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German Die Zeit Calls 2°C Limit "The Great Self-Deception...Climate Policy An illusion" - Says 4°C Rise Is Unavoidable

German Die Zeit Calls 2°C Limit “The Great Self-Deception…Climate Policy An illusion” – Says 4°C Rise Is Unavoidable

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThere’s no longer any hope of adequately curbing CO2 emissions and preventing run-away global warming, writes Die Zeit weekly here. The hopelessly deep-in-despair German weekly has given up all hope and has resigned itself to the world as we know it coming to an end. Human society has failed. The IPCC and goverments are in self-deception […]

Medieval Warm Period Was Not “Just A Local Phenomenon” – Study Also Finds It In South America

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof Fritz Vahrenholt’s website has an article today. Photo source Marturius / License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported ============================ No North Atlantic Phenomenon: Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age Found in the Andes (Translated from the German by P Gosselin) The Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm […]

State Department Too Busy Spending Money On “Green Programs And Chevy Volts” Than To Bother With Security!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt you still don’t believe that the current adminstration is incompetent and is completely clueless about the planet’s reality, then read the following FOX NEWS report. They were more concerned with providing a fictional security fix against the fantasy threat of climate change than they were against the real threat of terrorism. Fox News writes: […]

Record Cold Grips New South Wales, Australia…Canberra Sees Coldest October In 40 Years!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailTo our friends down under, especially those in New South Wales, I ask how do you like global warming now? Are you all frying to death from the cold? A thing of the past returns to the present. A winter blast pounds Canberra. Graphic source Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, Martyman at […]

Alfred Wegener Institute: Arctic Ice Melt Due To CO2, But Record Antarctic Freeze Due to Wind and Weather!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you wonder why more and more among us are becoming skeptical of the claims made by the climate institutes, with some of us even believing they’ve long become crackpots and charlatans, then the following German ZDF public television video (in German) demonstrates why. H/t: When the Arctic set a record minimum sea […]

Governor “Jim Jones” Shumlin Leads Vermont To Environmental Mass Suicide – “An Incredible Tragedy”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe following video makes it clear why Peter Elliott Shumlin is one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest, governors in America. That’s a pretty tough accomplishment with states like Oregon, California and Maryland in the field. Video of what the wind industry is doing to my home state. Sheffield and Lowell Mountain are […]

Leading Austrian Climatologist Reinhard Böhm Dead – Authored Over 150 Papers On Climate And Glaciers

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt saddens us to report that prominent Austrian climatologist Reinhard Böhm has died unexpectedly, Der Spiegel reports. He was 64. Leading Austrian climate scientist Reinhard Böhm (64) dies. (Photo source: ZAMG) News of his death was made public by the Central Office for Meteorology and Geodynamics in Vienna (ZAMG). Spiegel calls him the “father […]

EU Official: “UK Suffering Media Backlash…Media Overkill” Over Climate Change Issue

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe EU is clearly frustrated by the lack of progress in advancing the (bogus) climate change issue. Prof Hans von Storch on EU climate issue: “more as an opportunity to do social experiments”. (Photo source: Rainer Grundmann writes about it at Prof. Hans von Storch’s klimazwiebel blog here and quotes the BBC: The […]

New Paper Confirms CO2 Lagged Global Temperature – Models Get It All Wrong Again

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailToday website Die kalte Sonne tells us there’s a new paper appearing in the Geophysical Research Letters on the relationship of CO2 and temperature. Al Gore teaching science to a gullible audience. (Image from film: An Inconvenient Truth) Let’s recall how Al Gore in his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth proudly stood before the CO2-temperature curve of […]

Arctic Melting Due To Global Warming, But Antarctic Ice Growth Due To Ocean Currents, NSIDC Says

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailHooray, Spiegel reports on the Antarctic sea ice record! Though, the piece was pretty much buried in the back pages. Yet, thanks to science reporter Axel Bojanowski, Spiegel at least mentions that the South Pole did set a sea ice record last month, and even presented the following NSIDC chart: September sea ice extent […]

Climate Scientist Warns Of "Enormous" Warming Of "Catastrophic Proportions"...Way Back In 1947!

Climate Scientist Warns Of “Enormous” Warming Of “Catastrophic Proportions”…Way Back In 1947!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOver the last months, Steve Goddard has dug up a number of clippings from old newspapers showing stories of catastrophic climate change going to the early 20th century. Here’s one I found from 1947, 30 years before the satellite measurements showed a massively frozen Arctic and the media bedwetted about “global cooling”. Townsville Daily […]

German Meteorologist On Temperature Models: "So Far They Are Wrong For ALL Atmospheric Layers!"

German Meteorologist On Temperature Models: “So Far They Are Wrong For ALL Atmospheric Layers!”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBy Klaus-Eckard Puls Meteorologist, European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) (Translated with permission, edited by P Gosselin) Climate model trends have been providing prognoses (scenarios) for temperatures for the various atmospheric layers for about 2 decades: near the ground surface, troposphere and stratosphere. According to the CO2 hypothesis, the atmosphere from ground level to the upper […]

Lazy Couch Potatoes Are The Least Damaging To The Climate Says Max Planck Scientist

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt doesn’t matter how one lives, one way or the other you are going to damage the climate, the environment, or something. So in the eyes of the radical environmentalist, the only good human is a dead one. Low carb living. (Image source: First they tell us we’re too fat and lazy, and […]

Romney Wins First Debate – Even German Media Declares Romney The Winner

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe German mainstream media has always acted as Obama’s lawyers, carefully sanitizing and grooming the message to the public to ensure it delivers the right effect. UPDATE: europe-us-debate4 But I guess there’s no way of spinning what went down yesterday, and so the major dailies have declared victory for Romney. Photos: Creative Commons Attribution […]

Stefan Rahmstorf FOS Again! Prophecy Of Gulf Stream Tipping Refuted By New Comprehensive European Study

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailMichael Krüger at German blogsite Readers Edition uncovers how one of Stefan Rahmstorf’s scariest prophecies of climate doom has just been RESOUNDINGLY refuted by hard data from a new European study. Gulf Stream is not weakening, a new European study says. Photo source: NASA (public domain image). Krüger writes: In 1999 German scientist Stefan Rahmstorf […]

Europe's Media Goes Completely Deaf & Dumb When It Comes To Record High Antarctic Sea Ice

Europe’s Media Goes Completely Deaf & Dumb When It Comes To Record High Antarctic Sea Ice

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhen the Arctic set a record sea ice minimum back in August, the European mainstream media and government funded climate institutes howled in a deafening, days-long chorus of “global” climate Armageddon. In late September, Antarctic sea ice hit an all-time high, reaching the highest level since modern data-recording began. Chart source: National Snow and Ice Data […]

Germany Abandons 1 Million Electric Cars Goal – Now Shifts Efforts To Propping Up Basic Electric Service

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAngela Merkel and the German government once declared the lofty aim of putting one million electric cars on German streets in a bid on how to show the world how to be environmentally responsible. One for the history books. Electric cars cannot compete in Germany – even 108 years later. But today they admit […]

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