Germany’s Federal Environment Minister Dumps Cold Water On Global Climate Treaty Expectations

Germany may be finally realising that there are much more pressing problems than the phony global warming scare, like the imminent financial collapse of western governments, to name one.Indeed the Earth has not warmed in 13 years, tropical storm activity is near record lows. Atlantic hurricanes hitting the US coast? Aint seen a real one in 4 years. Global temperature? A whopping twenty hundredths above the (cold period) 1960-1990 normal, and falling.

Germany’s Federal Environment Minister under Chancellor Angela Merkel, green wonder boy Norbert Röttgen (CDU) is also realising the world is not playing along with the Great Climate Hoax, and as a result has dumped cold water on expectations for the UN climate conference in Durban.

The warmist German-language CO2 Handel reports here:

‘Durban will produce less than what’s necessary,’ said Röttgen at a conference of the German Association of Industry (BDI) in Berlin on Tuesday.

Röttgen could hardly conceal his disdain for the Obama Adminstration’s efforts, calling the US “a stonewalling obstructionist”. Röttgen added:

«Us Europeans alone can’t save the world by ourselves, instead we need allies.”

In Germany blaming all the world’s ills on the USA is all that’s left in its political playbook. So all the talk is now about forming a” coalition of the willing” to rescue the climate.

Why do I get the feeling this is less about saving the world, and more about saving a movement and relevance? Let’s call it what it is: the coalition of the duped and desperate. Meanwhile BDI boss Markus Kerber trumpeted on behalf of the hapless Röttgen:

German industry calls for a legally binding international treaty at the upcoming World Climate Conference in Durban. The debt crisis must not lead to investments in climate protection measures to go without financing”.

Yeah right, just start printing money. Now you know why Europe is in a financial mess. ..with advice like Kerber’s.

The whole must not be allowed to degenerate into a conference circus.”

Too late. This has been a $120 billion circus and it’s been going on for 2o years. The greatest circus in the history of man. Of course Kerber is joyfully singing the climate song because he knows this circus is about to end. You can be pretty sure that German industry bosses will be relieved once Durban is finished.

Saved again from another dumb treaty.

UPDATE – Die Welt here on German industry bosses:

Indeed from the data it is clear: Only 16% of the companies intend to reduce their emissions. And those that do plan to reduce are planning a reduction of a mere 1.3% – not per year, but in total!”

Someone needs to whisper this to Kerber.


Cooling Planet – Europe Was 10°C Warmer 14 Million Years Ago

German scientists have made a spectacular find. Near the Bavarian city of Augsburg they found a 14-million year old fossil of a python.

What’s interesting is that pythons like very warm, tropical weather, and not the cool, crappy stuff Germany has to offer. That means Germany (Central Europe) had to have been a balmy place 15 million years ago. In fact it was about 10°C warmer than it is today, the fossil indicates. German scientists published a paper in the journal Geodiversitas (DOI: 10.5252/g2011n3a2), which the online Frankfurter Rundschau here reports on. The FR writes:

Never before has such a find been discovered this far north. The remains give us clues on the climate back then.

Because pythons prefer warmer temperatures, today they live in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa. About 15 million years ago the predecessors of the today’s giant snakes also felt at home in Germany.”

How warm was it 15 million years ago in Germany? The Frankfurter Rundschau quotes the leader of the study, Madeleine Böhme of the University of Tübingen:

We gather that temperatures had an average of 19°C, otherwise the snakes would not have felt comfortable here.“

Currently the average annual temperature for Augsburg is about 8°C. So why did the pythons disappear? Climate change, says the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Climate change did the pythons’ ancestors in.

In any case the giant snakes found optimum living conditions in Germany for only a very short time, the scientists write. After the warm-subtropical temperatures of 14 million years ago, it got cooler and drier.”

So much for the claim the planet only changes when man lives on it.


New Tree Ring Study Shows Little Ice Age And Medieval Warm Period Were Global

A new paper here on the Jorge Montt Glacier at the Chilean Patagonia is out in Climate of the Past journal. What’s interesting is that this glacier is located in Chile – in South America, far away from the North Atlantic region.

