Snow and Frost Forecast For Central Europe Later This Week! Europe’s Early End To Summer?

Looks like summer will be ending early this year. Once again parts of Central Europe will be getting hit by cold temperatures, frost, and even snow at elevations down to 2500 meters – in the middle of the summertime!

Germany’s leading popular daily Bild here writes how ex-hurricane Bertha has ushered in cooler air across western and central Europe, putting an end to the summer weather.

Meteologist Domink Jung of told Bild that widespread across central Europe “it’s going to be getting cooler over the coming days. At night many places will see single digit temperatures. Foremost in northern Germany it is already autumn-like cool.“

Moreover Bild adds:

‘At some higher elevation valleys in the Alps of Switzerland and Austria there will also be surface frost,’ says weather expert Jung. On Friday and Saturday in may even snow down to elevations of 2500 meters.”

Last month, July, I reported on how a spell of snow hit in the Swiss Alps at elevations down to 6000 feet, flying in the face of claims by global warming alarmists that snow would be “a thing of the past” and that Europe’s wintertime ski industry would suffer shortages of snow. Now it’s snowing in the middle of summer!

So what can be said about the cool weather? Global warming obsessors will claim it’s just weather, and not climate…forgetting how just days ago they claimed a single severe thunderstorm was a sign of global warming.


5 responses to “Snow and Frost Forecast For Central Europe Later This Week! Europe’s Early End To Summer?”

  1. Pethefin

    On the other side of the globe, the “warming” is freezing crops:

    according the the report, some parts of Australia have had lowest temps in one hundred years.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    Our summer has been abysmal in Switzerland. More rain than anything else (and temperatures colder than normal). Some record areas in lack of sun and precipitation. Perhaps there’s hope for a dry autumn yet.

    Snow above 2500 m is something one can expect any month of the year in a temperate climate. Only in the model world does snow become a rare thing.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      Should have read “record areas in lack of sun as well as in extreme precipitation” (i.e., little sunshine and excessive rain).

  3. Mikky

    Sadly some French climbers died in the Alps today due to unusually cold weather. After the “Antarctic Ship of Fools” case are we seeing disasters partly influenced by global warming propaganda?

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      Most climbing accidents are the result of poor decision-making. Inclement weather (including severe snowstorms) can occur during any season at 3000m elevation. Since the guide, an experienced mountaineer (as were the participants), knew the route well (incidentally, a technically easy route), many questions are raised; but the answers will likely remain obscured, as all six died after falling 250 m.

      This has nothing to do with global warming, climate change or propaganda concerning the same. Shame on you for suggesting it.

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