Governments To Cut Back Up To $45 Billion On Climate Protection Investments – Green Europe Leading The Way!

While reps from European countries are in Durban demanding we go green, CO2 Handel here reports that the very same governments are cutting back on “climate protection” investments. That makes Durban a farce.

According to a report called Durban Dynamics: Navigating for progress on climate change“, by consultancy Ernst & Young, governments around the world are drastically cutting back their investments in climate protection. In the worst case up to $45 billion are planned to be cut from environmental protection measures. The reason they say is the global financial mess.

Now if these investments were truly as lucrative as many like to claim they are, why on Earth would they cut back on them? The answer is obvious: That green energy is lucrative is a lie. It’s been a scam from the first day.

CO2 Handel writes:

If one sums up the already decided savings measures, then a you get a cut of $22.5 billion. ‘If the debt crisis continues to escalate and countries should then become forced to pass additional comprehensive savings measures, then in the worst case that number may double.’ said Peter Nolden, Partner at Ernst & Young.

Strangely, the lion’s share of these cuts is taking place in Europe, the very continent that constantly preaches the global warming doctrine and insists the rest of the world do as it says.  Germany already plans $2 billion less investment in “climate change fighting” projects by 2015. Bankrupt Spain, once a champion in solar energy, is cutting back a whopping $5.1 billion and Great Britain will cut back $4.2.

If push comes to shove (and with the financial situation progressing as it is, that’s very likely) then “the German government in the worst case will cut $8.3 billion in climate costs,” writes CO2 Handel. Other countries to make cuts: USA $6.4 billion and Japan $6.1 billion.

I financial crisis means that fiscal discipline needs to be exercised. Of course you cut out what is wasteful. Do you think the greens have ever wondered why Europe and the US find themselves flat broke? Refusing to heed reality has something to do with that.


Hans von Storch: North Sea Sea Levels Rising 20 cm/century (Only)

German “intellectual” online daily Die Zeit here interviews four (state-funded) alarmists (some more, some less) just to reassure its readers that the world is indeed coming to a catastrophic end.

Here it’s interesting to compare the remarks of Hans von Storch and Stefan Rahmstorf on the subject of sea level rise of the North Sea, as measured by tide gauges.


Especially important for us here in Germany was a study on North Sea sea level. Scientists at the University of Siegen showed what consequences climate change is already having on our own coastlines. The evaluation of the data from 13 gauge stations over the last one and a half centuries confirm a sea level rise – and an acceleration over the last few decades.”

Hans von Storch:

Through an anylsis of synchronous fluctuations at many gauges, a rise in sea level of about 20 cm per century could be now be estimated.”

That’s a whole 2 mm per year, which is one seventh the rate of what Ramstorf envisions in his tamer wet dreams. Moreover, the link that Rahmstorf provides has a chart which clearly shows the rate of rise during the end of the 19th century was greater than what has occurred over the last few decades. He forgot to mention that.

One thing is clear: sea level measurement is fraught with complexity, and thus it would be easy for any shifty scientist to get the results he wants. But not to worry, we all know that they are, to quote Mark Antony,  “ambitious and honorable men”.

As far as the other content in the DIE ZEIT piece, it’s just the usual, alarmist pre-Durban crap. (Don’t waste your time)

CFACT Reports On 4th International Climate Conference In Munich

CFACT was one of the sponsors of the 4th International Climate Conference, which took place in Munich last weekend. What follows is a worthwhile interview with the Chairman of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Holger Thuss, presented by CFACT.

4th Climate Conference in Munich, 2011


On Friday and Saturday, November 25
& 26, as the UN prepared to kick off COP17, the UN Conference
on Climate Change, in Durban, South Africa, CFACT, the European Institute for
Climate and Energy (EIKE) and others co-sponsored a climate conference of our
own in beautiful Munich, Germany. EIKE was launched in 2007 in Berlin. CFACT is
a proud founding member.

CFACT: What has been the public mood in Germany about global

For years, large parts of the population were buying into the
IPCC’s position without question. Others had some doubt, but could not find any
reliable source in their own language to educate themselves about anything
about climate that did not favor the Green’s narrative. It was terribly

Are things changing?

The media, while still often hostile, now takes serious interest
in our activities and today is willing to openly question whether the IPCC and
climate campaigners are always right. Today, more and more people in Germany
realize they have been misinformed and I can say without exaggerating that our
work played an important part in this. We see a real change, not just among
ordinary citizens, but also business leaders, lawmakers, media executives and
the consulting industry (which is very influential in Germany). People from
every sector of society are giving positive feedback, attending events, buying
our publications and are now not shy about giving us advice. People read the
newspaper and decided for themselves that something didn’t smell right. EIKE
with the help from CFACT gave them the facts and a way to meet one another,
organize and communicate.

Even more attended than last year!

What was it like organizing the first real organization in Germany to
question climate orthodoxy?

We had resistance from all sides. We needed 1 1/2 years to register
and organize – it took that long to overcome bureaucratic resistance. It was
even worse to deal with the hostile media which didn’t hesitate to tell
outright lies about our funding, research and the qualifications of our experts
– who are distinguished academics from prestigious universities! Some climate
radicals tried to make a big deal about the relationship between EIKE and CFACT
and just can’t seem to grasp that organizations can be friends too and
cooperate together to do great work. Today EIKE is proud to welcome cooperation
and support from many diverse and talented people and organizations. The
momentum is on our side.