Jorge Montt Glacier, Southern Patagonian ice field. (Photo credit: NASA - public domain photo)

A team of scientists studied tree rings from old trees recently exposed by the retreating Patagonian glaciers. Samples of these trees were dated using radiocarbon methods, yielding burial ages between 460 and 250 years ago.

Well guess what! The study confirms that the Little Ice Age existed in Chile too. Now remember how the high-sticking hockey team kept trying to have us believe that the Medieval Warm Period-Little Ice Age thing was a local phenomena, and not global? That claim is looking more and more like a real joke with every passing study.

The person who brought my attention to this paper is an expert geologist, and wishes to remain anonymous. He wrote me in an e-mail:

Amazing how globally widespread the ‘local North Atlantic’ Little Ice Age was in fact.”

And he quoted the paper’s abstract:

The dendrochronology and maps indicate that Glaciar Jorge Montt was at its present position before the beginning of the LIA, in concert with several other glaciers in Southern Patagonia, and reached its maximum advance position between 1650 and 1750 AD.”

No misprint there. It’s correct. Before the LIA the Chilean glaciers were at the same spot as the present position. Send a copy of that paper to Michael Mann and the rest of the climate clowns.

Mild Winters & Low Heating Bills Are A Thing Of The Past – “Rare And Exciting” In The Future

Click on donnerwetter link for full size chart.

At least in Germany,  that is if the current string of harsh winters doesn’t stop. And according to Dr Karsten Brandt’s latest winter forecast for 2011/12 at donnerwetter.de, this coming winter is projected to be yet another harsh one. No let-up in sight.

That would make it Germany’s 4th consecutive harsh winter in a row. Brandt already calls 3 harsh winters in a row “unusual”.

The bulk of the cold will occur in December and January, with both months being interrupted by brief mild spells. November will start off mild, but will then fall sharply into a cold spell, with snow likely. Brandt reminds us that this a probable forecast. Things of course could develop differently.

As Brandt mentions, energy prices in Germany have surged over the years, and so many households are going to be taking another real battering with the heating costs.

Indeed today much of Germany’s inflation is driven by spiralling energy costs, due in large part to Germany’s mandatory energy feed-in laws, which require power companies to buy up renewable energies at fixed, sky-high prices and to sell it to consumers as “green” power. Power companies have no choice but to pass the high prices along to the defenceless consumers. Gas, heating oil and electricity prices are are all coupled. The only consolation consumers get, ironically, is the false belief they are helping to keep the planet from getting warmer.

Some power companies figured out creative ways of exploiting the system. According to one story I’ve heard, one Swiss or Austrian company was buying cheap French nuclear power for 3 cents a kwh, used the power to pump water in to a high-elevation pump-storage reservoir, then ran the water through hydroelectric turbines and sold the energy as green power at exorbitant prices. I have no idea how true that story is, but it would not surprise me. After all, we do know that there is no shortage of climate scams.


Global Warming Now Leads To More Fruit Destruction – By Frost!

I wonder if at times these people realize just how asinine they make themselves appear.

Here’s another “glittering jewel of colossal science ignorance” at the German online Frankfurter Neue Presse. It is titled: Experiments Show Hesse’s Climate in the Future. Hesse (in German: Hessen) is a state in Central Germany, which puts it in the middle of Europe. Its largest city is Frankfurt.

Scientists of the University of Gießen and the State Department for Environment and Geology (HLUG), also in the state of Hesse, studied jointly at the Environmental Observation and Climate Impact Station, whatever the hell that is.

In a nutshell, a bunch of obviously misguided scientists and politicians, with lots of taxpayer money to waste, got together and pumped a bunch of CO2 over a 4.5 hectare plot of land for years to see how the plants there would react.

