Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood

If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice there are no solar panels on the roof – even though the region gets lots of sunshine. In fact the house indeed is a real energy pig and probably consumes more than an entire working class neighborhood.

Think of the huge carbon footprint created by manufacturing and importing all the marble, furniture and fixtures from Europe and other places all over the world.

Read more about Al Gore’s lifestyle of the Rich and Alarmist at News Busters here.

He’s probably living next door to carbon fighters Laurie David, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCrappio.


6 thoughts on “Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood”

  1. What is wrong with Al Gore’s house. Do I feel that lots of people are jealous? Give him a chance!!!!! Doesn’t have to do anything with the green planet. Do your part and also everybody else should do theirs. At least he has been the one who started making us feel conscious about a better and healthier green planet. If you are concerned, GREAT . . . . at least he has done a VERY GOOD JOB.

    1. What’s wrong with his new house, and all the others he already has? He’s a hypocrite, Victor, that’s what’s wrong with it – and besides – A “very good job” – by promoting falsities and a junk theory? Let me guess, for you, the ends justify the means, tight? That would make you a leftist.

  2. It’s not so much Big Al per se who is the problem: a swindler, a mountebank, a hypocritical philistine – when they are put in their place, such people can even have a certain entertainment value. Of course, for that to happen, they must be exposed and given a dressing-down (preferably even-handed & matter-of-factly, but when the media smell blood…). The problem is that he and his cronies are inflicting real damage on the world, economically, mentally, and ecologically, and not on a small scale, elevated to a degree of infallibility that not even rabid Lefties have ascribed to the Pope (who, btw, has only the final word in matters of dogma).

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