Tell us about the climate conference program.

We have now conducted two workshops and four major conferences.
Every one has been a success and each was larger than the one before. There is
real excitement. We just completed our first conference in Munich, which was
timed to take place at the start of the UN climate conference in Durban. I was
very pleased to realize that 90 percent of the people attending were new. They
heard we were going to be in their region, wanted to be with us and were
willing to reach into their own pockets to support the conference financially.
They came not only from Southern Germany, but from Austria, Switzerland and
even South Korea and Paraguay.  We are rather proud to be able to offer
attendees simultaneous German and English translations throughout the

What were some highlights of this weekend’s conference?

Almost every presentation was a highlight because we heard state of the art science
from such distinguished researchers as Henrik Svensmark from Denmark, Nir Shaiviv
from Israel, Gernot Patzelt from Austria and Jan Veizer from Canada. We also
covered policy and legal aspects related to the downsides of renewable energy
and of course the Climategate scandal parts one and two from fascinating
speakers such as Donna Lafromboise from Canada and Chris Horner from the U.S.
We had so many more truly brilliant presenters that I hesitate to mention any
names at all, because each is worthy and we are extremely grateful to them all.

What message can CFACT carry from Munich to the UN’s COP17 in Durban?

We want the UN and everyone reading this to know that the IPCC
reports have been proclaiming their conclusions as unquestionable scientific
facts, when actually their science is faulty and Climategate shows the UN has
placed its trust in the wrong people. We call for open minds and vigorous
debate without fear. The IPCC should be replaced by a more credible
institution, perhaps one uniting research institutions from around the world,
free from bias and advocacy.


Visit CFACT here:



Green Energy Management Buffoons Put “First-Ever Wind-Hybrid Plant” Online – Reach Whopping 19% Efficiency!

What happens when you take the work of energy production and management away from the experts and power companies, and transfer it to government bureaucrats and environmental ideologues who surround themselves with clueless media cheerleaders?

Guenter Keil tells us here at Science Skeptical.

In a nutshell, it’s like taking a country’s central bank and putting it into the hands of communists – i.e. it gets run into the ground in short order.

Late last October in the German state of Brandenburg (East Germany), German television and print media were all present and enthusiastically cheered as State Minister Matthias Platzeck put “the world’s first” wind-driven hydrogen hybrid power plant officially into operation. Hooray, everyone cheered and patted each other on the back – we’re rescuing the planet!

“…the entire big problem of renewable energy sources is solved,” proclaimed German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung!

Werner Diwald Chairman of operating company Enertrag AG, which no doubt is getting subsidized up the wazoo for this, proclaimed:

It’s more than a project; it’s the cornerstone of the energy transformation.”

Brandenburg’s Minister Matthias Platzeck (Socialist Party) added that environmentally the plant is “a huge step forward”.

So just what is this marvel of German green engineering: the hydrogen-hybrid plant? How does it work?

Science Skeptical tells us. Electricity produced by wind parks is used to produce hydrogen gas whenever the wind power is not needed. This hydrogen is then stored and used later when needed to drive a gas turbine, which powers an electric generator, which in turn produces electricity. What a clever and elegant solution! At least that’s what the media, politicians and some environmentalists think.

19% efficiency

Now let’s return to reality. It only takes a freshman engineering student to explain the utter folly of this system. Breaking it down in steps we have: wind > wind turbine rotor > wind generator > AC electricity > DC electricity > electrolysis > hydrogen > pump/storage vessel > gas turbine > generator  > AC electricity > transmission lines > consumer. That’s a long chain of energy transformation steps. Unfortunately though, each step involves LOSSES.

Of course, none of the media, politcians or greens even bothered to calculate the efficiency and cost of this system. But thankfully Keil has, and reached a grand efficiency of 19%, meaning 81% of the energy is lost as heat into the atmosphere. According to Keil with such a system electricity will end up costing the consumer over $1.00 per kwh. And if the hydrid system uses solar panels to provide the primary energy, then the cost rises to over $1.20/kwh.

Conclusion: when bureaucrats and other energy engineering morons take over the management of energy, you get a system that is hardly more efficient than the Greek government.

Finally the Süddeutsche Zeitung quotes GDR physicist and now current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who led the project’s groundbreaking ceremony in 2009:

We are going to learn something from this power plant.”

Indeed we will.

For those of you who may have forgotten, here’s yet another government-run energy engineering marvel (again from East Germany): click here!


Carbon Market Crash!

Portuguese skeptic site Ecotretas reports on the crashing carbon market:

It’s nothing new. It started over a year ago, when US
carbon trading crashed
. Two weeks later, it
. Now, it’s our turn in Europe. It had already started
earlier this Summer
. But now, as can be seen in the left graphic, obtained from
, carbon prices are diving even more! And this is yesterday’s
graph, as today, as I write, it is diving another -10.773% to € 7.040.

Charts and more here…

Der Spiegel On Climategate 2.0. Black On White Proof Not Enough

Der Spiegel here reports on Climategate 2.0, first reminding us that although Climategate 1.0 showed that a group of scientists had indeed stonewalled revealing the data and engaged in gatekeeping, they were cleared by several investigations of misleading and manipulating data.  Der Spiegel also admits Climategate 1.0 scarred the image of the science.

Now we have 2.0.

Der Spiegel writes that the UEA confirms the authenticity of the latest e-mails. Der Spiegel writes:

The chief of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia had to admit that he had deleted important e-mails on the documentation of his research. He also requested other scientists to destroy data in the same manner.”