Now, with the results, they think can deduce the future climate of the planet. Yes, things really have gotten that bad. By now I’m sure you are all just dying to hear the results. Here they are, reports the Frankfurter Neue Presse (drumroll):

They presented some of their results on Thursday. Hard times are coming for fruit trees and Riesling wine. ‘It’s going to get warmer, the summers drier and the winters wetter’, says HLUG President Thomas Schmid. ‘In South Hesse we are going to have Mediterranean conditions by the end of the century.’ The Riesling grape, which doesn’t like it so warm, could get problems under certain circumstances, so could fruit tress. According to the findings from the scientists, the blossoms will be earlier and earlier. Nighttime frost will then have a greater chance of destroying the fruit blossoms and thus the fruit itself.”

More warming, more frosts. That’s logical. Hesse Minister of Environment Lucia Puttrich (Conservative Party) in Linden said:

The project opens a window to the future.”

That’s not a window that you are looking through, Madam. It’s a hallucination – one induced by being all drugged up in Green religion and junkie science. How about getting an education? It’s the only known cure against such chronic hallucinations. I’m doing all I can to hold back with the words.

How much worse can all the madness possibly get? Truly the Modern Dark Ages have befallen Europe once again.


Global Warming Brings An Avalanche Of Bitter Cold Winter Forecasts

The Winnepeg Free Press here and Yahoo report here that Western Canada needs to brace for a brutal winter. Hat tip reader Matti Vooro.

The Yahoo News blog writes:

Meteorologists are calling for an early and cold winter in Western Canada, probably one of the top three coldest in the last 20 years for the West Coast.”

This comes at the heels of last month’s reports from Britain where long-range forecasters warned of below average temperatures from October through February, along with lots of whites stuff, which just a few years ago was said would be “rare and exciting” in the future because of global warming.

Cold events caused by natural factors

In times of global warming, people may ask what’s causing all the cold and snow? Accuweather’s Brent Anderson has the answer:

That’s typical of a La Nina, but (blasts) don’t last very long; they come and they go,”

In other words, when cold events occur, it’s because of natural factors. But when warm events happen, then it’s man-made global warming. And what about Britain’s coming cold weather? You guessed it -also  caused by natural factors (UV radiation!). And should cold extremes befall us, then of course it’ll be due to global warming, er, man-made climate change – which scientists say “leads to weather extremes”. If you are getting confused, don’t worry – so am I! (And so are the scientists).

So how cold is it going to get over the vast Canadian territory? The Winnipeg Free Press writes:

The forecast is one of the coldest winters in the past 20 years for Western Canada, major snowstorms for Ontario and Quebec and a drier than normal winter for Atlantic Canada.”

Accuweather’s Brett Anderson adds:

Western provinces can expect a fifth-consecutive deep freeze to move in and stay.”


Vancouver will experience one of its coldest winters on record.”

Last month German whippersnapper meteorologist Dominik Jung, a warmist, predicted here the fourth consecutive bitter winter would grip Central Europe this winter and could strain the energy supply. Looks like we’ll need to burn more coal, and not less.

German FAZ: Schellnhuber’s WBGU Has Strange Ideas When It Comes To Democracy – Compares Proposed Great Transformation To Bolshevik Revolution

Hans Schellnhuber and WGBU want to revolutionize society in 2 decades. Source: http://nachhaltigkeit2009.commerzbank.de

Awhile back Hans Schellnhuber, director of the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), released his master plan for the Great Transformation of global society – from one fuelled by carbon to a Utopian one powered by fuzzy-warm renewable energy.

This he claims would rescue the planet from imminent climate catastrophe. To help guide world leaders through the transformation, Schellnhuber and group of wisemen authored a guide called: World In Transition – A Social Contract For Sustainability.

Economist Carl Christian von Weizsäcker wrote a commentary in Germany’s flagship online political daily Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Schellnhuber’s 420-page master plan. The WBGU’s plan calls for the transformation to be done in 10 – 20 years, where “not only must the production and consumption habits fundamentally change, but also the incentive systems, institutions, normative maxims and scientific disciplines (foremost the economic science disciplines).”

Sounds pretty damn radical.

