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Expedition On The Cheap? Did Organizers Recklessly, Negligently Put Lives And Property At Risk?

Expedition On The Cheap? Did Organizers Recklessly, Negligently Put Lives And Property At Risk?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWith the MS Akademik Shokalskiy research vessel firmly embedded in ice and costs of the mammoth rescue effort mounting, the “scientific” Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) led by Professor Chris Turney has morphed into a debacle that has put dozens of lives and property at risk. In under-estimating the world’s harshest environment and through slipshod […]

Russian Itar-Tass: Global Warming Boatpeople To Be Air-Lifted From Sea-Ice-Surrounded Akademik Shokalskiy!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe German online Westfalen-Blatt quotes Russian news agency Itar-Tass: After a failed rescue attempt by an icebreaker sent to free 74 participants of an Antarctic expedition that became trapped in polar ice, a large number of them are to be rescued by air. It has been decided to rescue 52 passengers and four crew […]

Real Data: 2013 Germany's Second Coldest In At Least 17 Years...Overall Trend Shows Clear Cooling!

Real Data: 2013 Germany’s Second Coldest In At Least 17 Years…Overall Trend Shows Clear Cooling!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJosef Kowatsch of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has issued a press release informing that there’s been no increasing temperature in Germany in 17 years! Even though CO2 concentrations are increasing, annual mean temperature in Germany is cooling. Originally a warming of 0.4°C per decade was announced. Instead a cooling of […]

Leading Expert Modeler Tells Why Climate Models Hardly Better Than Hocus Pocus: “Welcome To Wonderland”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you still don’t believe climate models cannot be trusted to predict the future, then watch the following video of a presentation made with humor added by leading expert modeler Prof. Christopher Essex earlier this year. Absolutely worth viewing! Hat-tip: DirkH On scientific consensus Essex quotes a cartoon: “Then we are agreed nine to one that […]

Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe latest news on the sea-ice trapped MV Akademik Shokalskiy global warming research vessel comes from Radio Australia: An Australian icebreaker has abandoned its attempt to rescue a Russian-flagged ship stuck in sea ice in Antarctica due to adverse weather conditions. […] ‘There could be further attempts if the master feels the weather conditions […]

Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists' Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming "Just Really Despicable"

Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming “Just Really Despicable”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAt his Saturday Summary (12/28 here) veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi comments on how humiliated global warming alarmist scientists are trying to save face by claiming that all the new polar sea ice proves global warming. Antarctic sea ice has been approaching record highs and embarrassed alarmist scientists are scrambling to explain why. After presenting his weather information, […]

Global Warming Expedition Remains Trapped…”No Guarantee” Australian Icebreaker Will Get Through “3-Meter Thick Ice”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe online Spiegel here has a new clip on the ongoing rescue attempts of the “Akademik Shokalskiy” research vessel. Both a French and Chinese icebreaker have given up trying to reach the trapped 74 persons on board the vessel. Spiegel writes “The polar ice is too thick.” Currently Antarctic sea ice is defying all […]

German Public Television Stuns Its Readers, Concedes Medieval Warm Period May Have Been 0.5°C Warmer Than Today!

German Public Television Stuns Its Readers, Concedes Medieval Warm Period May Have Been 0.5°C Warmer Than Today!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIn Germany climate science used to be considered completely settled. Global temperatures had been pretty much steady for a thousand years before skyrocketing upwards as soon as man really started industrializing about 150 years ago, Germans were told again and again. But today Germany’s major media are beginning to realize that this view is perhaps quite […]

Leading German Daily: “Also The Ice Breaker Gets Stuck!” Unable To Rescue Global-Warming Boatpeople From Sea Ice

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGermany’s online Bild daily here reports on how a Chinese ice breaker trying to reach the sea ice-trapped Akademik Shokalskiy research vessel was stopped by thick sea ice:  “Also The Ice Breaker Gets Stuck!” The 74 passengers who have now been trapped 4 days in unexpected Antarctic sea ice are made up of scientists, tourists, and crew members. […]

December 2013 Arctic Sea Ice Volume Now Less Than September Volume Of 2006, Warmist Expert Claims

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWe know that many warmists just don’t know what they are taking about. Remember Al Gore claiming the center of the earth was 1 million degrees? Another classic example I just happened to come across is one by warmist Ramez Naam who runs a blogsite, which had not been known to me previously. In […]

Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!

Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming/accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there. No picture could better symbolize and communicate the intellectual bankruptcy and disillusionment of a faithful group who refuse to believe […]

16-Year Global Warming Pause, Scramble For An Explanation Among Spiegel’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2013!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSpiegel here presents the top 10 science stories of 2013. Among them is the stop in global warming, which Spiegel describes as “the mysterious temperature development of the past years“. In the sub-heading Spiegel writes: An unexpected development has been occupying the attention of climate scientists: The air appears not to have warmed up […]

German Weather Service “White Christmases Have Not Become Less Frequent In Last 100 Years”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAlarmists would like to have everyone think that “white Christmases” were normal back in the days before global warming and that human behavior has ruined it all. But Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski looks back at the statistics of snow on Christmas Day and finds that a white Christmas in Germany happened with a higher […]

Queen (Finally!) Grants Posthumous Pardon To Alan Turing…Treatment Was Once The Consensus Of The Science!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Telegraph here has the story about what was in my eyes one of the most abhorrent crimes ever committed by science…in this case the chemical castration of a brilliant mathematician and war hero only because his sexual preference went against what was considered the moral, psychiatric, medical and scientific consensus of the time, […]

Defining CO2 As A Pollutant Is The Worst Kind Of Lie…We Really Don’t Have Much In The Atmosphere

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA Christmas message for alarmists By Ed Caryl I am constantly struck by the extremes that the alarmists will reach attempting to convince the rest of us that we should abandon our comfortable life-styles and live in fuel poverty, burning our corn in our cars, eschewing all use of fuels that have accumulated in […]

German Scientists: NOAA 2013 Hurricane Prediction Completely Missed The Barn…Not A Single Major Hurricane!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNews of the NOAA’s miserable, failed 2013 hurricane prediction performance has spread to Europe. Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof Fritz Vahrenholt’s Die kalte Sonne site took a look at the results. They compare the official NOAA prognoses from May 23, 2013: NOAA predicts active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season – Era of high activity for […]

James Hansen In Spiegel Interview: Environmental Groups Against Nuclear Power "For Fear Of Losing Funding"

James Hansen In Spiegel Interview: Environmental Groups Against Nuclear Power “For Fear Of Losing Funding”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAt yesterday’s online Spiegel, science journalist Axel Bojanowski reported on a discussion with ultra-alarmist, former NASA GISS director James Hansen. Photo by Bill Ebbesen, public domain. Hansen believes that nuclear energy is the only way of effectively preventing global warming from fossil fuel greenhouse gases. He called the policy of scaling back nuclear power “a […]

Disappearing Excuses...Aerosols Likely Not Behind The Warming Pause

Disappearing Excuses…Aerosols Likely Not Behind The Warming Pause

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhy The Hiatus? By Ed Caryl One of the climatologist’s explanations for the 17-year hiatus in global warming is the effect of aerosols. This explanation seems weak for the simple reason that we don’t see aerosols in this time period. We do see the impact of aerosols from volcanic activity in previous periods, however. […]

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi On NASA November Temperature: "A Fraudulent Report... Tampering With Data"

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi On NASA November Temperature: “A Fraudulent Report… Tampering With Data”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJoe Bastardi at his Saturday Summary here tells us what’s already known: The claim that November 2013 was the hottest month ever is fraudulent. He slams NASA and NOAA for picking data that solely suits an agenda. At the 6-minute mark Bastardi shows the GISS temperature trend from 1999. A clear cooling trend is […]

LOL - A Snidey Heidi Tells Us What The USA's Real Winter Climate Trend Is

LOL – A Snidey Heidi Tells Us What The USA’s Real Winter Climate Trend Is

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUsing the old, worn out statistical trick of carefully selecting the start and end points of a data series, a blog site, run by a snidey Heidi Cullen, attempts to have readers believe that US winters are getting warmer. Steve Goddard explains how in just a few sentences. Heidi’s blog site uses a cheap trick to pull […]

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