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Propagandus Horribilus – Polar Bears Are In No Real Danger

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAl Gore and others have shamelessly exploited public ignorance about the polar bear in order to spread fear. Ed Caryl tells us why the polar bear will do just fine. ================================================ The Polar Bear by Ed Caryl The climate change “team” regularly invoke the polar bear as the “poster-boy” for the supposed danger in […]

Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne Calls Potsdam Institute's Science "Pure Voodoo Magic For Spreading Fear Among The Public"

Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne Calls Potsdam Institute’s Science “Pure Voodoo Magic For Spreading Fear Among The Public”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs the science of the warmists gets exposed as woefully inadequate, slipshod and flawed, all they can do now is give each other awards in pompous ceremonies in an effort to generate a (fake) sense of achievement and contribution. They’ve been reduced to a pretend world. One example is the Technical University of Berlin recently […]

Sweden Records One Of Its Coldest and Wettest June Months Since Records Began In 1786

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe English language Swedish online news site The reports on how the weather in Sweden has been so far during the month of June: wet & cold. Chilly June hits Sweden. (Photo from Wikipedia, taken by Mark A. Wilson, Department of Geology, The College of Wooster). According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute […]

Yet Another PV Manufacturer (Massively Subsidized By The DOE) Bites The Dust – “Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat follows is a press release from Longmont, Colorado-based Abound Solar (emphasis added): Read here! Abound Solar is yet another government subsidized solar company that gets burned. Abound Solar Press Release excerpt: Abound Solar’s closure is an unfortunate but very real consequence of the continued slide in crystalline silicon (c-Si) pricing and the increased competition […]

Big Wind Protesters/Greens In Vermont Show Comical Side Of Their Thinking - Blind Leading The Blind

Big Wind Protesters/Greens In Vermont Show Comical Side Of Their Thinking – Blind Leading The Blind

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA few days ago I wrote here how green activists are (suddenly) horrified that the state of Vermont and Green Mountain Electric Company are defiling pristine mountain ridge-lines to make way for Big Wind, and thus are now protesting (and no longer supporting) wind parks in northeastern Vermont. Scott Wheeler interviews 2 Big Wind protesters, […]

German Pols Now Demanding Energy Welfare For Its Citizens – 800,000 Have Had Their Electricity Cut Off!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailEnergy poverty is sweeping over modern Germany like never before. Flagship German newspaper Die Welt has an online report titled: Fast 800.000 Deutsche können Strom nicht bezahlen. In English: Almost 800,000 Germans cannot pay for electricity. Green energy leaves Germans in the dark. As Germany subsidies wealthy homeowners and businesses owners to install solar panels on […]

Research Council Of Norway Recommendation: More Research On Natural Causes Of Climate Change!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThis just released prestigious report is not going to please the IPCC scientists. It calls for a profound change of course in climate research. Snip of the report’s front cover. The Research Council Of Norway has conducted a comprehensive evaluation (see right side bar) of the status of climate science in Norway and released their […]

Figure 1: Árial photo of San Andreas fault in California Central Valley.

California Sea Level Rise Is Slowing Down, Ignores The Modelers

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBy Ed Caryl On Friday, June 22nd, 2012, the The National Academy of Science issued a press release titled, “California Sea Level Projected to Rise at Higher Rate Than Global Average; Slower Rate for Oregon, Washington, But Major Earthquake Could Cause Sudden Rise”. Just in time for Rio+20. Figure 1: Arial photo of San […]

University Of Wisconsin Antarctica South Pole Station Sets New Record Low: -100.8°F…Media AWOL

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAccording to the University of Wisconsin, Madison here, on June 11, 2012, the South Pole Station measured a new record low temperature. Antarctica weather station. Photo source: The mercury dropped to -73.8°C/-100.8°F, breaking the previous minimum temperature record of -73.3°C/-99.9°F set in 1966. Must be because of global warming! Hat/tip:   Share […]

German Geologist: Global Temperature Sees Slowest Ben Santer-Type Rise Since Satellite Data Began, 0.04°C Per Decade!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGeologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt’s website looks at the NOAA’s and NCDC’s relentless search for new climate records with which to scare the public. But as they show, despite what these alarmists conjure up, the warming is not getting faster, period. Figure 1: Temperature development of the last 33 years based […]

