Washington Becomes Burma On Climate Science…Krauthammer Calls It “Appalling…Anti-Scientific…Scandalous”

When the president chooses to bypass Congress and the usual institutions to enact minority-supported regulation, and decides to decree it on his own, then he’s proven his utter failure to lead and has embarked on the ruinous path to tyranny.

Hat-tip: Marc Morano at Climate Depot

That path is one of arrogance, a despise for the will of the people, leadership failure, and eventual civil strife that could shatter a nation.

I disagree with Marc Morano on one point above. This isn’t brilliant, it’s desperate and frightening.

Krauthammer: “appalling…scandalous”

Charles Krauthammer, a doctor of psychiatry, calls Sally Jewell’s most recent comments about “climate change deniers” in her department:

…shockingly arrogant and anti-scientific. The idea that science is closed and that a science is settled, and that anybody who brings evidence and questions it, is suddenly somehow a flat-earther is appalling. … The idea of science is that you are open to contrary evidence. It’s the definition of a scientific theory. And particularly climate science, which is young and is new – it’s built on all kinds of assumptions and data which contradict each other. The idea that it is a closed issue is incredibly unscientific and arrogant. And that these bureaucrats and political hacks are decreeing this is scandalous.”

I’ve never been a fan of Obama, but he won the elections and I thought he deserved his chance to lead. But with his latest attitude, he is clearly proving himself to be unfit to be the leader of democracy and looking more and more qualified to lead Burma.


6 responses to “Washington Becomes Burma On Climate Science…Krauthammer Calls It “Appalling…Anti-Scientific…Scandalous””

  1. DirkH

    That’s a bit unfair to Burma. It’s a country on its way back to a democracy, and nobody should wish Obama on it.

  2. Joe Bastardi

    suggested read..

    from several weeks ago. The EPA is a soft tyranny wing of the Obama adm, and is in reality, crashing the economic lifeline of the US. The plan is brilliant, simply ignore reality (as one can see in the article, none of the EPA’s 3 lines of evidence are right) and issue by decree. And no one that can stop it has a lick of guts to stand up and fight..

    Arrogant? Yes. Frightening Yes. Brilliant, not when your opposition wont stand up and Seize the High ground, its just common sense: http://patriotpost.us/opinion/18923 .

    When you have sheep you simply herd them where you want them to go.

  3. Loodt Pretorius

    Zimbabwe man, Zimbabwe. Robert got a bigger percentage of the vote than Barrack; perhaps Barrack is not trying hard enough and needs to talk Robert to pick up some more tips.

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