German Weather Service (DWD) Meteorologist Claims Accelerating Global Warming…”New Highs Every Year”

Europe’s winter refuses to let up as large areas saw a white Easter accompanied by record lows and snowfall amounts. Media outlets are warning that this year could the year without a spring. Germany’s number 1 daily by circulation Bild writes here that the cold weather may be around even until Pentecost (mid-May)!

The German Weather Service (DWD) reports that March, 2013 was the 6th coldest in 132 years of measurements. The forecast for Germany calls for the cold weather to persist through the rest of the week. Nighttime temperatures will plummet to -10°C.

Some people think that the chances for a hot, sunny summer are higher after going through a long, cold winter. But meteorologist Karsten Brandt says this is not so. Bild writes:

Brandt is skeptical: ‘I can imagine brief, hot phases, but in many years  when the winters were cold, the summers were also not better.’“

If that’s the case this year, then Germany could wind up putting 2013 in the books as one of the coolest on record.

The situation is a disaster in Eastern Europe: “At least 100,000 people in Poland without power due to heavy snows…up to 30 centimeters of new snow. … Also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia up to 40 centimeters of new snow fell in 24 hours. … In Moscow a new snow record was set for the date…65 centimeters on the ground.”

German Weather Service: “Global warming is increasing”

Bild then asks ideologically warmist German Weather Service (DWD) meteorologist Christoph Hartmann if the cold winters mean global warming has stopped.

Bild: And what’s with global warming? Snow and frost in April. Is it now an ice age instead of global warming?”

Hartmann: No, it remains warming; global warming is increasing. One cold winter does not refute it. What happens in Germany or Europe has no significance for world climate.

Bild: Apparently climate warming is taking a break in Germany.

Hartmann: Between 1985 and 1995 the temperature rose continuously. But since then not much has happened. However, worldwide new high temperature values are measured every year.

Very sloppy terminology by Hartmann and poor reporting by Bild aside, we have to ask what impression the reader ends up getting here. “Global warming is increasing,” says Hartman. Warming means increasing temperature, and so increasing increasing temperature means accelerating temperature. Have the meteorologist at the DWD looked at any global data lately, say the last 15 years?


Where’s the accelerating temperature? (Source

Not only does Hartmann use sloppy terminology, but his facts are completely wrong. Where are the “new high temperature values measured” every year? The trend is actually downwards over the last 10 years. Quality at the DWD has deteriorated to comic levels.


13 responses to “German Weather Service (DWD) Meteorologist Claims Accelerating Global Warming…”New Highs Every Year””

  1. Jimbo

    These people are observational evidence deniers.

  2. Juergen Uhlemann

    Is the 1st of April not ending? Is anything related to warming?

    Right now in the news:
    “Ice-Sheet in Antarctica Increasing due to Global Warming” .
    “Melt may explain Antarctica’s sea ice expansion”

    This means that the sea level will decrease. Right? I forgot, the warming is also ‘increasing’ the sea level. Ergo: More ice and higher sea level caused by warming.

    If CO2 is so powerful, why has nobody produced free energy from it? I would like to have a warm shower in the morning and a cool drink afterwards. How should I use CO2 to produce this?

  3. ArndB

    The coldest March months since about 1881 in B-Dahlem, Stockholm and Kopenhagen (source:
    __Berlin-Dahlem 1881 – 2012, 1883 – 1,6; 1886 – 0,6; 1917 – 0,6; 1931 – 0,4; 1942 – 0,4
    __Stockholm 1885 -1994, 1888 – 8,2; 1940 – 4,2, 1942 – 6,5; 1958 – 4,7
    __Copenhagen 1881 – 2012, 1888 – 2,8°; 1917 – 1,7°; 1942 – 4,0°

    In overview and few more stations at: ,
    showing that the world war years 1942, 1940 and 1917 are ranking at the top.

    1. DirkH

      Cue the “Gulf stream is collapsing due to Global Warming” music…

  4. Red Jeff

    If Hartmann is right, “Hartmann: No, it remains warming; global warming is increasing. One cold winter does not refute it. What happens in Germany or Europe has no significance for world climate.”, why are the Germans and Europeans still trying so hard to combat globull warming?

    “no significance” means just that, they’ll have “no significance”.

    1. DirkH

      I think it’s a consequence of German Gesinnungsethik, a kind of moral ethics. A Gesinnungsethiker would not murder a tyrant if murder is against his morals.

      Therefore Germany must do all it can to help the world escape from thermageddon, part of this is installing as many solar panels and wind turbines as we can.

      This kind of ethics does not ask for utilitarian value or cost. Those questions do not do the cause justice! If you ask a German believer this question he stares at you and says “Cost considerations do not justify inaction. We must do everything we can.”

      In fact German media never ask – by how much would our actions reduce temperatures in 2100 if the CO2AGW were correct. It is NEVER ASKED!

      BUT it must also be said that Germans simply know nothing about the economy. So cost considerations are simply beyond them in any case. If you are an economic ignarumas it is a cheap excuse to trot out the moral high ground.

      1. DirkH

        …well, economic iguana, I meant to say, of course… I mean economic ignoramus.

  5. Dave N

    “one cold winter”?? Has this guy been living under a rock?

    Bild was remiss in pulling him up on that.

  6. Casper

    A new article from Ulli Kulke

    PS. Kulke” is a German form of Polish Name “Kulka” It means a spherule.

    1. ArndB

      Ulli Kulke raises many interesting points, but nowhere in all the discussion is any mentioning of the sub-cold sea water temperature in the western Baltic and North Sea during March 2013, culminating towards month end as shown in the graphic per 31/03 here: . The Easter Sunday UK cold record of -12.5C in Scottish Highlands, beating previous record of -9.8C set in 1986, would not have been possible without the sub-cold North Sea. More graphics here:

      Instead of raising distance subjects as Gulf Current or the Barents Sea, the most interesting question is about how much human activities by off-shore platforms and wind-farms, shipping, fishing have contributed to the low NS sea water temperatures in March 2013. The most effected sea areas from Dover to Oslo and Bornholm are those with the highest activities.

  7. DirkH

    Let us not forget, as there are NO major volcano eruptions, – volcanos are supposed to suppress global warming – at least when it helps to protect the CO2AGW theory – this should be a time of especially pronounced global warming!

    h/t to the Frankfurter Rundschau, this is an older article from them that explains the volcano hypothesis.–vulkane-bremsen-erwaermung,1473244,22011898.html

    Always use their own protective hypotheses against them – it’s fun and it’s easy!

  8. Chris Frey

    Dear Pierre,

    thanks for this article. But please be careful in citing the Bild-paper. It is well known for creating stories when they have none, or to exaggerate anything what has been said.

    This does not mean that I doubt this statement by DWD. After all, they are in the forefront of AGW. It is just the question whether BILD changed his statement which it has done only too often before.

    Chris Frey

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