GISS Charts Show Winters In Northern Hemisphere Not Warming Over Last Decade – Slight Cooling!

Ed Caryl exposes another myth using two GISS graphics. Can anyone find the accelerating global warming over the last 10 years?

Global Cold Season Temperature Trend
by Ed Caryl

In Figure 1, the continents are cooling already. So are the oceans.

Figure 1 above depicts the NH cold season temperature trend over the last ten years. The global trend is zero! (the number in the top right corner). Source: GISS.

Figure 2 below depicts the oceans only. The NH cold season ocean surface cooled 0.04 degrees C in the last decade, or 0.4 degrees C per century.

So, where’s the warming? Wasn’t it supposed to result in warmer winters?


14 thoughts on “GISS Charts Show Winters In Northern Hemisphere Not Warming Over Last Decade – Slight Cooling!”

  1. This really is the big question: If man-made CO2 controls climate causing runaway warming, then where is the warming occuring? Why do actual measurements continue to diverge from forecasted warming? And if we are on a temperature plateau, when will the warming continue?

    Bonus question: if indeed we are on an unprecidented high-temperature plateau, what is the problem with this climate (other than I’ll wager a lot of people in high latitudes wish it was even warmer!)?

    1. “Even warmer”? There has been no discernible warming over my lifetime. Summers are hot and winters are friggin’ cold in Germany, that’s how it’s been and it hasn’t changed. I’m not running around with a PT 100 probe and a program constanly running a 30 year moving average; how would you even register a, what, alleged 0.4 deg C rise over 4 decades. Gimme a 2 deg C rise any old day, maybe I’ll even notice. Can’t guarantee, though.

  2. Well, I never look at GISS as I consider Hansen to be a man with an agenda that is not consistent with the goals of science. Now that was a polite way of saying it, no? 😉

    So it’s good that Ed did. Looks like Hansen ran out of tricks.

  3. DirkH @ 22:17 Among other things says:
    “ There has been no discernible warming over my lifetime.”

    I don’t live in Germany but otherwise I agree. Only I do think weather varies quite a bit from year to year or even clusters of years. For example, there are sightings of Snowy Owls this year. People are making a big fuss about this, but – I’ve seen this movie before.

    I picked this site because of the nice photos. I do not know anything about the site. There are many results, if you search on the topic.

  4. Ed

    Just look at the solar forecast by H.I Abdussam

    You may find things worse every decade for the next several decades.

    1. I saw that. If it comes to pass, the cooling will be about ten times any CO2 warming. I think their sunspot prediction is a bit high and their TSI prediction a bit low.

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