German Meteorologists: “Horror Winter” To Hit Central Europe

Not even CO2 can stop it!

The German online Bild newspaper here projects another bitter cold winter ahead for Central Europe. Early November will be on the mild side, and the real cold will not arrive until the end of November – but then look out! The Bild article starts with:

Shiver-Alarm: In four weeks the Horror-Winter begins!

Bild quotes meteorologist Dominik Jung of

This snowy winter will extend over three months and spread into the flatlands. And it is going to be bitter cold. For Germany the fourth colder-than-normal winter in a row lies ahead. The fourth below normal winter in a row would be a small sensation.” predicts December in Germany should see a fair amount of snow with good chances for a white Christmas. Temperatures will be around normal.. January will see temperatures plummet and the month will be considerably colder than normal. Central Europeans can expect to see temperatures to fall as low as -25°C.

Whatever happened to the balmy winters that were predicted by the models of CO2-drugged up climatologists not long ago? Remember being told that snow in the future would be “rare and exciting” and how we’d all would have to move to Antarctica to escape the heat?

Jung also says February will also be colder than normal and that snow will fall until the end of the month, and possibly drag on into March. So forget about an early spring. Who knows, maybe we’ll be shoveling snow for Easter too.

Note that these forecasts predict snow and ice for the normally temperate lowlands. Just a few years ago the drugged-up climatologists were predicting the end of skiing in the Alps.


30 responses to “German Meteorologists: “Horror Winter” To Hit Central Europe”

  1. DirkH

    I’ve been telling everyone I know that the cold will hit in December – that’s what you get when you take the SOI,

    invert it and delay it by 7 months. Notice the steep flank during APR 2011. See also here:

    Seems to work just fine (and makes me wonder how chaotic weather is really; looks more like a tightly coupled system; Corbyn comes to mind).

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    Since Central Europe does not consist solely of Germany, the French and Czech will be hit too by Father Frost
    and they will need all of their energy… Since Frau Angela has been lauded here as a pragmatist, one can foresee another “Energy U-turn” coming. Luckily, no atomic reactors have been dismantled (that would have taken at least 5-6 years to start, in any case), so they can simply be brought back online. All it would take would be a few weeks of “Wutbürger”/”upset citizens”-demonstrations – “Occupy Bannmeile” – chanting “we’re freezing”, since her pragmatism (some might say populism) is evidently not bound by existing contracts or promises.
    Technically, the Bannmeile is a taboo zone for demonstrations, but the image of helmeted police using batons against senior citizens would be a bit much even for the Berlin police…

    1. DirkH

      Is this an omen? from the wikipedia page you linked:
      “Yamal – The Nenets people of Yamal know Ded Moroz as Yamal Iri (Grandfather of Yamal)”

      Hide the decline!

    2. Joe

      In my experience, those Wutbürgers swing both ways. There will be a the usual creepy old hippies arguing that the cold winter is IN FACT a sign of global warming’s wrath.

      1. Jeremy Poynton

        “There will be a the usual creepy old hippies arguing that the cold winter is IN FACT a sign of global warming’s wrath.”

        Moonbat’s already been there. 2005 he told us of the end of snow in the UK, as a result of AGW. Three hard winters later, he now tells us that these are down to AGW. The recent report that AGW is causing mental illness, does, however, seem to be correcty.

  3. Edward

    -25 degs C huh?

    That’s getting pretty damn cold, we had a minus 17, it ain’t Siberia but hell we live next to the Atlantic conveyor!

    Winter tyres – where are they?

    1. DirkH

      The coldest temperature ever measured in Germany was -45.9C, 24th Dec 2001 at 1601 m height at Funtensee near Berchtesgaden. The station is surrounded by high mountains and is called the “Cold Pole” of Germany. Before that, it measured a record low of -45.8 C on 25th Jan 2000; breaking the record of -38 C, which was held since 1929 by Wolnzach, also in Bavaria.

      So, we have been told that Global Warming is happening, and that especially cold nights and cold extremes would warm, yet these extreme lows have been reached in 2000/2001. I conclude that elevated levels of CO2 do not hold back heat from escaping to space; and that the theory is falsified experimentally.

  4. Pops
  5. Casper

    I’d expect some snow in October in Germany as it was last year. But I see nothing, not a single snow flake 😉 Where is your cold snap?

    1. DirkH

      Wait til the end of November.

    2. Ike

      Well, I live near Rosenheim and last week when I looked out of the window I saw snow in the mountains. They are just 700m high. On the higher ones (like Wendelstein) there is still snow. 😉


      1. Ike

        oh, forgot this link:

        (deadly car accidents due to snowfall in the area of Bad Tölz (10.10.2011)

        “not a single snow flake”..huh??

        1. DirkH

          That’s bad, 10 deaths in one weekend.

  6. Ulrich Elkmann

    “Whatever happened to the balmy winters?” Angie the Wonder Woman, nicknamed the Climate Chancellor, and SuperObama – that’s what happened to them. Remember what Obama promised back in May 2008?
    “Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment … when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
    And So It Came To Pass.
    (You wouldn’t want to make them cross. ‘Cause if you start grumbling now about turning the thermostat back up, they really might show you…)

  7. Ulrich Elkmann

    RE: the end of skiing in the Alps: How many ski resorts up there have invested heavily in snow cannons during the last 10 years to save their bacon? At least they will be buried under big white mounds in winter – less embarrassing than acres of solar panels.

