Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia – China Sees Temperatures Drop To – 37°C!

If you search enough, you’ll eventually find some news about the massive cold gripping a vast area of Asia. Those reporting it are calling it the worst cold snap there in decades.

More cold is the forecast for Eastern Asia. Source: (Dec 25).

German public television network NTV has a video report about the Asian cold wave:

Frigid cold claims lives
Down to minus 57°C is Siberia

As warm records are set in germany, people over a vast area of Asia are moaning under a record cold. Russia is gripped by the worst winter since 1938, where already more than 90 people have frozen to death. Also in India and China people are suffering from the extreme cold.”

The video says Russia’s winter has been far too cold so far, with temperatures 15°C below normal. District heating systems have frozen up, people’s homes have lost heat. Many are forced to melt snow to get drinking water.

The cold extends to India, where 26 people have died. In China the mercury has plummeted to – 37°C. Snowstorms have snarled traffic.

Although relief has arrived in Eastern Europe and Moscow, none is in sight for Siberia, Mongolia, India, China for the week ahead (also see above chart):



21 thoughts on “Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia – China Sees Temperatures Drop To – 37°C!”

  1. Anomaly maps, I keep thinking of Hansen’s efforts and the hotspots in the Arctic winter…….. – here have a go – type in Nov-Apr.

    On wxmaps, interesting stuff, I have to question the Tibetan plateau shading – above freezing?

    Surely not and Thailand in the north showing below freezing [not even in the mountains of the NW today reading at + 4to12C at night] – nah.

    However, in Xingjiang it is very cold, same too in Novosibirsk Siberia and across in Moscow where the T dropped to -25 deg C and that’s plenty cold enough – us limeys don’t know what real cold is all about – I’m sure you lot in the USA and Canada could tell a tale [and even Germany] but don’t bring it over to the UK;-)

    1. Edward, that’s an anomaly map. Those are deviations from the normal for the date. Go to the source link for the actual temperature.

  2. During an exchange at WUWT I just found out that the two CO2 absorption bands, centered at 4.3 and 15 micrometer, correspond to Planck temperatures of about 600 K and 200 K respectively. Mammals and humans radiate predominantly at 10 micrometer with their 300 K body temperature.

    Meaning that CO2 absorption doesn’t even come into play much before your temperature drops to the proximity -75 deg C; from where it might serve as a little backstop slowing your further cooling to absolute zero.

    (Wien’s displacement law)

    1. ‘hot off’ the press – Dirk?

      Therefore, CO2 is a infinitesimally minor GHG – CAGW disproved…..oh no not again.

      It’s nothing to do with CO2, it’s back to the Solar influence, the Oceans and H2O in all of its physical forms – tis a miraculous substance.

      1. I was quite surprised. Actually that’s a pretty large hole in the CO2AGW conjecture. Especially in light of the fact that the infamous Trenberth backradiation diagram says nothing about the actual frequency of the IR involved.

        Looks like the CO2 frequencies aren’t that popular after all.

        1. You’re being very silly. First your graph ends at about 2003. It would help of you used charts that cover the last 10 years. Secondly, the impact from the sun we claim is not the solar irradiance – it’s the amplification effect presented by Svensmark and confirmed by CERN. Global temps haven’t risen in 15 years likely because solar activity has stalled.

          1. No….actually I’m not being silly. But if you want to look at the work of Svensmark, here’s a good discussion:

            [-snip: Sorry but Skeptical Science and Desmogblog are affiliated with that mega-kook Parncutt, and so are probably at the same, disqualifiable level intellectually.]

  3. At the low temperatures you mention the water vapor in your exhaled breath can turn to solid. Throughout the air above you this sublimation/deposition processes forms tiny crystals and these can softly fall. A slight sound, the “whisper of the stars”, can be heard. So I’m told. I’ve never been that cold.

  4. We don’t have the same extreme cold here but the other day and yesterday, a storm has flooded many provinces in central Philippines, just about two weeks after a very strong storm has flooded many provinces in the south and killed 1,000+ people, projected to surpass 1,500 if those still missing are counted.

  5. We don’t have the same extreme cold here but a storm is still here in the country, dumped heavy rains in central Philippines yesterday. About two weeks ago, a stronger storm killed 1,000+ people in the southern part of the country, may reach 1,500 if those still missing are included.

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