Der Spiegel also brings up Ray Bradley’s “pathetic” e-mail, which slammed the 2003 paper by Michael Mann and Phil Jones. But Der Spiegel then quotes climate scientists saying that “such disputes are normal in science”. Maybe so, but the paper is still pathetic and was knowingly used to sway public policy.

Der Spiegel also reports on the “jubilation of the skeptics”, quoting Anthony Watts “What’s Up With That”:

Climate change skeptics cheered the e-mails. ‘They are authentic and spectacular!’ proclaims Watts Up With That?.”

Here we see that Der Spiegel refuses to learn that we are not skeptics of climate change, but rather we are skeptics of climate catastrophe fairy tale in the future. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them. Der Spiegel obviously is unaware that temperatures haven’t risen in almost 15 years, and likely think they are still rising. But we can we do? We (skeptics) are not special education teachers for media who have learning disabilities.

Finally Der Spiegel quotes the author of “pathetic” papers, Michael Mann, saying that Mann told the AP that it’s an organized “campaign by the oil and gas industry and criminal hacking of websites.” and that it “illustrates how desperate the skeptics are”.

At least give Der Spiegel credit for bringing up the story and for linking to the hacked e-mails – though not many Germans are going to read them.

What would it take for the media to take this widespread crime seriously? The lies, cover-ups, and deceit are right there in back and white. What more do you need? Tax authorities, for example, throw people in prison based on a lot less.

Thanks, Der Spiegel.



Revkin & Rahmstorf Conspire Against US Senator

Look how cozy Revkin is in bed with alarmists like Rahmstorf. And they really detest skeptics, don’t they? Rahmstorf writes to Andy:

Hi Andy,
from over here, it is hard to see this kind of Inhofe speach as anything else than an irrelevant piece of absurd theatre. It doesn’t even bother me any more – he’s simply lost it.
Cheers, Stefan”

And Andy replies to Steffi (emphasis added):

I know. but he still speaks to and for a big chunk of America — people whose understanding of science and engagement with such issues is so slight that they happily sit in pre-conceived positions.”

Read it all here! Looks like I’m going to be up for awhile tonight!

Rahmstorf In Panic Over Mangini’s Stalagmites

Rahmstorf writes to Overpeck and co-authors:

Dear Peck and IPCC coauthors,

– I know it’s Easter, but I’m having to deal with
Augusto Mangini, a German colleague who has just written an article
calling the IPCC paleo chapter “wrong”, claiming it has been warmer in the
Holocene than now, and stalagmites show much larger temperature
variations than tree rings but IPCC ignores them. What should I answer?

One of my points is that IPCC shows all published large-scale proxy
reconstructions but there simply is none using stalagmites – so please
tell me if this is true?!!

Continue reading…


Climategate 2.0

Looks like Thanksgiving is early this year. Here’s a feast for kings. :)
Update: The real doozies are marked in bold print. having gone through them, I have to say sorry, but these scientists are nothing but liars. If the governments don’t act now on this, then we are truly living in anarchy. It will mean that all has turned into a free for all.

/// The IPCC Process ///

Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical
troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a
wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the
uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these
further if necessary […]

I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it
which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.

It seems that a few people have a very strong say, and no matter how much
talking goes on beforehand, the big decisions are made at the eleventh hour by
a select core group.

Mike, The Figure you sent is very deceptive […] there have been a number of
dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC […]

The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s
included and what is left out.

I agree w/ Susan [Solomon] that we should try to put more in the bullet about
“Subsequent evidence” […] Need to convince readers that there really has been
an increase in knowledge – more evidence. What is it?

In my [IPCC-TAR] review […] I crit[i]cized […] the Mann hockey[s]tick […]
My review was classified “unsignificant” even I inquired several times. Now the
internationally well known newspaper SPIEGEL got the information about these
early statements because I expressed my opinion in several talks, mainly in
Germany, in 2002 and 2003. I just refused to give an exclusive interview to
SPIEGEL because I will not cause damage for climate science.

Hence the AR4 Section dismissal of the ACRIM composite to be
instrumental rather than solar in origin is a bit controversial. Similarly IPCC
in their discussion on solar RF since the Maunder Minimum are very dependent on
the paper by Wang et al (which I have been unable to access) in the decision to
reduce the solar RF significantly despite the many papers to the contrary in
the ISSI workshop. All this leaves the IPCC almost entirely dependent on CO2
for the explanation of current global temperatures as in Fig 2.23. since
methane CFCs and aerosols are not increasing.

I find myself in the strange position of being very skeptical of the quality of
all present reconstructions, yet sounding like a pro greenhouse zealot here!

I too don’t see why the schemes should be symmetrical. The temperature ones
certainly will not as we’re choosing the periods to show warming.

Continue reading Climategate 2.0

German ARD Public Television: Green Energy In Germany Threatens To Be Biological And Environmental Debacle

Dietmar Doering of the think tank Denken für die Freiheit (Thinking for Freedom) brings our attention to this exposé of green energy in Germany.Germany is a country completely obsessed with saving the planet from man-made CO2, and has been pursuing renewable energies with unmatched abandon, pouring tens of billions into green energy. Lots of countries use Germany as a model for the direction of the future of energy.

But before other states and countries decide to follow Germany’s lead, they need to take a closer look and to think again.

Is the German story a success? Far from it.

