French Ski Resort Shuts Down…Because Of Too Much Snow!

UPDATE: (French). Hat-tip Verity Jones.

Where’s David Viner when you need him?

The northern hemisphere is experiencing near record high snow cover, Moscow just got buried by record snow, today Boston faces record snow, and now ski resorts in France are shutting down because of too much snow!

English language The Local here reports that “most ski resorts pray for heavy snow each winter but the people of Cauterets in the French Pyrénées may have overdone it this year. The resort had to close this week after seven metres of snow fell in recent weeks. Sixty workers at the resort, stationed 1,800 metres high in the mountains, have been working around the clock to try and clear away the snow so the resort can reopen on Friday.”

Continue reading snow causes closure of french ski resort here.

Viner isn’t the only climate scientist goofball in Europe who predicted snow would become rare. Professor Mojib Latif of Germany also made a similar claim (Spiegel Online) in 2000, copycatting Viner:

Winters with strong frosts and lots of snow like we had 20 years ago will no longer exist at out latitudes.”

Latif in fact has made a number of spectacular predictions, as the following German YouTube video shows:

Latif’s prediction in 2009 for Germany in 2050:
Temperature s will reach 50°C!”

In 1990 Latif said:
By 2050 global temperatures may rise 3 – 4°C“.

But in 1997 he said:
Winters will be ice cold for the next 20 years!”

It reminds me of what baseball commentator Bob Uecker once said of Michael Jordan trying to play Major League Baseball: “Keep swinging, eventually the ball will hit the bat!


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  1. Latif will have no problem switching to an alarmist coolist, warning of the impending glaciation, if it gives him a TV spot.

  2. I don’t think Boston will be getting record snow, just historic snow. Maybe one of the top five storms measured by snowfall. Maybe the most snow for an 8 Feb, I don’t pay much attention to those. It’s falling on bare ground at my home in New Hampshire, very rare to have bare ground now. It’s about time to get things covered again.

    A couple weeks ago a ski area near Mt Washington closed for a couple days because it was so cold. Not record cold, but cold enough so Iwouldn’t be skiing those days.

  3. Oh my God! A winter snow storm….incredible. Now those “alarmists” will probably say something like “heavy snow storms are EXPECTED because there is about 4% more water vapor in the atmosphere now as compared to 30 years ago”. Those alarmist scientists…….they’re pretty sneaky. Them and there darned “scientific research”. They’ll also say that heavy snow storms should be EXPECTED in areas that get snow…..just as heavy record rains should be expected during spring and summer because of the same thing: Higher water vapor caused by positive feedback from increased CO2 levels. Those sneaky alarmists…..they can’t be trusted!

    1. JC Smith, don’t say you have found evidence of the positive water vapor feedback that the alarmist warmunists NEED DESPERATELY to save their weird CO2AGW theory.

      You would surely have given us a link if you had. So I assume you just made that up.

    2. Well this is curious:

      Journal of Climate 2013 ; e-View

      Controls of Global Snow Under a Changed Climate
      Sarah B. Kapnick* and Thomas L. Delworth

      Princeton University and NOAA/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey
      NOAA/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey

      According to the authors, “Using a simple multivariate model, [increased] temperature is shown to drive these trends by decreasing snowfall almost everywhere.”

      Who am I to believe, the NOAA scientist who claims higher temperatures result in less snow or the USC scientist who says the opposite? Why is there no consensus?

      1. Why is there no consensus? In my good old days it was considered fatal if you could infer contradictory predictions from a theory. Since Feyerabend everything goes.

    3. Please cite your source for the alleged rise in water vapor.

      Hansen and Trenberth have both insinuated that it does happen but have cited no measurements.

      Where does your allegation come from?

  4. There is something unsusual in the Figaro link. It is trying to download something and the “Refuser” (cancel) button does not seems to work.

    Any body else having problem with that or is it just me. We should complain about that if you experienced the same thing. Let me know.

      1. I think it might be a virus when I view videos. It says Flash Players parameters in French in any video. It’s probably not your fault. I will check that in Google.


  5. JC Smith says
    Oh my God! A winter snow storm….incredible. Now those “alarmists” will probably say something like “heavy snow storms are EXPECTED because there is about 4% more water vapor in the atmosphere now as compared to 30 years ago

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that. This paper states water vapor is down 10% the past 10 years and an article on the NASA website repeats that claim.
    This is totally contradictory to AGW theory which states water vapor will increase with warming. CO2 from man has gone up 30% in 10 yrs, no warming, no increase in water vapor.
    You probably go that 4% number form some junk science AGW site.
    There is no change in snowfall. No change in yearly snow totals from either Alta or Killington. No change in winter snow coverage as measured by Rutgers.

    Also go to
    and click on greenhouse gases – water vapor.
    no change or decreasing.

    Anyone who think that the recent New England storm is proof of ANYTHING does not understand the history of climate/weather. It was a noreaster, typical of many such winter storms this past hundred years. Records were broken in specific locales, as they always are in a big uncommon storm. These types of storm only strike one region every 20 yrs or so.

    It is incredible, that every weather event these days is proof of global warming and mans tampering with the “stable climate”. I urge anyone who wants to learn TRUTH to go to Amazon and read some of the books that were written on the History of Climate(the “real” ones were all written before 2000, before science became completely corrupt).
    Do a little learning read
    and all of the climate history books by Fagan.

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