IPCC & Climate Science Taken Over By Environmentalists. Christy: “Reports By Advocacy Groups Not Credible”

donna_laframboiseImagine if the sugar and butter industries took over nutritional sciences. It wouldn’t be long before fruits and vegetables turned out to be the most dangerous foods on the planet.

When it comes to climate science and energy policy, a similar absurdity is taking place, i.e. the environmentalists are taking over energy policy-making. Canadian investigative journalist Donna Laframboise has uncovered it, and FOX NEWS here has the report: “Leaked UN climate report slammed for citing WWF, Greenpeace“.

Fox writes:

Critics are blasting a draft U.N. climate change report that combines studies by advocacy groups like the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace alongside scientific research papers — the same issue that led independent auditors to slam the U.N.’s last report.

‘You’d think that the IPCC would have learned its lesson, that it would have told its authors not to rely on these sorts of publications,’ said Donna Laframboise, the head of nofrakkingconsensus.com, an investigative website skeptical of the scientific consensus on global warming.

‘The report currently includes, amongst its list of references, nine separate publications produced wholly or in part by the WWF,’ Laframboise told FoxNews.com. ‘The report currently includes nine separate publications produced wholly or in part by the WWF.'”

So nothing has changed at the IPCC. In it’s 2007 report, advocacy and activists groups were cited throughout. The science isn’t convincing enough and so the IPCC is resorting to scientifically unfounded exaggerations from advocacy groups who are pushing a sole agenda. FOX NEWS quotes John Christy, climatologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville:

“In general, I don’t think reports by advocacy groups are credible.”

Laframboise adds.

The real issue is that all of the evidence is being evaluated either by people who embrace an activist worldview, or who don’t consider an activist worldview to be at odds with rigorous science. […] The IPCC sees nothing wrong with activist perspectives. That’s what gives the game away. That’s what tells us that what’s going on at the IPCC is not science.”

Read more: www.foxnews.climate-report-slammed-for-citing-wwf/

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13 thoughts on “IPCC & Climate Science Taken Over By Environmentalists. Christy: “Reports By Advocacy Groups Not Credible””

  1. WWF and Greenpeace are not scientific organizations. Their so called science is unfounded rubbish. But, the sympathetic media, rent seekers, politicians and other NGOs all support them. For them advocacy is golden and credible.

    Conversely, when real scientists publish work that contradicts or falsifies advocacy group “alarmist science,” they are demonized with false claims by the NGOs. Rather than respond to the real science, they slime the scientists with claims that their research is funded by the Koch brothers, big oil and others who are determined to destroy the planet.

    Thankfully, the Laframboises of our world and blogs like this one fight to keep the criminal, fascist statists honest.

  2. <>

    Or….imagine if the fossil fuel industry overtook the EPA. Oh wait….that is almost true already. Bad example.

    And, if FOX says something is true. Well then, we KNOW that it is fact. I believe everything that FOX says:

    1) The climate is cooling
    2) Mitt Romney is ahead in the polls
    3) And Obama is a socialist

    1. It was Fox News who investigated Benghazi. All the liberal (I actually like the older term “progressive socialist” better) media looked the other way.

  3. Donna, brave lady that she is – is the voice of sweet reason, amidst the madness, mendacity and downright lies all of which constitute the lastest attempt by the UN [UNIPCC AR5] to rewrite the laws of physics and of all the Universe.

    Whereas, telling the truth – it only needs one person…………….

  4. I guess Obama’s call to the people in his inaugural speech that he “has to fight Climate Change for God” has made the IPCC think they are “relevant” again!!!!

    All the eco-religious idiots have awakened again!

    1. If you go to the beach, you will get overwhelming evidence for the flat-earth theory. A good theory should have survived serious efforts to falsify it. Because AGW did not, it is dead. I do not believe that the President of the USA got a call from the President of the Universe, telling him to save the planet on the basis of that overwhelming-evidence thing. Either the latter is the devil or the former is mad. Donna is an angel, of course.

    2. Look at the promotion for these eco-activists that our abused local taxpayers in rural Ontario are paying for on our Municipality’s website and check YOUR local municipal site for more of the same garbage:


      IMO, Canada/ Ontario needs to see THIS happen… HERE and NOW:
      courtesy of Tom Adams’ page sidebar Tweet today – Washington Post: Sting operations reveal Mafia involvement in renewable energy:

  5. I see that J C Smith, a professional troll, has posted here. I have heard that he is funded by WWF, Greenpeace and/or Sierra Club, maybe even George Soros too. That gives him real credibility. We should believe everything he writes.

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