The reality, which is rarely revealed by the public media, is that the country is bordering on an environmental and energy debacle.

The normally very green German state television ARD presented a shocking piece on where the blind, ideological and zealous charge to renewable energy is taking the country.

ARD video here

The mad, blind rush to renewable energies

0:00 – 1:55: German pols are falling all over themselves, trying to take credit for the country’s booming renewables business. Billions of euros in subsidies are flowing everywhere and to anything that sounds renewable. It’s a runaway gravy train – one that is headed for a cliff. As the moderator says; “It’s an energy transformation gone amok”. The struggle to take credit for it likely will not last very long, once the damage gets tallied.

Thousands of micro hydro-power plants everywhere along rivers and streams are now chopping up the nation’s fish stock, mountains of corn for ethanol or driving up food prices, wind turbines are idled and don’t deliver power to the markets because of a lack of transmission lines – all generously subsidized. Professor Olav Hohmeyer of the University of Flensburg:

There’s no plan. There’s no idea of when, how much, and where the power is needed.”

Everything is just being thrown up randomly, without a plan. If it’s renewable, it gets built.

7000+ small-scale hydro power plants chopping up salmon and eel

1:55 mark – Germany has 7700 hydroelectric plants, most are very small scale and massively subsidized by the government. Germany’s vast network of rivers are now so dense with small-scale hydro plants that all paths for eel, salmon and other fish are cut off. A huge proportion of the fish and eel end up getting chopped up by the turbines. To solve the problem the government hired fishermen to try to help the fish bypass the turbines. With luck they are able to save one or two salmon…a week! “An enormous expense,” the ARD says. The fish that do make it upstream get chopped to pieces later on the way back down, see at 3:28 mark (warning – graphic!). Germany’s rivers have become the rivers of blood and chopped fish.

Oh! But isn’t that a small price to pay for rescuing the planet?

According to Winfried Klein, 350 of these 7700 hydroplants produce 95% of the hydro power, while the other 7350 small-scale plants produce only 5% of the hydro power, but kill most of the fish and eel. Klein says at the 4:10 mark that if these 7350 micro-plants were shut down, the power grid would not even notice it. Klein adds:

But oh no! Every little puny project has to get subsidized because of ‘ecological reasons’.”

The ARD questions a top environment bureaucrat (Jürgen Becker – state secretary of the Federal Environment Ministry) at the 4:40 mark, but just the looks of the guy tells the whole story. Indeed they’ve known about the problem for years…but these fools have been drugged up on CO2 propaganda for too long, and are literally brainwashed and think the survival of the planet is at stake. Fish dying off is a small price to rescue it.

Of course efforts are being generously paid for preventing the turbine-fish-chopping problem. But bypasses consisting of 6-inch plastic pipes have saved very few fish, the video shows. For the mini hydroplant operator it’s however lucrative (5:54 mark). He gets paid 20,000 euros ($28,000) per year by the government for the next 20 years just for having the bypass tube (most fish never find it). “A lot of money for a senseless solution,” the ARD comments.

So if by now you’re thinking this is approaching Soviet-scale mass mismanagement, you’re not too far from the truth. This is what happens when a senseless hysteria grips a country and sends it charging blindly into the dark.

The ARD says at the 6:20 mark that the government is in a frenzy to switch over to renewable energy, no matter the cost.

Biogas – food for fuel

7:07 mark – Biogas is also massively subsidized in Germany, and consequently the country has become overgrown by millions of monoculture acres of cornfields. Dairy farmers can no longer afford to feed their cattle because feed prices and land lease prices have shot up. All land is now being committed to saving the planet. For biogas plant operators, it’s a real cash-cow. Initially the biogas plants were intended to convert waste materials into gas, but instead farmers twisted the arms of politicians and are now paid handsomely to dump mountains of corn into their biogas plants. Little wonder that food prices are surging worldwide today – that’s the price of rescuing the planet.

Paying windparks NOT to produce

10:00 mark – In Germany some wind power does not even make it to the consumer’s electrical outlet. As Germany approves every windpark at every and any location, many areas are not adequately connected to the grid, meaning they are turning for nothing, or not turning at all. For example windpark operator Reinhard Christiansen near the Danish border is often ordered to shut down his turbines even under ideal wind conditions. This is because the power grid gets overloaded and there is still no possibility of transmitting the wind power from northern Germany to the industrial and populated areas in the south.

ARD reports that Christiansen has had to shut down his park 70% more often than last year. But for Christiansen it doesn’t matter. The state jumps in and pays for the power that otherwise would have been produced – money for nothing! “Absurd,” says the ARD. What’s needed are huge transmission lines to transport the power to the south. But this will cost billions more and have to go through lots of private property. And the government never reckoned that citizens would protest vehemently.

ARD also reports at the 12:00 mark that offshore parks too “face a debacle” because “the government has no plan for the power system”. They’re building the windparks, but they’re forgetting the transmission lines to bring the green power to the markets. As it is, the gigantic offshore windparks risk becoming monuments dedicated to the colossal energy stupidity of the government. The government is simply subsidizing the windmills, whether they can be used or not.

For countries and states thinking about copying the German model, you may want to think again.


Vermont Greens End Up Protesting The Products Of Their Own Desires

Clearing the way for a mountain top windpark. (Photo credit: Mountain Talk)

Just a few miles away from my hometown, Green Mountain Electric Power Company of Vermont and Quebec’s Gaz Metro are now building a monster mountain-top wind park that will be home (for 25 years) to twenty one 135-meter tall turbines that will go into operation by the end of next year.

