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The Real Motivation Behind PRP Journal Shutdown Exposed: It Challenged IPCC Science!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe original motivation behind Copernicus Publishing director Martin Rasmussen’s decision to shut down the new journal Pattern Recognition Physics (see here, here and here) had nothing to do with the alleged “nepotistic” behavior among editors and peer-reviewers, but appears to have had everything to do with politically incorrect questioning of IPCC orthodoxy. You can see […]

A Climate Changer? Indonesian Volcano Erupts! “Huge Plume Of Ash 17 Km Into The Air.”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI don’t have any solid information on the Kelud volcano’s explosivity index, but preliminary indications show it may have a VEI of 3, possibly 4. The plume has reached 17 km. This would have very little impact on climate. But still, look for desperate warmists to seize upon it and to blame it for cooling […]

Environmental Activism Turns Into An Angry, Threatening Mob That Resorts To Terrifying Intimidation!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI got a news e-mail from Craig Rucker of CFACT. It turns out that the environmental movement is turning into a mob of angry, frustrated white males who go around terrifying people. Look familiar? Scary, angry mob bearing torches threatens to shut you down. Image source: CFACT. If that isn’t spreading a message of terror. […]

Potsdam Institute Scientist Rahmstorf Suggests Man Could Guide Planet Back To A “Stable Climate”…Warns Of “More Surprises”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailFiery hell and Biblical floods: This is what’s in store for mankind in the future, so suggests chief climate modeler Stefan Rahmstorf of the ultra-alarmist and catastrophe-obsessed Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in an interview with the German Press Agency (DPA) here. As sure signs of the approaching climate catastrophe, the DPA cites “floods in […]

Surprise! Prestigious Helmholtz Association Reopens Climate Science Debate: “Why Is Dispute Among Scientists So Fierce?”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you’re in Berlin next month, here’s an event you’ll want to put in your calendar. Dr. Peter Heller of Science Skeptical writes here that Germany’s Helmholtz Association is holding a podium discussion in Berlin on March 17, 2014. The title: “What can we believe? The climate debate and its impacts” So even some […]

Global Laughing Stock UK Met Office – “Lost Touch With Reality…Corrupted Valuable British Institution”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJust days ago I posted on a how veteran German Die Welt journalist Ulli Kulke was amazed at how supposedly one of the world’s best meteorological outfits, the Met Office of England, had botched 13 of  the last 14 annual forecasts. Read here. Kulke accused the Met Office of “systematic false alarms”, saying they “refuse […]

Harsh European Winters To Remain Another 15 Years! Natural Ocean Cycles Determine Their Harshness

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThis year western Europe has experienced a mild winter as a parade of low pressure systems coming in from off the Atlantic has fed the continent with a steady supply of mild southerly winds. For Germany this winter will be the first mild one in 6 years after a record 5 consecutive winters of […]

Another Failed Outlook: NOAA/NCEP Totally Botch 2013-2014 Winter Outlooks For USA and Europe - Exact Opposite Occurs!

Another Failed Outlook: NOAA/NCEP Totally Botch 2013-2014 Winter Outlooks For USA and Europe – Exact Opposite Occurs!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you think it just couldn’t be possible for any weather outfit to perform as poorly as the UK’s Met Office in long-term outlooks (13 out of 14 wrong), think again. It appears the US national weather services are right on their heels when it comes to who can make the all-time least accurate […]

More Signs Of Global Cooling? Sun’s Record Weak Polar Field May Forebode Maunder-like Minimum

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt’s Die kalte Sonne site brings us the latest solar report. ===================================== The Sun in January 2014 and News of the Sun’s Polar Field By Frank Bosse (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) Over the last month solar cycle 24 (SC24) has seen some rather brisk activity. The sunspot […]

Outstanding Real Time Global Weather Visualization Tool By Programmer Cameron Beccario!

Outstanding Real Time Global Weather Visualization Tool By Programmer Cameron Beccario!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailHere’s something really cool and likely something you’re going to look at regularly. Axel Bojanowski reports here at Spiegel on an outstanding interactive global weather real-time animation tool. The animation is the creation of US programmer Cameron Beccario. Image cropped from: You can use the mouse to rotate the globe and to activate […]

Veteran German Journalist On Met Office Global Temperature Forecasts: “It Is Stunning, But Some Never Learn”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAt his blog, Die Welt veteran journalist Ulli Kulke writes about the British Met Office’s seemingly obstinate refusal to cast off its ideological addiction to planetary warming and the Office’s consequently resulting overblown annual global temperature forecasts year after year. Systematic false alarms As the data roll in, it’s now clear that 2013 was […]

USA Sets Over 5000 Winter Records...Polar Conditions Dip Down Into Iran...Easterbrook Predicts Decades Of Cooling Ahead!

USA Sets Over 5000 Winter Records…Polar Conditions Dip Down Into Iran…Easterbrook Predicts Decades Of Cooling Ahead!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailPolar conditions are spreading southwards so much worldwide that they have also taken grip in Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Earlier this winter places like Cairo and Jerusalem saw snow for the first time in many decades. Extreme winter conditions forecast to grip Caspian Sea region. Chart shows the 7-day temperature anomaly forecast. Image cropped […]

As Investments Turn Sour, Wind Energy Sector in Germany Begins To Crumble In Wake of Solar Industry Collapse

As Investments Turn Sour, Wind Energy Sector in Germany Begins To Crumble In Wake of Solar Industry Collapse

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman alarmist site here reports on the latest negative developments now hitting Germany’s wind power industry. The latest to be hit is wind-turbine transmission manufacturer Bosch Rexroth AG, which announced it will slash 210 jobs and give up a production plant in Nuremberg. Image cropped from: Klimaretter writes that the reason behind the move […]

Analysis Of Climate Models Show Albedo Not The Number One Arctic Amplifier After All! Albedo Was Hyped

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCorrection: A reader has pointed out that the paper is an analysis of some models which shows albedo, often claimed by alarmists as the primary Arctic climate driving factor, is not the number one Arctic amplifier after all, as skeptics have long maintained. The paper itself says nothing about the integrity of models, and thus […]

Renewable Energy’s Eroding Support: Former German Chancellor Schröder “Warns Of Revolt Due To High Electricity Prices”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRenewable energy in Europe has just taken another nail in its coffin. Thanks to Germany’s infamous EEG energy feed-in act, electricity prices for consumers and industry have long been rising sharply, and now there’s a looming threat of a revolt. Today the online business magazine Unternehmen Heute quotes former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder’s soon-to-be-published book, […]

Bitter European Cold Snap Claims Dozens of Lives

Bitter European Cold Snap Claims Dozens of Lives

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs a whole, Europe has enjoyed a relatively very mild winter this year, as one Atlantic low after another have regularly pumped mild Atlantic air over much of the continent. But that pattern was interrupted by a blast of cold air from the East about 10 days ago. The results have been deadly. 13 […]

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