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To Explain Temperatures/Storms, Borenstein And Scientists Apply A Totally Different, Absurd Science Just 2 Years Later

Now that the mainstream media are hyperventilating over global warming being responsible for the heat wave, fires and thunderstorms hitting the US, it is a good time to check if they are applying the same science they used to explain winter cold snaps, like the one we saw just 2 years ago. If they were serious, you’d […]

Resident Expert: Polar Bears Are Not Threatened By Climate Change…But By Man’s Greed

Reader Arthur C. Smith III of Alaska has responded to Ed Caryl’s earlier essay: The Polar Bear, and my claim that the polar bear is in no real danger. I’ve upgraded his comment to a post. Smith has studied polar bears for years. ====================================================== What Do Polar Bears Dream While They’re Dying? Dear Ed, P, […]