To build the windpark they are now busily deforesting acre after acre and literally blasting off the top of the mountain, thus permanently disfiguring in a matter of weeks what took nature and the ice ages (climate change) hundreds of thousands of years to sculpture. Suddenly the environmentalists are fuming mad. Not this way, they insist.

Protesters even launched a website called Mountain Talk and are now making their presence known on the mountain.

Last week two protesters were arrested by the police for allegedly trespassing on the site. The two are reported to be students from nearby Sterling College, which according to its website is a “small, progressive, liberal arts college” that is committed “to grassroots sustainability”.

Were once enthusiastic supporters of renewable energy

What’s strange is that for years Vermont environmentalists railed against carbon based fuels and pressured legislators to produce “clean” energy. Never mind that over 90% of Vermont’s electric power was CO2-free to start with (hydro from Quebec and nuclear from Vermont Yankee). Vermont even elected Obama, giving him a whopping 68% of the vote. Let’s go green was the message. Now windparks are naturally getting installed on Vermont’s beautiful ridgelines. Doing that, though, isn’t easy. It involves massive deforestation to clear land for access roads and the windpark itself. Because Vermont mountains are ruggedly uneven, a good amount of dynamiting is part of it.

Suddenly environmentalists have woken up and are fuming mad about what they had for years enthusiastically endorsed. Many will deny this and claim that they never supported wind turbines. But looking at the website of Sterling College, where the two protesters attend, we see the following under Global Field Studies:

“Research environmental and cultural sustainability by comparing current ecological practices in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Local scholars and experts serve as guides as we explore alternative energy sites, investigate eco-villages and industries featuring green technology, and study…”

 Either the protesters in Vermont are just plain hypocritical, or terribly confused. Sterling students even went to Japan (by plane) and saw this:

“Explore environmentally sustainable practices on the northern island of Hokkaido through visits to managed forests, organic farms, native Ainu communities, and  Zen gardens. Conversations with students and professors at Hokkaido and Obihiro  Universities lead to in-depth investigations into land use practices.”

That’s sure some amazing land-use in the photo above, wouldn’t you all say?

Protesters blame corporations and not the lawmakers for all the mountain mutilation

Okay, the protesters woke up awhile back and now realize that the green dream is in fact a nightmare. You’d think they’d vent their anger at the politicians who cleared the way for this energy transition. You’d be wrong. Throughout the Mountain Talk website, all you hear is a lot of whining and moaning aimed at…the corporations. At this point, I’d say they are confused.

If these protesters ever sat down down with energy managers, the first thing they’d hear is that there are lots of other cheaper, easier, cleaner ways of generating electricity than to blow up mountains and install monster turbines. Windmills and solar are hardly at the top of the power company’s wishlist for ways of generating electricity. They aren’t blowing the tops off mountains because they want to, but because they are being regulated to do so.

It’s too bad the protesters can’t get that through their skulls.

Protesters are turning to the politicians, begging them to stop the evil corporations. Pardon me, but it’s the politicians with the zany green ideas that need to be stopped. Mountain Talk quotes US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders here:

We are trying to save the world.”

In trying to “save the world” from a scientifically unsubstantiated doomsday, they are all ruining Vermont.

I truly do hope that the protesters succeed in stopping future mountain top windparks. If they pull it off, it’ll be what I like to call “One stupidity killing another.” Nowadays you have to take the victories anyway you can.

Hat-tip Benny Peiser: Wind-farms-are-useless-says-Prince-Philip


Der Spiegel Calls UN Weather Extremes Report Summary “Dubious”

Axel Bojanowski of the German flagship news magazine Der Spiegel blasted the UN for its Extreme Weather report saying the:

UN presentation was dubious: research results are ignored, the report remains secret.”


Only the summary of the report was officially made public on Friday. This is a document that politicians and lawyers of the community of countries negotiated this week in Kampala.”

Even though the sensationalist mainstream media have been writing about predictions of dire events coming in the future, Bojanowski writes:

Neither the new climate report nor its summary can be read as a sheer warning of increasing weather catastrophes. The real message is: We simply know too little about the most weather catastrophes in order to predict their development.”

There’s simply not enough data out there to draw conclusions. Der Spiegel also seems frustrated that politicians are not taking scientists seriously.

The presentation of the new climate report however shows the opposite, that it appears to not matter what scientists find out through their years of hard work – the message is always the same: ‘Everything is going to get worse.'”

With the conference in Durban coming up, little seems to have changed. Politicians automatically use every climate report for the sole purpose of driving the agenda, without even knowing what’s in it. Der Spiegel writes:

The climate report is being sold simply as a wake-up call – the work of the scientists is simply being ignored. ‘Unfortunately we still don’t have many answers to the questions of climate forecasts,’ says Lisa Schipper of the Stockholm Environment Institute, a lead author of the new IPCC Report, to SPIEGEL ONLINE. ‘There is no black and white scenario’.”

The circus that was Copenhagen is moving to Durban, and is about to start soon.

Cold Records Smashed In Alaska And Arctic!

The UN just released its summary report on how we should all expect extreme heat in the future. Well forget all that.It’s all nonsense coming from unrealistic models that do not even take the cycles of the sun (source of 99.9% of the Earth’s surface heat) and cycles of the oceans (which cover 70+% of the Earth’s surface) into account. Garbage in, garbage out. Simple as that.

