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German Solar Manufacturer SMA Profits Take A Hit. Forecast Looks Dire

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailYet another German solar manufacturer appears to be reaching the end of the line. The German TAZ here reports that profits for SMA Solar in 2011 fell by more than a half, to 166 million euros. In light of the fall in prices in the branch and planned cuts in subsidies in Germany, SMA anticipates a further […]

Green Bloodbath Accelerates – German Solar Giant Q-Cells On The Brink Of Collapse!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Wall Street Journal Germany has an in depth analysis of the collapse of German solar module giant, Q-Cells: Too Close to the Sun – The Rise and Fall of Q-Cells. It’s worse than we thought! Last Tuesday the solar company based in Thalheim in Saxony-Anhalt, once the largest module manufacturer in the world, very […]

Coral Reef Growth Found To Be In Snyc With The Sun – Yet IPCC Ignores Sun Even More!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe warmists keep insisting that it’s CO2 and that the sun is not playing a role in our climate today. According to them, the sun has been on strike and stopped playing a role since mankind started its sinful use of CO2. Yet another study is out and shows that the warmists are off […]

Katherine Hayhoe Cashing In On The Climate Scare…CEO Of Climate Consulting And Fortune-Telling Firm

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat if scientists one day concluded that climate was influenced mostly by natural factors and that man had little impact? What would be the result? For one, lots of people would find themselves in the unemployment line. And for many, their companies and operations would have to close shop. Hat-tip: Reader DirkH. One person who […]

Veteran Meteorologist On PIK Greenland Scenario: "Oracle of Delphi...They've Opened Up The Seven Seals!"

Veteran Meteorologist On PIK Greenland Scenario: “Oracle of Delphi…They’ve Opened Up The Seven Seals!”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailProphetic revelations of disturbing end of world visions… PIK Makes The Ice Melt Away By Meteorologist Klaus Eckart Puls (Translated, condensed by P Gosselin) The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid recently came out with computer-model generated scenarios showing that Greenland would melt away [1]. This scenario […]

India And China Sending Tough Signals To Bossy Europe – “Exceeding Legal Jurisdiction”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe days when Europe considered the rest of the world its colony and servant are over. But some EU bureaucrats and bossy greens obviously haven’t grasp that yet. Hat tip: Manfred Messmer here. A group of EU climate commissars lead by Connie Hedegaard once got the idea they could boss the rest of the […]

Germany’s Poorest Say Auf Wiedersehen To Mobility – It’s House Arrest For The Poor

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailYesterday we read how EU and German bureaucrats want to force homeowners make costly home renovations, for the sole sake of saving some energy. This of course would seriously drive up rental rates for tenants, hitting the poor especially hard. And if it isn’t difficult enough for the poor to pay for their housing, take […]

German Eco-Czars Threaten To Force Home Owners To Make Costly Energy-Saving Rennovations

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman daily Die Welt here reported last month how the transition to renewable energy development in Europe, particularly Germany, has not been progressing well lately. Offshore parks are being delayed, the expansion of the power grid is practically DOA and people are realizing that the energy the sun sends for free is actually awfully […]

The “Climate” Word Now Getting Dropped From Discussions About Energy In Germany

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailYesterday the Maybrit Illner talkshow on ZDF television was about Germany’s attempt to shift to renewable energy in the wake of the shutdown of 7 nuclear power reactors after the Fukushima tsunami disaster. The political talkshow, moderated by Maybrit Illner, asked if consumers are being asked to pay too much for the transition to […]

Germany Singing A Requiem For Its Solar Industry – “Not A Single Company In The Black….Industry Will Disappear Within 5 Years”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAll the green jobs of the future that were promised – have now turned into dashed dreams. On the scrap heap along with the promises of communism, redistribution, third ways, etc. FOCUS magazine here brings us up-to-speed on the trials and misery of Germany’s much maligned solar industry. The situation is worse than we thought. […]

Matt Ridley On How Modern Civilization Is Doing (Better Than Ever!)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI was going to post this tomorrow, but what the hell… ATTENTION GERMAN READERS: 21:05 mark has a rather damning observation about Germans in general. So why is it Germans are so damn pessimistic? Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

