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Has The Broader Institution Of Science Been Overun By Greedy, Swindling Crackpots?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThose of us following climate science are all familiar with the hockey stick hoax and NASA’s readjustment of past temperatures that have the effect of making it look like the globe is warming. Not only climate science seems to have been corrupted by unscrupulous scientists, but so has the food and nutritional sciences in […]

Light Blogging Over The Next Few Days…

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDear Readers, Blogging and approving comments will be on the light side for the next few days as there are important matters to take care of. I’ll be getting a story in, here or there. It’a also a good opportunity to to step back a bit and refocus. ­čÖé   Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

German AfD Protest Party Calls For Complete Abolishment Of Green Energy Feed-In Act, Citing “Cost Burden”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBritain has the UKIP party; Germany has got the Alternativ f├╝r Deutschland (AfD) party, translated: Alternative for Germany. Both are equally hated by the establishment. The media do all they can to portray them as dangerous, right-wing,┬ábeer-hall populists. In a nutshell: they are a threat to the cozy establishment. Last September the AfD party […]

“100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThat’s the title Die Achse Des Guten here┬ábears at its website. Few countries have spent as much as Germany on measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Today German website Die Achse Des Guten here┬álinks to a blurb appearing in German “intellectual” weekly Die Zeit here which unwittingly tells readers what Germany has gained for its […]

The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called "Unsafe Site" By Microsoft Germany

The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called “Unsafe Site” By Microsoft Germany

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUPDATE: Now working! ============================ If you’re like me, you drop by Marc Morano’s Climate Depot daily to get the latest on what is happening within the climate science and politics scene. But today, at least here in Germany, I’ve been getting the following message after being on the site for about 10 seconds: In […]

Zurich's Leading Daily Calls EU's Emission Trading Scheme "A European Debacle...2.2 Billion Surplus Certificates"!

Zurich’s Leading Daily Calls EU’s Emission Trading Scheme “A European Debacle…2.2 Billion Surplus Certificates”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe latest Sunday print edition of Switzerland’s flagship Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung (NZZ) has a story blasting Europe’s failure in curbing CO2 emissions through the implementation of its CO2┬áemissions trading scheme┬á(ETS). See right image. Hat-tip Hajo Smit The NZZ story bears the title: Why the dreck doesn’t cost anything. With its emissions trading, the EU […]

Max Planck Institute Economist: Germany’s Energiewende “Bordering On Suicide”…”Unimaginably Expensive Folly”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRichard Tol tweeted here a link to an article appearing at the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Business News) about the country’s much ballyhooed Energiewende, in English: transition to renewable energies. The title: Max Planck economist: ‘Transition To Renewable Energy Borders On Suicide’ Leading economic experts are firing harsh criticism at the energy policy of […]

Paging George Clooney...99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It's Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Paging George Clooney…99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It’s Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailClimate alarmists like to claim there’s a 97+% consensus that CO2 is driving our climate…a claim that is patently false, of course. But even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean the science is settled and that they are right. Having been on the subject of meat-diets and nutrition over the last few days, […]

Tree-Hugging Vegans Think They Know What’s Best For Us. But Look At Their Kids!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI’ve gotten a few emotionalized, angry e-mails from veggie readers on the story about how meat-eaters are by far much healthier in every respect than vegetarians. They insist that their nutrition is superior and that the University of Graz study is “bullshit”. It’s bought and paid for by the bacon industry! Yet, nothing better […]

Europe Disses IPCC Horror Scenarios…Postpones Non-European Airlines Carbon Emissions Charges Until 2017

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAfter Monday’s April Fool’s release of the IPCC WGII SPM and the subsequent gasps of horror coming as a reaction from top government officials, you’d think little time would be wasted in taking clear, decisive actions to “protect the climate”. Recall how the situation is urgent and that decisive, immediate action needs to be […]

Germany's Research Minister Sees "Advanced Development Of Climate Models" ...To Be Used For "Regional Adaptation Strategies"!

Germany’s Research Minister Sees “Advanced Development Of Climate Models” …To Be Used For “Regional Adaptation Strategies”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJudging by the German government’s own press release (from the Ministry of Environment) regarding the release of the new IPCC report, one could easily argue that it is in a state of complete confusion. Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka see the latest IPCC report “as further proof that […]

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG): “Solar Doldrums Of The Last Years Led To A Cooling Of The Earth’s Surface

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman Physical Society: Solar doldrums of the last years led to a cooling of the Earth’s surface By Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian L├╝ning (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The┬áDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG), in English: The German Physical Society, is wringing its hands over the┬ásustainability of the climate catastrophe. After all, hundreds of physicist jobs are […]

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