And a few days ago German climatologist Mojib Latif spewed out more nonsense, claiming Germany would soon experience Sahara-like summers – also based on the same completely bogus climate models that ignore 99.999% of the Earth’s energy systems (sun and oceans).

Alaska gets a taste of the ice age, -40°F in mid November!

Alaska is just the latest example of how glaringly deficient the models are. Not long ago the models said global warming was supposed to be especially pronounced up in the Arctic – in places like Alaska. Someone forgot to tell the climate that.

The following are excerpts from the (temperatures in degrees F).

Fairbanks, Alaska set a new low temperature record on Thursday the second time in three days with a temperature of 41 degrees below zero. That broke the old record of 39 below set in 1969. Fairbanks also set a new record of 35 below on Tuesday, and hit 39 below on Wednesday, two degrees shy of the record. The last time Fairbanks saw 40-below temperatures in November was in 1994, when temperatures of 45, 43 and 45 below were recorded on Nov. 24, 25 and 30, respectively.

“This sort of thing is certainly more common in December and January than November,” meteorologist Dan Hancock at the National Weather Service in Fairbanks said. “We can go through an entire winter and not get this cold.”

Several record low temperatures set more than 40 years ago were broken in the Fairbanks area. Eielson Air Force Base had a low of 43 below early Thursday morning, which broke the previous record of 40 below in 1969. It was the second day in a row a new record was set at Eielson. It was 42 below there on Wednesday morning.

The coldest temperature reported Thursday morning was a record 54 below in Manley Hot Springs. A temperature of 49 below was recorded at KNJP radio station in North Pole, also a record. Thursday morning saw lows of 46 below in Fort Yukon, 45 below in Nikolai, 42 below in Nenana and Tanana and 40 below at Bettles.

Worse, there’s a chance even colder air could move in early next week. How cold it gets will depend on how much cloud cover there is. Meteorologist Julie Malingowski said. “If it does clear out, we’re doomed.” …read all about it here!

h/t: Weather Bell.

Think and Think Again – String Of Electric Car Failures Continues Unabated

Like all electric cars, the Norwegian Think Global electric car was the future. And because it held the promise of rescuing the climate, it was especially worshipped by the media. It symbolized technical savvy, progressive thinking, and was supposed to be proof that thinking green could lead to success, profit and a saved planet.

Well think again. All that was just slick marketing. And, as always, it never takes long for reality to catch up, pass and leave fantasy in the dust…no matter how much it is subsidized.

Cars waiting a year for parts, 30% broken down

About a week ago the English-language Norwegian online newspaper told us the story of how the hip “Think” electric cars has turned into a complete flop, at least in Norway. The Local writes here:

Think electric cars have begun to stack up at the few mechanic’s shops able to service them due to a spare parts shortage. Up to 30 percent of the 2,000-odd models produced have suffered breakdowns of a key power-control unit, or PCU. The car’s lithium-ion battery is powerless to recharge without the PCU, and the plant that made them shut its doors in Finland in June.”

When the car was first rolled out, the politically correct media loved it. Even Norwegian neswpaper Addresseavisa bought one of its own. But The Local writes that Addresseavisa’s own Think “was in for repair”.

Most likely sitting in a lot in the back waiting for spare parts that likely will never come. The Think car has had a history of failure. According to Wikipedia it went bankrupt 4 times since it was founded in 1991. Even Ford took a shot at it, but abandoned it.

Nissan Leaf and range anxiety 

The Think car is not the only electric car suffering from financial and technical woes. Other brands, even with the help of massive subsidies, have shown zero viability. Take the subsidized Nissan Leaf for example: Liza Barth of Consumer Reports panned it. Here’s what she wrote about it (emphasis added):

I decided to head out on my regular long commute, with the cheaper toll, but saw the Leaf quickly run though the charge and drop to 39 miles about halfway through my trip and I was freezing. I was very happy to see stopped traffic on the New York State Thruway (that’s a first) as that calmed my range anxiety and I saw the estimated range actually increase by six miles. The last two miles of my trip, I put on the heat with 24 miles left, but it did little to warm my already numb fingers and toes. I made it to the office with 17 miles to spare.”

The Leaf also comes with a “high-pitched whine”.   The infrastructure for charging up electric cars is also a complete flop.  For example North Carolina’s Duke Energy supplies charging stations for electric cars, but has asked its customers not to use them. According to WCNC:

Duke Energy is asking customers who own their electric car charging station to stop using the product after a house fire in Mooresville last month.”

Looks like lack of range, massive subsidies, impracticality and no infrastructure will continue to plague and cripple electric cars for a long time to come.

From Global Warming To Spot Heating – UN Scientists Scale Back, Roll Out Latest Scare Story (Again)

From Steven Goddard, sea level rise drop.

Der Spiegel reports today how the UN has just come out with a new report claiming the big threat now is local heat waves and freak storms.

That’s quite a change from global-wide warming and sea level rise.

Remember how for years and years UN scientists, armed with their mighty models, warned the planet faced massive hurricanes, rapid sea level rise and global-wide warming? Funny how we’ve been hearing very little about that lately. We’ve gone from “global warming” to “spot heating” with local storms sprinkled in.

Maybe the change in narrative has something to do with the hard statistics showing no real hurricanes hitting the USA in over 3 years or so. In fact it’s been yet another year with not a hurricane hitting the coast. Indeed tropical cyclone activity looks everything but out of control, and has been taming big time for 20 years! See: Ryan Maue. Can’t dupe the public with that anymore.

