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Growing Criticism: Germany's Transition To Renewable Energy Is Leading To All Pain And No Gain

Growing Criticism: Germany’s Transition To Renewable Energy Is Leading To All Pain And No Gain

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAnd a project that involves the such can only be called one thing: really dumb. Before other countries dive into renewable energies, drunk on green fantasies, they should take a look at what is happening in Germany. Indeed, sobriety helps. The online Die Welt had a piece on the spiraling electricity costs in Germany […]

Poland, Czech Republic To Block Out Germany’s Unstable Green Electricity – “Coal To Play A Major Role A Lot Longer”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome big energy developments in Germany lately. Several readers pointed out an article appearing in the online daily Die Welt here. It seems that Eastern Europe has said “no” to hugely subsidized, unstable German green electricity flowing across the border into their power grids. One reason is because Germany still has not installed the huge […]

Higher CO2 Concentrations Will Feed A Billion More People

Higher CO2 Concentrations Will Feed A Billion More People

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailEd Caryl today presents the latest of his essays. This one on CO2 and plant growth. ========================================== What Should We Do About CO2 Emissions? By Ed Caryl So, what should we do about CO2 emissions? The answer is: nothing. The evidence that Co2 is harmful, that it is raising the earth’s temperature dramatically, has been […]

German Scientists Shoot Down Recent Claims Of “Rapid Warming” In Antarctica – Overall Continent Is Cooling!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you can’t find any real warming on the planet (which scientists haven’t been able to do now for 15 years), then you have to make up something that looks like warming, i.e. create dummy warming. This is precisely the case with a new paper on Western Antarctica. ========================================== Western Antarctica warms more quickly […]

University Of Graz “Death To Deniers!” Professor Richard Parncutt Calls For The Execution Of Pope Benedict

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt’s nice to see that academia in Austria is getting more and more tolerant with every passing day. In fact we haven’t seen this level of tolerance in about 70 years. University of Graz Professor Richard Parncutt. Photo source: Uni-Graz./ There’s been much buzz in the blogs recently about the seemingly psychotic music professor […]

University Of Graz Apologizes...Yet Left Parncutt's Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!

University Of Graz Apologizes…Yet Left Parncutt’s Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA reader sent an e-mail to the University of Graz concerning Prof Richard Parncutt’s call for the death penalty (see following figure) for those who dare to doubt IPCC climate dogma. Snipped from: Here’s the reply the reader got from the University of Graz by email today: Die Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz ist bestürzt und […]

German/Austrian Academia Descends Into Madness – A Reaction To Parncutt’s Death Penalty Calls For Science Critics

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailParts of European academia have obviously lost their marbles, as one apparently crazed professor has called for the death penalty for people who disagree with the IPCC dogma. Call it an interesting case of budding extreme fanaticism. University of Graz professor calls for the death penalty for people who question the IPCC. ======================================== Dire […]

Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia - China Sees Temperatures Drop To - 37°C!

Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia – China Sees Temperatures Drop To – 37°C!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you search enough, you’ll eventually find some news about the massive cold gripping a vast area of Asia. Those reporting it are calling it the worst cold snap there in decades. More cold is the forecast for Eastern Asia. Source: (Dec 25). German public television network NTV has a video report about the Asian cold wave: […]

German Media Portray Yesterday’s Record High Temperature In Germany As Ominous Sign Of Global Warming

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThis December for much of Germany and Central Europe has been a pretty cold month so far, with lots of snow and cold weather. At least that was the case until this past weekend when a warm southerly air mass swept across Germany and elevated temperatures well above normal, just in time for Christmas. […]

"Merry Christmas" From NTZ!

