Insane NYU Professor Proposes Medical Experiments On Children To Make Humans Suitable For The Planet

Many of you by now are aware of the notorious, creepy 3.5-minute video of NYU modern-eugenics-nutjob S. Matthew Liao made by a Huffington Post correspondent, see below. H/t: Tom Nelson.

In the video, the psychopathic professor resurrects the darkest science of our past and proposes a series of methods for altering humans so that they fulfil the green master standards and plan. This “human engineering” is all about an elite group of humans viewing the rest as inferior, and eliminating the inferior by fundamentally altering them.

This modern eugenicist claims “people are not thinking correctly” and that we should consider giving the inferior ones oxytocin “to make them more willing to cooperate” and to “get them to act collectively”. He says we also should give people Ritalin “to better control the population” and to “screen for embryos using a genetic diagnosis” so that only small humans get selected. Liao proposes hormone treatments for children in order to stunt their growth and keep them small. He also suggests drugging people to make them allergic to meat.

At the end he says it’s no big deal – we already have the technology to do this, so “it’s not far-fetched”.

He constantly uses phrases like: “we could” or “one possibility is…” or “we can try to…” or “another thing we could do is…”. This is the language of experimentation, used by mad scientists getting set to conduct ghoulish experiments.

Liao insists that all of this is innocent, and of course would be voluntary – God forbid it has anything to do with Nazi-type practices.

What a complete menace. This twisted, five-and-dime professor obviously has never picked up a history book in his life. Ideas to rescue the planet always begin with good intentions. But what happens if people don’t volunteer enough? I guess we could just double the dose of oxytocin until the population does “cooperate”.

Which kid is going to volunteer to be the class shorty? Liao is a borderline psychopath, I fear.

Just watching Liao makes me sick and disgusted. But that’s just me. Liao probably has the full support of his university and I’m sure a good number of “climate scientists” agree with him. They’re probably already getting ready to claim there’s a consensus that this “science” would work and that it’s for our own good.

Should it surprise us that green nutjobs are losing it and are now spending more and more time, it seems, contemplating “final solutions”? A little background information on the roots of the green movement tells us where they lie. Read here, here and here to start.

I can only hope that Prof Liao is not running the local water utility.


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  1. Pierre, look into the spam bin please – wordpress excludes me from commerce ( I carr no mark on the f0rehead ).

      1. I was alluding to the “mark of the b3ast” to be worn on the right hand or on the f0rehead; a suggestion that Liao missed… but look at the right lower arm of the HuffPo woman… 😉

        After all, somehow we have to distinguish the treated from the untreated ones, to be able to give them some incentive.

      2. Tried again. What I said cannot be said even with l33t speak elements. 😉

        So be it! Only one hint: look at the right lower arm of the woman.

    1. Ah well, dead serious, he’s
      a) an ethicist
      b) at NYU
      so what do you expect.

      Ethicists have the job of defining what is ethical so that’s what they do.
      Julian Savulescu wants us to create super moral master race by GM

      Audio interview by BCC with Liao
      near the end, where the BBC interviewer asks him – with regard to choosing “voluntarily” to have “smaller” schildren –
      “And what if you had 10 children” and he answers “well, maybe we should set a limit, so if you’re very large, maybe we
      should count that as a disability”.

      If anyone knows of a sane ethicist, please tell me. I only have crazy ones in my collection but maybe my sample size is too small.

  2. Reminds me of that old Genesis song, “Get’em Out By Friday”.

    “I hear the directors of Genetic Control have been buying all the properties that have recently been sold (taking risks oh so bold).

    Its said now that people will be shorter in height, they can fit twice as many in the same building site (they say its alright).”

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