German Experts Now Calling For An End To Climate Conferences After 20 Years Of Failure

The UN has been holding climate conferences in a bid to curb man-made CO2 emissions for 20 years. However CO2 emissions are incresaing at record reates as China, India and an array of third world countries finally develop and begin to vanquish grinding poverty in earnest. That UN effort has failed completely at curbing the alleged greenhouse gas. Axel Bojanowski at Spiegel here writes that scientists are now calling for an end to the conferences.

Experts in Germany are now demanding the mega-conferences be abolished and that a taboo be broken: The world has to accept that the temperatures are going to rise – and to tackle the consequences.

Bojanowski reminds us that world leaders had their big chance in Copenhagen in 2009. Leaders like Angeal Merkel and Barack Obama even attended. That conference, however, ended in a fiasco. Today many world leaders skip attending the conferences altogether. Bojanowski: “Experts see UN climate policy as failed”. These experts include climate policy expert Oliver Geden, Frank Uekötter of the Rachel Carson Center, Silke Beck of the Helmholtz Center, and Maximilian Mayer of the University of Bonn. In their view, there’s no hope of the process ever working.

However, the chances of abolishing climate conferences altogether are very small. Spiegel writes that too many benefit from them. Political leaders get the chance to showcase their energy visions for the future – without ever having to be held accountable decades later. “Large-scale planning over the long-term also assures large budgets for a number of bureaucracies within the administrative apparatus.” Experts say that climate scientists are among the biggest beneficiaries.  Uekötter is amazed: “No other group allows itself to make such comprehensive planning for the restructuring of society.”

Experts have also given up all hope of meeting the 2-degree target. One problem, according to sociologist Sebastian Wiesnet of the University of Bamberg, is that some “leading scientists insist that avoiding CO2 emissions is the only solution to the climate problem. This one-sidedness of the UN simply resulted in other appropriate measures being pushed to the background”. Adaptation was never viewed as a worthwhile solution.

Indeed those who proposed adaptation measures were often accused of doubting man-made global warming. The issue is in the control of policy radicals who view mitigation as the only path. Bojanowski writes: “In some western countries like Germany ‘a change of course would be political suicide’.”

Climate models “almost completely neglect reality”

Another problem Spiegel looks at is the over-reliance on climate models: Spiegel writes:

The domination of the computer climate simulation is having a devastating consequence, says Werner Krauss of the Helmholtz Center in Geesthacht: ‘The almost completely neglect of reality.’ The only ‘world that is going to be saved’ is the one that exists in the computer models,’ the ethnologist believes. What’s important is how people cope with the weather on site”.


11 responses to “German Experts Now Calling For An End To Climate Conferences After 20 Years Of Failure”

  1. John Silver

    Monckton said this in only three sentences at Doha.

  2. Ed Caryl

    The truth will out, …. eventually!

  3. DirkH

    Longwinded piece by Der Spiegel without any statement by themselves, as usual hiding behind their “neutral” language. Pretty amazing that they have one sentence that scratches at the surface of the failing computer models yet they don’t draw the conclusion that it’s all a pseudoscience.

    Pretty stubborn die-hard alarmists at Der Spiegel.

  4. Graeme No.3

    You won’t stop CO2 rising so concentrate on research and adapt to the rise in temperature – wasn’t that Bjørn Lomborg in 2002 (the Skeptical Environmentalist)?

    I notice in the leaked Draft Report that the references (e.g., Bond et al., 2001; Dengel et al., 2009; Ram and Stolz, 1999) seem to be a little dated as well.

    Are the IPCC ‘scientists’ just 11 years behind the times? Will they soon (2018?) discover that the Sun is quiet? Then connect that with the 5 previous cool/cold periods in the last 1,000 years which occurred when the Sun was quiet?

    By then it should be round 2028 and time for many of those ‘scientists’ to retire, so the conferences might stop then.

  5. Bob W in NC

    Frustratingly, reason and data appear to be meaningless in this pervue, UNLESS made available to a knowledgeable and caring general public. That outcome is highly unlikely here in the US, given the abysmal knowledge of how science works among the general population and the absolute bias of the media against any information that is counter to their ideology.

    The result? Demagoguery. Ed Morrisey at Hot Air sums the situation up cogently: “…demagoguery doesn’t work because of rational arguments and evidence. It usually works in contravention to both, since one doesn’t need demagoguery when the facts are on one’s side. Demagoguery works in ignorance of facts and rationality by playing on fear and emotion.”

    We will be fighting this battle a long, long time.

  6. Ike
    1. DirkH

      Unlikely. The NYT’s Revkin reported; linking to WUWT. Spiegel readers usually think the NYT is a trustworthy source of information and the ones who are not repulsed by reading english text might stumble across Revkin’s articles.

      1. DirkH

        Oh. Spiegel writers. Wasn’t a readers comment. Doesn’t change anything, though, they are of the same kind.

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