“Merry Christmas” From NTZ!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThank you readers for visiting NTZ over 2012. Merry Christmas everyone! Photo source: Jeff Weese, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. I noticed Google Germany today is wishing everyone a “Frohes Fest” (Happy Holidays), and not “Merry Christmas”. I guess some prefer blurring the origins of Christmas and the very foundations of their modern […]

Die Zeit’s Slovenly Climate Journalism – How They Totally Botched The Story Of The Missing Wheat

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat follows is the story of how editors at renowned German weekly Die Zeit completely botched the translation of English text passages to German, thus making their German story completely erroneous, and far more sensational. Climate change threatens the global supply of noodles, Die Zeit claims. Source: ================================================ Embarrassing translation blunders in climate-alarm […]

Charts Of IPCC 5 AR Draft Completely Refute The Alarmist Scenarios Of Master Curve Designer Stefan Rahmstorf

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNow that the preliminary draft of the IPCC Assessment Report 5 (AR 5) is available online, thanks to Alec Rawls, readers have had the chance to analyze it in detail. Michael Krüger at Readers Edition here takes a look at some of the charts and graphics for temperature and sea level rise development, and compares the […]

- 61°F in Siberia...Gee, Now I'm Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!

– 61°F in Siberia…Gee, Now I’m Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI like checking the temperatures in Siberia using the map at Joe Bastardi’s Weatherbell. Today I found a real extreme reading. Eastern Siberia, -61°F, see center. Source: Now we know it’s been pretty damn cold in Eastern Europe and all over Russia, but this is getting ridiculous. This has been going on for […]

Cold Blast Claims Over 600 Lives Across Eastern Europe/Russia..."Death Toll Keeps Rising...State Of Emergency"

Cold Blast Claims Over 600 Lives Across Eastern Europe/Russia…”Death Toll Keeps Rising…State Of Emergency”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt’s the worst cold snap in Russia in over 70 years. Hundreds have already frozen to death across Eastern Europe. But you won’t be hearing about this in the mainstream media. More deadly cold is forecast for Eastern Europe. Source: (12/20). The political site reports: The spate of cold weather that has lasted […]

IPCC 5 AR Now Claims Anthropogenic Warming Is Offset By Anthropogenic Cooling! You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailEver wonder why IPCC scientists are losing credibility? Rudolf Kipp in a reader comment here points out an interesting claim being made by the IPCC 5 AR Summary for Policymakers (SPM) on page 10. It states: The greenhouse gas contribution to the warming from 1951–2010 is in the range between 0.6 and 1.4°C. This is […]

New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThis week’s print edition of FOCUS includes an interview with the producer of a new environmental film to be shown in German cinemas beginning in January: Climate Crimes – Environmental crimes in the name of climate protection. It will premiere soon in Vienna. Here’s the trailer (in German): The pictures tell the story… If […]

Good News - Growing Consumption Of Coal Continues To Eradicate Poverty Worldwide - With No Impact On Climate!

Good News – Growing Consumption Of Coal Continues To Eradicate Poverty Worldwide – With No Impact On Climate!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe International Energy Agency (IEA) has issued a press release on global coal consumption. Many claim that last decade’s rapidly rising coal consumption is causing global warming. I beg your pardon:  While coal consumption has “risen rapidly” over the last decade, the linear global temperature trend has dropped at a rate of 0.7°C/century! Source: The […]

Damning German Study Confirms Renewable Energy Feed-In Act Redistributes Wealth - From The Poor To The Rich!

Damning German Study Confirms Renewable Energy Feed-In Act Redistributes Wealth – From The Poor To The Rich!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA new, damning study published by the Cologne Institute For German Economics confirms what critics of renewable energy feed-in acts have been saying, and quite loudly, all along for years: The poor are getting screwed and the rich are benefiting. Redistribution from bottom to top. The cost in euro-cents per kw-hr that renewable electricity […]

Science Skeptical On AR5: "Temperature Stagnation Officially Confirmed By IPCC...Models/Projections Shaken"!

Science Skeptical On AR5: “Temperature Stagnation Officially Confirmed By IPCC…Models/Projections Shaken”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman skeptic blog Science Skeptical reacts to the early release of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report – written by Dr. Peter Heller. Dr. Peter Heller sees the IPCC in a difficult position as the body confirms global temperature stagnation. Photo source: Heller first welcomes the transparency allowed through the early, though unauthorized, release of […]

Germany’s Environment Minister Stoops To The Energy-Saving Campaigns Of Old, Failed Regimes

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCommunism and all forms of tyranny are incurable cancers. All you can do is hope to put them into remission, and the longer the better. But they always come back. Altmaier’s latest climate-saving campaign: “Put the lid on your electricity consumption.” Source: www.bmu.dep Now that cancer is threatening to return to Germany – this time in […]

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