Even worse (if you’re an alarmist) is that sea levels are dropping! See Steve Goddard’s site here. They’ve been showing a declining trend over the last couple years. Oh dear! oh dear! The models never predicted that.

These disappearing horrors, once their favorites, have turned into shock and awe over the warmist camp. It’s panic time for them. How on Earth are they now supposed to spread fear and panic when all their old horror scenarios are dissolving before their very eyes?

The answer of course is to trot out new ones, this time they’re using horrors where the statistics are incomplete, thus making it difficult to disprove alleged increasing trends. Not only that, their models have suddenly begun to show they’re coming! And we all know how flawless their models are.

Der Spiegel reports today on how a new UN study has now just come up with local extreme heat waves as the next man-made climate disaster. It’s perfect – man-made heat waves are now lurking somewhere out there, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting regions and fry unprepared citizens. It could happen anywhere, and you may be next! The UN cites Russia and Texas as compelling evidence. Also waiting to ambush locally are storms and flash floods, so says the UN.

But even Der Spiegel is not so convinced and adds:

This year other studies show no increase in weather extremes: Winter storms in the northern hemisphere have been trending less, report scientists in the magazine ‘Tellus’. The same goes for river flooding in USA. That US rivers are being influenced by man-made climate change cannot be discerned, the US Geological Service summed up in October.”

Global sea level rise and global-scale warming are obviously dead. Looks like a tough road ahead for warmists and their desperate efforts to keep the climate Halloween party going.

Nir Shaviv: CO2 “Climate Sensitivity Is On The Low Side”

Somehow I missed Nir Shaviv’s comment about Jasper Kirby’s CLOUD experiment, read here: Shaviv writes (emphasis added):

Ok, so what do these results imply?

The first point was essentially pointed above. The results unequivocally demonstrate that atmospheric ionization can very easily affect the formation of condensation nuclei (CNs). Since many regions of earth are devoid of natural sources for CCNs (e.g., dust), the CCNs have to grow from the smaller CNs, hence, the CCN density will naturally be affected by the ionization, and therefore, the cosmic ray flux. This implies that ion induced nucleation is the most natural explanation linking between observed cosmic ray flux variations and climate. It has both empirical and beautify experimental results to support it.

Second, given that the cosmic ray flux climate link can naturally be explained, the often heard ‘no proven mechanism and therefore it should be dismissed’ argument should be tucked safely away. In fact, given the laboratory evidence, it should have been considered strange if there were no empirical CRF/climate links!

Last, given that the CRF/climate link is alive and kicking, it naturally explains the large solar/climate links. As a consequence, anyone trying to understand past (and future) climate change must consider the whole effect that the sun has on climate, not just the relatively small variations in the total irradiance (which is the only solar influence most modelers consider). This in turn implies (and I will write about it in the near future), that some of the 20th century warming should be attributed to the sun, and that the climate sensitivity is on the low side (around 1 deg increase per CO2 doubling).

Read it all here:

He says he’ll write more about this in the future. Hopefully he won’t keep us waiting too long, as many of us are looking forward to his expert assesssments.

Greenshirts Bully Skeptic Professor Into Silence, Video Taken Down. “Remember, This Is Still Germany”

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the video clip of Prof. Dronskowski which I had put up 2 days ago. This video was first put up by our friends at Science Skeptical here.

Unfortunately some Green thugs are still unable to learn tolerance and the lessons of history, and felt they had to threaten and harrass “thought criminals” who dare to question the Greens’ uncompromising vision of the future. Rudolf Kipp, who runs the Science Skeptical blog, had to take the video down. He left his reason as a reader comment (emphasis added):

For those of you who wonder where the video has gone. Remember, this is still Germany. We tolerate everyone’s right to free speech, so long as he shares our opinion…I have put the video off-line since the lecturer has been molested by mails and defamation and has received anonymous phone calls in private and his family has been affected as well.”

For those of you inclined to dissent, let Dronskowski be an example to you. Keep marching in lockstep – don’t ask questions, or else.

This is not the Germany I’ve come to know over the last 20+ years. I wonder what is becoming of the country. Dissenters are being labelled criminals. Professors can no longer speak up. Who can remember the last time this was so?

My view is that these green thugs are hardly different than the brown crap who allegedly murdered a number of Turks whose only crime was to dare to live a different culture in Germany. Germany’s intelligence services sat on their thumbs, not taking the threat seriously, read here. Obviously they are also not taking the threat of the greenshirts seriously either.

And some say we are living in an age of enlightenment. Well, all this is starting to enlighten me.


German Professor Slams Global Warming Science – Calls Mann’s Hockey Stick “A Very Very Nasty Fabrication”

Michael Krüger at our friends Science Skeptical brings us this jewel of German dissent. Professor Dr. rer. nat. Richard Dronskowski at Aachen University brings loud applause from what appears to be a lecture hall full of his students as he slams the AGW science and the hucksters behind it.

At the 1.10 mark he calls Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth “inconsistent” and reminds us how scientists “warned of cooling” in 1970s. At the 2.25 mark he brings up Michael Mann’s hockey stick chart:

No chart has been so falsified as the hockey stick chart. It’s an embarrassment for the IPCC.”

