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Munich Re Report: Top 2014 Weather Catastrophe Losses Due To Cold-Related Events, “Record Harsh Winter”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWe keep hearing from alarmists that storms are becoming more violent and more frequent, and thus storm damage and deaths are rising – all because of man-made global WARMING. Unless we stop driving SUV’s, mankind in the future will be wiped out by global warming-precipitated bad weather. Hat-tip: DirkH. However, the world’s largest re-insurer […]

Climate-Skeptic Rapper Performs At Heartland Conference In Las Vegas...Getting Message Through To The Youth

Climate-Skeptic Rapper Performs At Heartland Conference In Las Vegas…Getting Message Through To The Youth

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome NTZ readers may recognize the face of a person who appeared at the recent Heartland: Austrian rapper Kilez More, whom NoTricksZone featured on couple of occasions. I’m also proud to say that NoTricksZone had a hand in helping to organize Kilez’s appearance in Las Vegas. So for me watching him at the end the following […]

Polar Vortices Everywhere! Central Russia Hit By Mid Summer “Freak…Abnormal Snowstorm…Snowdrifts”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCentral Russia is famous for it’s harsh winters, but it also has warm southern European-like summers. Well, at least it used to. Today’s English-language online Russian news site RT here reports that a “freak summer snow” has struck areas of Central Russia in the cities of cities of Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk just north of Kazakhstan […]

Big Insurance Getting Set To Use Junk Science To Gouge The Poor…”Climate Liability” Insurance

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you do an Internet search of “climate liability insurance“, you will quickly find that it is one of the latest schemes being promoted by insurance companies, banking and even fossil fuel companies to curb “dangerous climate change”. Here they stand to make huge piles of cash by claiming CO2 is causing bad weather. It’s the latest […]

USA's Monster "Climate-Catastrophe"...Of 1936 (When CO2 Was At "Safe" Level of 310 PPM)!

USA’s Monster “Climate-Catastrophe”…Of 1936 (When CO2 Was At “Safe” Level of 310 PPM)!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSwindlers are out there trying to sell us that bad weather is something new and happening because atmospheric CO2 concentration are “too high”. If only we paid carbon taxes and gave them more regulatory power, then we could prevent bad weather from happening and return to a Garden of Eden. To some us all […]

In Switzerland Thing of The Past Becomes A Thing Of July…More Weather That Isn’t Supposed To Happen!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailLooks as if Europe’s thing of the past, wintertime snow, has once again become a thing of summertime in Switzerland…at least down to 6000 feet in elevation. Cool weather swept across parts of Central Europe this week bringing snow in the Swiss Alps. Although summertime snowfall high up in the Alps is not an unusual […]

Energy-Wasting Internet…IEA Describes “Range Of Policy Options” For Curbing Wasted Power

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailPress release from the International Energy Agency =========================================== Around $80 billion wasted on power for online devices in 2013 Simple measures can keep problem of inefficient ‘network standby’ from worsening in years ahead, IEA report says 2 July 2014 Paris Today, the world’s 14 billion online electronic devices – such as set-top boxes, modems, printers […]

Comprehensive EIKE Review Of Sea Level Rise Shows TOPEX/POSEIDON/JASON Results Are Inflated, Faulty

Comprehensive EIKE Review Of Sea Level Rise Shows TOPEX/POSEIDON/JASON Results Are Inflated, Faulty

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOne of the last remaining bastions of the global warming scare is sea level rise. Unsurprisingly, a handful of alarmists are still desperately clinging to accelerating sea level rise, insisting that it is just around the corner. However a new analysis on the subject by veteran meteorologist Klaus -Eckard Puls of the European Institute of […]

GISS Data Contradict Mark Serreze's Claim

GISS Data Contradict Mark Serreze’s Claim

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAntarctic Sea Ice is Growing – Because of Global Warming? By Ed Caryl Short answer: No. Antarctic sea ice has been growing, especially in the last three years. This has been largely ignored by the AGW crowd because it opposes their narrative. They needed badly to come up with an excuse. A recent article […]

“Green” Energy Industry Suspected Of Red Kite Cleansing To Clear The Way For Windpark Permitting

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe dispute over windpark development on some of Germany’s most idyllic landscapes is heating up rapidly and massively. And should the dispute continue on its current trajectory, it won’t be long before the ugly contraptions get stopped for good. The dispute reached a boiling point recently with windpark opponents suspecting green energy activists of poisoning birdlife […]

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Issues NSIDC Caveat Emptor After Claim Global Warming Behind Record Sea Ice

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Issues NSIDC Caveat Emptor After Claim Global Warming Behind Record Sea Ice

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWeatherbell Analytics presents its latest Saturday Summary featuring the one and only Joe Bastardi. There used to be a time when meteorologists truly admired and trusted the work and data put out by national weather services. After all if you couldn’t trust them, who could you trust! But those days are becoming a thing […]

Raw Weather Data Destroyed, Lost Forever?...USHCN, NOAA And GHCN "Prime Manipulators"

Raw Weather Data Destroyed, Lost Forever?…USHCN, NOAA And GHCN “Prime Manipulators”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome scientists devote their lives painstakingly assembling fragments of evidence to piece together a picture of the past. They deserve tremendous credit. Unfortunately today we appear to have inept or sleazy scientists who take collected data and destroy it – thus permanently blinding our view of the past. These people deserve to be loathed. Ed […]

Caribbean Coral Reef Die-Off Not Caused By Climate Change After All, Expert Report Writes!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhether it’s war, rape, storms, depression, etc., there’s almost nothing that doesn’t get blamed on CO2 nowadays. One of the favorites in the climate blame-game is the alleged dying off of coral reefs due to global warming from man-made CO2.. But that is turning out to be false, too. The online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes today […]

Leading German Daily: "Apocalypse Will Not Take Place"...Richard Tol: "97% Consensus Does Not Exist"!

Leading German Daily: “Apocalypse Will Not Take Place”…Richard Tol: “97% Consensus Does Not Exist”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe German media are giving time and space to skeptical voices. The latest is a report appearing in Germany’s print high-profile national daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) which features climate economist Richard Tol titled: “The apocalypse won’t take place“. Image above, right: FAZ The subheading reads: “Climate economist Richard Tol sees the consequences of […]

Spiegel: Europe’s “Gigantic Catastrophe” Happened in 1540 (When CO2 Was 30% Less Than Today!)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSpiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski, a geologist, writes about Europe’s largest natural catastrophe, which occurred in 1540. No, it wasn’t a mega-volcanic eruption, a super earthquake, or a monster meteor hit. It was a severe “unprecedented” drought that fried and scorched the continent to an extent that dwarfs anything we have experienced over the […]

NASA's Arctic Fudge Factory: "More Than Half" Of Claimed Arctic Warming Stems From "Data Adjustments"

NASA’s Arctic Fudge Factory: “More Than Half” Of Claimed Arctic Warming Stems From “Data Adjustments”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs global warming is being used as justification for profound policy shifts, one has to wonder if the one-sided fudging of data that produces the appearance of more warming is a deliberate attempt to deceive and defraud the public. ============================= Is GISS Also Cheating in the Arctic? By Ed Caryl Almost four years ago, […]

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