  8. matti

    While I agree that the coming winter will be another cold winter for Europe and Germany, the fourth in a row of such cold winters , I personally don’t think that temperatures of -25 C will happen for Europe and Germany as a whole but perhaps in isolated areas[ inland or in the mountains ] and then only for a short time . My best estimate is perhaps that average winter temperatures around -5 to -10 C may prevail over the winter and right through to and including March. These types of colder winters will likely become the norm over the next 20-30 year. The past cold cycle of 1962-1987 showed that 2/3 of the winters were below norm, so this recent trend of 4 cold winters in a row is typical for the colder planetary cycles.

    1. DirkH

      Yes, I agree.

      Nightly extremes in the Northern German plains used to reach -18 C in the last two winters; that’s about as cold as it gets here up North, and I expect that to repeat. As you get farther south you have more hills and then mountains and you get local inversions, this can create very cold spots in valleys, and in general the terrain gets higher, so its colder in general.

  9. R. de Haan

    “Not even CO2 can stop it!”

    Why do we keep the AGW hoax alive with this kind of lines.

    CO2 is a trace gas with no measurable temeperature effects in our weather, let alone our climate.

    So why mention it?

  10. R. de Haan

    Better openings: CO2 continues to fail warming the planet or Cold winter proofs CO2 has no effect on global temperatures.

    1. Rogier Lammers

      CO2 definitely has an effect on earths temperature. These few cold winter are caused by less sun activity. Thats why we are in the middle of ” the small ice age “.

      300 mln years ago we had palm trees growing on the polars. Level of CO2 in the air was 20 times higher then today. Globally the temperature raised with 2.0 degrees celcius in the last 10 years (caused by humans). It took nature 1 mln years to drop the global temperature 1 degree.

      So keep on thinking nothing is going an because we expect some snow…

      1. DirkH

        “Globally the temperature raised with 2.0 degrees celcius in the last 10 years (caused by humans). ”

        Are you sure there’s no typo in there, Rogier? If you’re sure you wanted to say that, could you provide a link to the source that says so?

  11. R. de Haan

    The USA and Canada will have a harsh winter as well and it already has started.

  12. Mervyn Sullivan

    Does anyone remember the following?

    Is Dr David Viner still a senior research scientist at the CRU, University of East Anglia?

    I wonder what Dr Viner now thinks about his comments in the year 2000?

    I wonder if Dr Viner acknowledges that his line of research on man-made global warming must have been flawed?

    1. mwhite

      “Now the head of a British Council programme with an annual £10 million budget that raises awareness of global warming among young people abroad, Dr Viner last week said he still stood by that prediction: ‘We’ve had three weeks of relatively cold weather, and that doesn’t change anything.

      January 2010

  13. stefanthedenier

    Prediction is correct, but reason is missing: it proves what I have being trying to warm the people; less ice on Arctic ocean means extreme winter on N/H. Reason is: water in the ocean, without ice as insulator; absorbs extra coldness. That doubles with the normal coldness – radiates extra cold south as ripples affect. In the past, half of the moisture was converted into snow in Europe /USA – now all the moisture is intercepted there = bigger cold blizzards. As a result, no moisture left to go north to renew the melted ice on Arctic’s water. The wicket circle has being triggered. That ice is decreasing for 4 different reasons, not one of them is CO2, or the phony GLOBAL warming. It is too much to state all here, but if you visit my website, is a page of it: http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.dom

    1. DirkH

      You might be interested in this idea.
      Wind-powered “spray barges” to re-ice the arctic…

    2. Ed Caryl

      “absorbs extra coldness”??? I’m sorry. It’s the opposite. No ice cover keeps the air above warmer and wetter. A great example of this is lake affect snow that shuts down when the lakes freeze over.

  14. Samir

    I’m really waiting for that “horror”winter to come but until November 25th there isn’t even a little bit of night frost expected in the Lower Lands (Flanders, Holland, …)… So when will this “horror” winter start ?

    1. DirkH

      See my comment above. Wait for the start of December.

  15. Ulrich Elkmann

    The MET office has just cast its hat into the ring:
    “No new Big Freeze, says Met Office”
    ” After the embarrassment of the “barbecue summer” that never was, the Met Office has once again predicted unseasonable weather and claimed there will no repeat of last year’s “big freeze” this Christmas.”

    Independent forecasters anticipated a “Siberian December” with temperatures dropping as low as -15C (5F).
    But the Met Office said it expected only occasional cold snaps for the rest of the year and said a repeat of last year’s extreme weather was not expected.
    Forecaster Dan Williams said: “There’s no signal for a repeat of last year’s December cold spell.
    “Last December saw a very prolonged period with wave after wave of cold spells and snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.
    “But rather than that, it looks like we’re in for a mixed, unsettled December this year, with some cold spells but also milder spells.”

    The science is settled (Hansen, Mann, etc.). The euro is a success story (Jean-Claude Trichet). The pensions are safe (Norbert Blüm). No one has an intention to build a wall (Walter Ulbricht). There are no American tanks in the streets of Baghdad (Comical Ali). Ma’am, God himself couldn’t sink this ship (a stewart on HMS Titanic to a concerned lady).
    [Nota bene: I’m not talking about TEOTWAWKI on 21 Dec ’12 (some old Indian): we’re busy working on that – at least on the last 4 letters.]

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