Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe – Tens Of Thousands Without Power…Media Pretend It’s Warming!

The European media are just too embarrassed about having gotten it completely wrong when it comes to global warming. So they just continue pretending that the cold isn’t really happening. As people are freezing to death all around them this winter, they keep telling themselves (and us) it’s getting warmer! I’ve never witnessed such an astonishingly surreal situation.

Cold_NOAA photo

Death toll due to cold keeps climbing in Eastern Europe. Photo credit: NOAA public domain photo.

As hundreds of lives are being lost this winter, the media refuse to see it, talk about it, to believe it. Instead they keep telling the people something has to be done about the warming. They tell us about Australia 20,000 km away. This is like watching a weird Star Trek episode of a planet where people are walking around like zombies. Can someone send a doctor over to declare this media brain dead?

To get the news about the deadly cold that is gripping Europe, Russia, Siberia and a large part of Asia, you really have to search beyond the flat-line mainstream media.

For example, Blick website today has the story on how so far this winter over 300 people have frozen to death in Eastern Europe:

Many cold deaths in Poland and Russia

Because of the cold, many persons in Poland, Russia and Lithuania have died. because of the forecast temperature fall to -20°C in the coming days, the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw on Tuesday has reminded the public to be more cautious. […]

19 people have frozen since the beginning of the year in Poland, 3 on Sunday alone. So far this winter more than 100 people have died. After water pipes had burst because of freezing, tens of thousands of Poles are now cut off from electricity.

In Russia the number of deaths due to the cold has climbed to about 190, this according to authorities in Moscow via Interfax news agency. Just in the last few days alone 7 people died of hypothermia.”

The death toll does not include the dozens that have died in Belarus, Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe, and so it is likely much higher.

Photo above is actually of the North Pole, and is to convey that it’s cold out.


20 responses to “Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe – Tens Of Thousands Without Power…Media Pretend It’s Warming!”

  1. Casper
  2. Richard111

    Here are some pictures of cold in Russia.

  3. BobW in NC

    God help us if, as predicted by the Russians and a few others, we enter a new Little Ice Age somewhere between 2015 and 2020.

  4. JC Smith

    My God… must be winter! What WILL we do?


    In the US…we call them “neocons” (neoconservatives). Same thing as a zombie. I woudn’t worry about the winter……as much as I would worry about the coming summer. The coming summer may make your winter look like childs play.

    1. DirkH

      Oh, so you’re not only a warmist but also an Obamabot.

      JC Smith, please explain: why is the planet able to cool down in winter? Does this mean that IR radiation is leaving to space?

      I thought CO2 stops the planet from cooling?

      Yes, every cold winter is proof that the CO2AGW theory is bunkum.

    2. Ed Caryl

      Typical flaming liberal. Always attributing to the opposition what they are guilty of themselves. Always assigning self-defined-as-derogatory terms like “neocon” or “denier”. They never think for themselves, so they don’t believe that others think either. I note that a few of them get smarter with age, so there is hope.

      JC, have you observed that conservatives tend to be older than liberals? Isn’t that perhaps due to experience and learning?

  5. Jimbo

    Don’t worry about the media Pierre, people are looking out their windows and are calling them liars.

  6. Charles Higley

    Liberal until they make a lot of money, atheist until the plane goes into a dive.

    NO gas of any kind at any concentration can warm the climate. Our basic temperature is due to adiabatic heating by gravity, modulated by solar cycles and activity and ocean cycles. Venus with 98% CO2 at 90 atm has a temperature around 500 deg C that is entirely explained by gravitational heating. As Venus has a permanent cloud deck and sunlight does not reach the surface, Venus is not by any definition a greenhouse. There is no such thing as a greenhouse effect, except in a real glass, convection preventing greenhouse.

  7. Living The “Emperor’s New Clothes” | Real Science

    […] […]

  8. Martin van Etten

    as far as I remember there were some 12.000 death people in Moskwa in the summer of 2010, peat fires, smoke…;

    so far, the winter is mild in death toll;

    1. DirkH

      Before the Soviet Union found oil and gas in Siberia they planned to burn peat in a big style. So they started in the late 40ies, early 50ies, to drain the peat bogs around Moscow.

      Now, once you start draining peat, it will progressively get drier over time. Fires can continue underground and smolder undiscovered for years.

      That was the basis for the peat fires – abundant fuel – not the blocking high alone that sat over Moscow.

  9. Paul

    But you don’t understand, all this cold weather is caused by global warming!

  10. Rosco

    Gotta love the way alarmists always have more deaths due to warming than the cold.

    Like ghouls they delight in quoting their statistics !

    Even alarmist organisations in the UK admoit many more die from cold related conditions, particularly pneumonia.

    I do not relish in this statistic one bit – especially as it is the heartless policies of the alarmist new third reich in making energy unaffordable that contribute significantly to this misery and heartbreak in a stupid attempt to control a non-existant problem and over which we have no control anyway.

    How long do you poor people suffer dreadful warming anyway ?

    One or two months.

    Whilst it rarely exceeds 30 degrees C here where I live it is 25 – 30 degrees C (with high humidity in Summer) basically from September to May.

    We get 3 months of cool weather.

    We seem to survive OK and all the UK migrants who come here do not seem to miss the misery of months of cold at all.

  11. Doug Proctor

    The Not-Ney/Morano debate on CNN: did you notice all the images of snow and cold? while Not-Nye was saying how the world was getting “extreme” weather?

    They are really grasping at straws. Not too many believe that global warming makes it COLDER. They might be persuaded that global warming makes it snow more because the humidity is higher (not true, but in prinicple …). But colder?

    There is only so much before common sense kicks in.

    CAGW is in a real bind. Extreme weather is “okay” as a poster, but only if the temperatures continue up or at least stay up. You can’t have “extreme” weather if the world starts to cool down.

    As horrible as I know it to be, I’d like to see some of the -45C I experienced in Saskatchewan in about 1983.

  12. Brian G Valentine

    Eastern Europe”ist ein”hoffnungsloser Fall”

  13. Michael Watt

    We have all heard that our planet is due at anytime to go through its cycle and yes I do think we are headed for an ice age Mini, who knows but I’m sick of hearing people say this weather is normal. 1970’s to roughly 1985 we would get 7-8 weeks of scorching heat in the summer, we got less than one week last year and just over a week in 2011. As a kid growing up it was always guaranteed to have snow at Xmas and in the same years that we lost our beautiful summer weather, we could see less and less snow at winter to the point we more don’t get the snow than we do but look at Hampshire in England, they very seldom got snow back in the 70’s-80’s but look at them now, crazy snow but also they are seeing less summer heat and yet it was always roasting down there. Geo-Engineering, Chemical trailing, HAARP

  14. Michael Watt

    Changing the Jet Streams to manipulate the weather has just been the craziest thing these crackpots have been messing with. It’s not even just the cold, look at the rare sandstorm they had about three weeks ago, we are seeing the Aurora Bolialis being seen from not just Scotland but England and what about the Tornados, Hurricane, Cyclone and as for the Earthquakes, we monitor them every day and it was clearly visible they were travelling and we watched waiting for Turkey then France getting one and knew it was only a matter of time before it was Britain, and here we had a slight earthquake in Nottingham and Blackpool has had several thought to have been brought on by the Fracking.
    We are in trouble and people are too busy arguing on the net to bother their butts.

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