The Great Subsidy Pile-On! German Consumers Should Expect More Massive Rising Costs For Renewable Energy

The Great Subsidy Pile-On! German Consumers Should Expect More Massive Rising Costs For Renewable Energy

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs it becomes more and more evident that renewable energies such as solar and wind are turning out to be far costlier than ever anticipated, and will do nothing to the climate, the masterminds behind them don’t want to hear it. Now they are going to do whatever it takes to make them work – […]

German 4th Graders Taught An Apple A Day Keeps The Climate Armageddon Away – Competition Winner!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNo April Fool’s joke here. Our friends at the German Science Skeptical here bring us a Youtube video on how kids are being taught out somewhere in East Germany that eating apples saves the climate. It’s all part of a German government sponsored competition to promote climate protection and energy savings. In fact officials […]

Vahrenholt Interviews With HNA: "At Most One Degree More"

Vahrenholt Interviews With HNA: “At Most One Degree More”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI’m a little short on time today, and so I will provide the translation of the latest Die kalte Sonne website’s piece on an interview of Fritz Vahrenholt by the HNA titled: “At Most One Degree More”. Although the interview is not available online, Die kalte Sonne website provides us with the main points: […]

The Greens Against The Sun - Vahrenholt And Lüning Rebut Warmists' Absurdities

The Greens Against The Sun – Vahrenholt And Lüning Rebut Warmists’ Absurdities

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt’s been 6 weeks since Professor Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s bestselling skeptic book “Die kalte Sonne” was released. The Greens have been attacking the book – but their arguments have been astonishingly weak. Some Greens wrote a paper listing their arguments against the book. The chart that’s driving the Greens nuts. Vahrenholt and […]

Greenland Ice Melt Has Caused Only 7 Millimeters Of Sea Level Rise From 2002 To 2011!

Greenland Ice Melt Has Caused Only 7 Millimeters Of Sea Level Rise From 2002 To 2011!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGreenland isn’t melting rapidly after all. We keep hearing that melting there has been accelerating, and that if it melted, sea levels would rise a catastrophic 7 meters. New data just released by the Helmholtz Centre in Potsdam, Germany, shows that over the last 10 years only 240 gigatons of ice have melted. http://www.gfz-potsdam. That […]

Leading German Daily Writes: Germany's Energy Transformation Is A Flop, Government Takeover Looms

Leading German Daily Writes: Germany’s Energy Transformation Is A Flop, Government Takeover Looms

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat subsidies and government meddling in the free market could not accomplish, will probably soon be attempted by a government takeover. Flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) here writes that there are 4 main obstacles in Germany’s energy transformation: 1. Wind supply is unpredictable. 2. There’s no good way to store electricity. 3. Increasing energy […]

Germany’s Green Führism: We Have To Destroy It In Order To Rescue It. Green Infallibility Shows Its Ugly Side

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSlowly it seems that some greens are starting to wake up from their zombie condition and are showing signs that they may one day realize the disaster they’ve unleashed. German public television, the ZDF of all networks, has a clip on how the building of windmills has completely run amok in Germany. Hat-tip: […]

Germany's Per Kilowatt-Hour CO2 Emissions Jump 4%! Transformation To Renewables Flops

Germany’s Per Kilowatt-Hour CO2 Emissions Jump 4%! Transformation To Renewables Flops

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSteffen Hentrich of the liberty-oriented blogsite “Denken für die Freiheit” (Thinking for Liberty) writes a piece called “Climate-Killing Energy Transformation” about how Germany’s energy transformation from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable energies is not working out very well.   Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

Adding To The Concert Of Alarms: Water Consumption And Food Wastage

Adding To The Concert Of Alarms: Water Consumption And Food Wastage

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNuclear meltdown, acid rain, ocean acidification, sea level rise, famine, obesity, drought, megastorms, floods, extreme weather, rain-forest destruction, species extinction… These are just some of the bogus scares the UN and activists use to keep the masses in a state of panic. The more, the better. Hardly a day goes by without the media fretting […]

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