A little later he referred to it as a “nasty fabrication” that was debunked by a “Canadian think tank”. Dronskowski reminds his audience that the scientists are talking about “tenths of a degree” with error margins “of a full degree” and that “nobody can believe it”. At the 3:42 mark he again repeats:

“This hockey stick curve was a very very nasty fabrication designed to spread fear”.

At the 4.00 min. mark he shows the GISS temperature chart and reminds us at the 4.50 mark that:

It was supposed to get warmer, but the temperature hasn’t gone anywhere.”

He cautioned the audience that “the datasets are very shaky”. At the 5:45 mark he brings up consensus, and states emphatically:

There is absolutely no consensus. Zero consensus!”

And then slams Al Gore’s claim that CO2 caused warming, and not vice versa. At the 7.20 mark he tells the audience there is huge money in the game…”$100 billion a year flow because of climate change” and calls the government’s attempt to limit the temperature when it can’t even limit health insurance costs as “madness”. At this point the audience applauds loudly.

He then slams the corruptive effects that the funding has on academics: “I know colleagues who run entire institutes only with climate. There’s no way for them to back down, otherwise the institute will be ruined.”

At the 8.25 mark he reminds the audience:

I want to be clear. There is no causal effect! No consensus! Correlation is not proof!”

To illustrate the point he shows how US domestic oil production correlates with rock music quality, which brings thunderous applause from the audience.

This is indeed a surprising development for Germany. Prof Dronskowski should not wonder tomorrow morning why many other German scientists, who are swimming ingovernment climate funding, are suddenly no longer talking to him.

Prof. Richard Dronskowski a chemist and physicist. He has a faculty position at the Solid State and Quantam Chemistry Department at the RWTH Aachen and is the winner of the Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society. He’s a member of the Collegium of the German Research Society, member of the German Physical Society, and the American Chemical Society.


Isolated EU Bows, Caves On Airline Emissions Certificates Requirement

Remember how greeny two-shoes EU thought it could implement the EU Directive requiring all airlines that start or land in Europe to participate in its costly emissions trading scheme beginning in 2012  – all to rescue the planet?

EU airline emissions directive meets reality. (Photo credit: NASA)

In the system greenhouse gas emissions would have a price and the airlines would have to buy emissions permits. And the EU meant business. Any airline that refused to play along with its let’s-pretend-to-rescue-the-planet-game would be restricted from flying to and from Europe. Yes, it was time to tell the rest of the world how to behave and to bow to its demands.

Well, reality has a way of catching up with obscene and absurd green ideas. In this case it isn’t taking long.

Today the German CO2 reports here that the EU has decided to back off.  Hey, we were just kidding. The EU will now accept pledges from countries to cut emisions at home. Yeah, we know what that’s worth. It needs to be pointed out that airlines in EU countries can forget about getting out of buying certificates…it appears the concessions are for non-EU airlines only.

Gee, I wonder why the tune is changing. According to CO2 Handel:

There was massive resistance from outside. More than 20 countries, among them Russia, India, Brazil, China and USA, threatened to revoke landing and air space rights for European airlines if the EU stuck to its plan. Behind the scenes, China warned that it could cancel billions of euros in orders for French and German Airbus planes.”

Well hey, maybe climate is not really that serious after all. A promise to cut somewhere else will do.

Humiliated, EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard sent out her spokesman to deliver the message on Thursday in Brussels:

We’re flexible.”

Economics and reality have a way of focussing the mind, don’t they?


Green Mountain State Blasting Its Mountain Tops To Make Way For 450-Foot Industrial Wind Turbines

Sometimes I don’t know whether to sympathize with the protesters, or to tell them “I told ya so, stupid”. This industrialization of Vermont’s landscape is happening because these environmentalists originally spurred it all on with their ridiculous protect-the-climate nonsense, led by kook, dimwit senators like Bernie Sanders.

This is Green Energy? Let’s call it the Bernie Sanders Environmental Rescue Reserve.

Now the protesters are horrified at the consequences of their earlier stupidity and climate folly. Vermont has already ruined the Sheffield heights ridgeline, and now they are busily doing the same to the ridgeline of the Lowell Mountains, both are just a few miles from my boyhood home.

The protest is small but gathering in size and momentum. But I’m afraid it’s all a little too late though. You just don’t spend millions in planning, permitting and site preparation only to abandon the project. It’s definitely going to happen. At this point all we can hope for is that it’ll put the brakes on the other landscape desecration projects slated for elsewhere. I know the next time I’ll be driving there I’ll be seeing a massive industrial complex where once a beautiful mountain ridgeline once stood.

Sure you get more wind on a mountain-top. But I know the climate of Northern Vermont, and it aint that windy. Nobody can honestly say that they are going to reach anywhere near 20% capacity for these 450-foot windmills. There just isn’t that much wind there – look at the video. See any wind?

What’s really stupid is that 95% of Vermont’s energy was CO2-free to begin with. But who cares, let’s blast the mountain tops off and industrialize them, and pretend we’ve rescued the planet like real heroes.

As far as the protesters are concerned, I have to wish them the best of luck. I encourage them to do whatever it takes to stop this true environmental crime now taking place in Lowell. I’d trespass in a minute if I were there. James Hansen and Greenpeace do it all the time; get right in their faces. If the law fails, then you have to force it until it works again. I’m not advocating violence, just a peaceful protest. Readers ought to donate whatever they can, at least write a message of support. What’s happening here is not law, it’s the law selling out.

The protesters have started a blog, and updates are being provided.

I really don’t want to write about this – it’s just too difficult.