Weizsäcker sees the whole thing as naive and worrisome, and reminds us that the Neolithic Revolution took thousands of years to complete and that the Industrial Revolution took 150 years, and is actually still in progress in many poorer countries. So how can anyone expect a revolution of the scale Schellnhuber proposes to be accomplished in 20 years? By having a total lack of knowledge of how societies work is the answer.

Of course this Great Transformation would be led by a powerful guiding global state, Schellnhuber proposes. Weizsäcker goes on to compare the WBGU’s proposed endeavour to Vladimir Lenin’s “proletarian Russian Revolution of 1917, under leadership of the Bolshevist wing of the communist party”, which also promised to “lead humanity to a new age, into a global-wide economic and societal system that would end the exploitation of men by men and create a world that could not be better”.

Weizsäcker adds:

We know what history teaches us with respect to this announcement of a Fundamental Revolution. After the citizens said good bye to the most brutal of methods of the guiding Stalin-State, the empire ended up in a hopeless dead-end stagnation which finally ended, and had to end, in the total collapse of a historical lesson”.

I’d say Schellnhuber and the WBGU are well beyond naive.  What Schellnhuber proposes is nothing less than a reckless and adventurous social engineering experiment, tantamount to a half-baked plan that calls for taking apart a jumbo jet full of passengers and putting it back together again as a glider – all in midflight.

Schellnhuber and his WBGU of course would like to have the audience believe that this Revolution would be carried out “democratically, freely and successfully.” Deomcracy itself would have to undergo a transformation. Just how democratic would the WBGU’s proposed new society be? Weizsäcker translates the WBGU’s text as follows:

More democracy yes, but only if it serves to achieve our aims.”

and comments:

We are actually not speaking about democracy when the wisemen (modern: the scientists) of the country prescribe the result up front and inform the people: ‘you may decide – but only as long as you decide correctly. Otherwise we will have to take away your co-determination on behalf of the collective good.”

Now allow me to translate: That’s tyranny, and not democracy. Weizsäcker sums it up:

Karl Popper and Friedrich August von Hayek would turn in their graves if they heard this highly offical recipe as a new form of democracy.”

Of course not everyone is wary of the WBGU’s proposed societal coup d’etat. There are many leaders out there who, all doped up with green ideology, think these adventurous, poorly thought out schemes are going to save humanity. Like German President Christian Wulff.

Sigh – those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

Climate Vatican’s CO2 Emissions Up 2.4% In 2010!

How many billions of euros has the EU spent on renewable energy in order to reduce climate killing CO2 emissions? How many billions have been spent on research, institutes, think tanks, government, NGOs, etc., for the purpose of educating and regulating the public to curb CO2 emissions?

How many pages have been written and words spoken preaching that CO2 has to be reduced rapidly, or else the Earth will burn in hell?

How many light bulbs have been changed?

No continent on the planet has pontificated so incessantly to the rest of the world about the evils of CO2 emissions like Europe has.  The ultra-green continent even demands emissions be cut by 30% by 2020, and 80% by 2050.

So wouldn’t you think that Europe would be cutting its emissions every year?

In reality, Europe is like the chronic alcoholic who goes around telling everyone that he’s gone dry, only to stagger through the door hours later every evening.

The religious tree-hugger site klimaretter reports on the EU’s latest CO2 binge. EU emissions rose 2.4% in 2010. Ironically, the cause of the rise is reported to be a healthier economy, and a cold winter!

Less Blogging In The Weeks Ahead

I’ve been entrusted to help out on a very interesting project that will tie up much of my time in the coming weeks. So I’m going to have to cut back on the blogging until the project gets done. I’ll still post from time to time, but much less.

Readers are invited to write their own essays, submit them, and I’ll gladly post them. They should be kept down to 500 words or less. Also you can help by leaving tips and links to interesting stories in the reader comments.

This clandestine project I’m collaborating on is climate-related, and I’m sure the warmists are really going to love it. More later on that as things unfold.

P. Gosselin