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Governments To Cut Back Up To $45 Billion On Climate Protection Investments – Green Europe Leading The Way!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhile reps from European countries are in Durban demanding we go green, CO2 Handel here reports that the very same governments are cutting back on “climate protection” investments. That makes Durban a farce. According to a report called Durban Dynamics: Navigating for progress on climate change“, by consultancy Ernst & Young, governments around the […]

Hans von Storch: North Sea Sea Levels Rising 20 cm/century (Only)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email German “intellectual” online daily Die Zeit here interviews four (state-funded) alarmists (some more, some less) just to reassure its readers that the world is indeed coming to a catastrophic end. Here it’s interesting to compare the remarks of Hans von Storch and Stefan Rahmstorf on the subject of sea level rise of the North […]

Even more attended than last year!

CFACT Reports On 4th International Climate Conference In Munich

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCFACT was one of the sponsors of the 4th International Climate Conference, which took place in Munich last weekend. What follows is a worthwhile interview with the Chairman of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Holger Thuss, presented by CFACT. ================================================= On Friday and Saturday, November 25 & 26, as the UN prepared to […]

Green Energy Management Buffoons Put “First-Ever Wind-Hybrid Plant” Online – Reach Whopping 19% Efficiency!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat happens when you take the work of energy production and management away from the experts and power companies, and transfer it to government bureaucrats and environmental ideologues who surround themselves with clueless media cheerleaders? Guenter Keil tells us here at Science Skeptical. In a nutshell, it’s like taking a country’s central bank and putting […]

Carbon Market Crash!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailPortuguese skeptic site Ecotretas reports on the crashing carbon market: It’s nothing new. It started over a year ago, when US carbon trading crashed. Two weeks later, it closed. Now, it’s our turn in Europe. It had already started earlier this Summer. But now, as can be seen in the left graphic, obtained from […]

Der Spiegel On Climategate 2.0. Black On White Proof Not Enough

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDer Spiegel here reports on Climategate 2.0, first reminding us that although Climategate 1.0 showed that a group of scientists had indeed stonewalled revealing the data and engaged in gatekeeping, they were cleared by several investigations of misleading and manipulating data.  Der Spiegel also admits Climategate 1.0 scarred the image of the science. Now we […]

Revkin & Rahmstorf Conspire Against US Senator

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailLook how cozy Revkin is in bed with alarmists like Rahmstorf. And they really detest skeptics, don’t they? Rahmstorf writes to Andy: Hi Andy, from over here, it is hard to see this kind of Inhofe speach as anything else than an irrelevant piece of absurd theatre. It doesn’t even bother me any more […]

Rahmstorf In Panic Over Mangini’s Stalagmites

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRahmstorf writes to Overpeck and co-authors: Dear Peck and IPCC coauthors, – I know it’s Easter, but I’m having to deal with Augusto Mangini, a German colleague who has just written an article calling the IPCC paleo chapter “wrong”, claiming it has been warmer in the Holocene than now, and stalagmites show much larger […]

Climategate 2.0

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailLooks like Thanksgiving is early this year. Here’s a feast for kings. 🙂 Update: The real doozies are marked in bold print. having gone through them, I have to say sorry, but these scientists are nothing but liars. If the governments don’t act now on this, then we are truly living in anarchy. It […]

German ARD Public Television: Green Energy In Germany Threatens To Be Biological And Environmental Debacle

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDietmar Doering of the think tank Denken für die Freiheit (Thinking for Freedom) brings our attention to this exposé of green energy in Germany.Germany is a country completely obsessed with saving the planet from man-made CO2, and has been pursuing renewable energies with unmatched abandon, pouring tens of billions into green energy. Lots of countries use […]

Clearing the way for windpark. (Photo credit: Mountain Talk)

Vermont Greens End Up Protesting The Products Of Their Own Desires

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJust a few miles away from my hometown, Green Mountain Electric Power Company of Vermont and Quebec’s Gaz Metro are now building a monster mountain-top wind park that will be home (for 25 years) to twenty one 135-meter tall turbines that will go into operation by the end of next year. To build the […]

Der Spiegel Calls UN Weather Extremes Report Summary “Dubious”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAxel Bojanowski of the German flagship news magazine Der Spiegel blasted the UN for its Extreme Weather report saying the: UN presentation was dubious: research results are ignored, the report remains secret.” and Only the summary of the report was officially made public on Friday. This is a document that politicians and lawyers of […]

Alaska and parts of the Arctic to remain 20°F below normal. Snipped from

Cold Records Smashed In Alaska And Arctic!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe UN just released its summary report on how we should all expect extreme heat in the future. Well forget all that.It’s all nonsense coming from unrealistic models that do not even take the cycles of the sun (source of 99.9% of the Earth’s surface heat) and cycles of the oceans (which cover 70+% […]

Think and Think Again – String Of Electric Car Failures Continues Unabated

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailLike all electric cars, the Norwegian Think Global electric car was the future. And because it held the promise of rescuing the climate, it was especially worshipped by the media. It symbolized technical savvy, progressive thinking, and was supposed to be proof that thinking green could lead to success, profit and a saved planet. […]

From Steven Goddard, sea level

From Global Warming To Spot Heating – UN Scientists Scale Back, Roll Out Latest Scare Story (Again)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email From Steven Goddard, sea level rise drop. Der Spiegel reports today how the UN has just come out with a new report claiming the big threat now is local heat waves and freak storms. That’s quite a change from global-wide warming and sea level rise. Remember how for years and years UN scientists, armed […]

Nir Shaviv: CO2 “Climate Sensitivity Is On The Low Side”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSomehow I missed Nir Shaviv’s comment about Jasper Kirby’s CLOUD experiment, read here: Shaviv writes (emphasis added): Ok, so what do these results imply? The first point was essentially pointed above. The results unequivocally demonstrate that atmospheric ionization can very easily affect the formation of condensation nuclei (CNs). Since many regions of earth are […]

Greenshirts Bully Skeptic Professor Into Silence, Video Taken Down. “Remember, This Is Still Germany”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome of you may be wondering what happened to the video clip of Prof. Dronskowski which I had put up 2 days ago. This video was first put up by our friends at Science Skeptical here. Unfortunately some Green thugs are still unable to learn tolerance and the lessons of history, and felt they had to […]

German Professor Slams Global Warming Science – Calls Mann’s Hockey Stick “A Very Very Nasty Fabrication”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailMichael Krüger at our friends Science Skeptical brings us this jewel of German dissent. Professor Dr. rer. nat. Richard Dronskowski at Aachen University brings loud applause from what appears to be a lecture hall full of his students as he slams the AGW science and the hucksters behind it. At the 1.10 mark he calls Al […]

Isolated EU Bows, Caves On Airline Emissions Certificates Requirement

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRemember how greeny two-shoes EU thought it could implement the EU Directive requiring all airlines that start or land in Europe to participate in its costly emissions trading scheme beginning in 2012  – all to rescue the planet? In the system greenhouse gas emissions would have a price and the airlines would have to buy emissions […]

Green Mountain State Blasting Its Mountain Tops To Make Way For 450-Foot Industrial Wind Turbines

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSometimes I don’t know whether to sympathize with the protesters, or to tell them “I told ya so, stupid”. This industrialization of Vermont’s landscape is happening because these environmentalists originally spurred it all on with their ridiculous protect-the-climate nonsense, led by kook, dimwit senators like Bernie Sanders. This is Green Energy? Let’s call it the […]

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