Vermonters Realizing They’ve Erred…Citizens Ramp Up Protests Against Big Wind

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIn the 5-minute video below, there are lots of statements made that are worth quoting. Many are from environmentalists who now seem to realize something went horribly wrong. “Green yes, but not like this!” One of my favorites is by Justin Lindholm at the 4:35 mark: Maybe 10,000 years from now they’ll come around and […]

New 2.8 Million Year Reconstruction Throws Climate Science Into Disarray – Was Up To 5°C Warmer Than Today!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSo much for the notion that today’s climate is “unusual”. It turns out that some earlier interglacials were much warmer than the current one and that the variations cannot be explained by greenhouse gases alone. Source: Alfred Wegener Instutute A new temperature reconstruction suggests that (NATURAL) feedback mechanisms and amplifiers had to be at […]

German Press, Greenpeace Lament: “Rio+20 Was Finished Even Before It Started…Deflated, Exhausted Atmosphere”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe binding UN international treaty on limiting greenhouse gases and forcing “sustainable” living is dead. Is anyone listening any more? UN briefing to, um, hardly anyone. The world has once again been rescued (for the time being) from the real menace: radical environmentalism. We’ve done it. We’ve succeeded in dumping a load of sand into the […]

Study Claims Human Obesity Now Threatens Global Climate…Points Finger At Lazy, Fat North Americans And Arabians

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman online tabloid Bild today has an article about a study on obesity and its effects on the planet and climate. Time for you to go on a climate-saving diet. The study appeared in the journal of BMC Public Health. Bild writes that increasing obesity does not only causes chronic ailments such as diabetes and […]

What Are The Causes of Sea Level Rise?

What Are The Causes of Sea Level Rise?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhere Is All That Water Coming From? By Ed Caryl DirkH asked an interesting question in the comments to my last post: “It would be interesting to know how much of sea level rise is due to ancient aquifer depletion. Anyone got a number for that, in mm/yr?” The short answer (paper #1) is, […]

FOCUS Cover Story: Renewable Energy Threatens To “Ruin” Germany…”A Tsunami Of Costs”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhile Ivy league pundits sit comfortably in their intellectually sanitized world of academia and discuss the possible virtues and boldness of Germany’s fast-track energy transition to renewable energy (80% less CO2 by 2050), Germany’s media, business and political leaders are now sounding the alarms for disaster. FOCUS cover story title: “Energy End! Why it […]

An Environmentalist Has Second Thoughts: “Cost Will Be Crippling, All Driven By Fear”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe UK Telegraph here has published a comment by Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, who together with geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning authored the skeptic book “Die kalte Sonne“, which was on the Spiegel bestseller for a number of weeks earlier this year. Hat-tip: Neil Jones via Facebook.   Fritz Vahrenholt: “…if these models fail so dramatically in the past, […]

Data Show Sea level Rise Has Slowed Down Over The Last 7 Years

Data Show Sea level Rise Has Slowed Down Over The Last 7 Years

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat Is Sea Level Really Doing? by Ed Caryl This is the second article I’ve written on sea level. For a review see A Level Look at Sea Level.  Figure 1: Mean Sea Level, citation: Nerem, R. S., D. Chambers, C. Choe, and G. T. Mitchum. “Estimating Mean Sea Level Change from the TOPEX […]

Hockey Stick Was Refuted Before Its Fabrication – Study Ignored – IPCC And Mann Took World On 10-Year Joyride

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGeologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt found a Japanese tree-ring temperature reconstruction from 1995, one that should have been heeded by the IPCC and Michael Mann before they took the world on a 10-year joyride in the stolen car of “climate science”. Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age found far, far away from […]

Sahara Climate Fluctuations Study Shows That Blaming Man For Climate Change Is “Completely Unscientific”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Sahara is the world’s largest desert, one that geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning – having participated in scientific expeditions there over the course of a decade – is very familiar with. Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt recently wrote a post about a new study that examines climate cycles of the Sahara region throughout the Holocene. Contrary to what […]

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