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Berlin Orchestra Now Donning Rubber Boots To Elevate Awareness Of Dangerous Climate Change

The seemingly climate doomsday-obsessed Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) tweeted a link to the Berlin Staatsoper (Berlin State Opera), which is announcing a benefit concert dubbed “Science Meets Music“, slated for 30 August 2014. The proceeds raised will go to the NaturTon Foundation. I just had to laugh at the new elitist level of […]

Swedish MP Declares "Climate Science Has Gone Awry...Resembles a Religion...Anything But Scientific"!

Swedish MP Declares “Climate Science Has Gone Awry…Resembles a Religion…Anything But Scientific”!

UPDATE: I’ve been getting e-mails, especially from skeptic Swedes, who warn of citing people like Fransson…saying that the origins of the SD and some of the planks in its political platform are questionable, and that in doing so it is damaging the skeptic position rather than helping it. Myself I’m not familiar with Swedish politics […]

Snow and Frost Forecast For Central Europe Later This Week! Europe’s Early End To Summer?

Looks like summer will be ending early this year. Once again parts of Central Europe will be getting hit by cold temperatures, frost, and even snow at elevations down to 2500 meters – in the middle of the summertime! Germany’s leading popular daily Bild here writes how ex-hurricane Bertha has ushered in cooler air across […]

German Update Points To Period Of Low Solar Activity, Cites “Non-Negligible Forcing On The Temperature”

The Sun In July 2014 And Arctic Sea In Mid Summer By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Last month the sun was variably active: The first ten days of the month were eventful, whereas the middle of the month solar activity was very calm with the negative high point occurring on July […]

After False Reports of Sighting In Deep Oceans, Missing Heat Also Not Found In Europe!

After False Reports of Sighting In Deep Oceans, Missing Heat Also Not Found In Europe!

Reader Ed Hoskins sent me the following temperature graphic for Central England by e-mail. I’d say the chart says it all…linear trend of more than 6°C COOLING per century. It’s worse than we thought! Bare ground in the winter will soon be a thing of the past! Clearly temperatures have been sinking for the last […]

(Dumb) German Politicians Deem Defending Climate More Vital Than Defending Our Freedom/Values!

(Dumb) German Politicians Deem Defending Climate More Vital Than Defending Our Freedom/Values!

Now climate politics are becoming a real threat to the very defense of our freedom, democracy and western civilization. The real enemy, according to some German politicians, activists. Copyright: Eurofighter, Geoffrey Lee, Planefocus Limited. Germany’s socialists, pacifist greens and anti NATO activists (who are well represented in German government) have found a new excuse for shirking their NATO defense responsibilities […]

Leading European Financial Institutes Close Their “Climate Change” Offices…”Want To Be Less Visible”

A few years ago it seemed as if there were lots of opportunities everywhere to make money with climate change. But as time goes on, it is increasingly becoming apparent that the heydays for many in Europe are just about over. ====================================== Zurich Insurance Group shuts down climate office that was opened in 2008 By […]

“Endowed Professor” Larry Bell “Borrows” NoTricksZone Story, Forgets To Cite Sources

Anthony Watts has posted a story “written by” Larry Bell, who according to NewsMax is “a professor and endowed professor at the University of Houston, where he directs the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture and heads the graduate program in space architecture.” Honestly speaking I don’t care how distinguished Prof. Larry Bell may be, or […]

Meteorologists Sharply Criticize DWD German Weather Service… “The Science Is Groping In The Dark”

Independent German meteorologists have been increasingly criticizing the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) – German Weather Service – for its climate activism and alarmism. The once staid yet highly professional and competent organization used to be among the most respected in the world. But that appears to be no longer the case today as meteorologists ramp up their harsh criticism […]

German Scientists Aghast At BBC Censorship: “Fear Of A Serious Factual Discussion”…”An Egregious Step”

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Professor of Chemistry Fritz Vahrenholt also posted today on the BBC’s lapse away from democratic principles: the right to free and open debate on important issues. =========================== Fear of a serious factual discussion: Climate alarmists pressure BBC to censorship of the public climate debate By Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Lüning […]

International Team Of Scientists Refute Alarmist Desertification Projections...Sahel Precipitation Rising, Vegetation Spreading!

International Team Of Scientists Refute Alarmist Desertification Projections…Sahel Precipitation Rising, Vegetation Spreading!

New paper by Brandt et al on increased precipitation has been greening the Sahara since 1980. Yet another IPCC model projection that is headed off in the wrong direction. Hat-tip DkS. Press Release No. 121/2014 of the University of Bayreuth, Germany  dated 30 June 2014. My emphasis: ============== New research works show: Not global climate change alone, but […]

IPCC’s Latest Super-Flop: Scientists Say Aerosol Impact On Clouds “Almost Double That Estimated in Latest IPCC Report”

Ouch! According to Science Daily, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory has rediscovered the aerosol factor in climate (yet again). Those familiar with climate science know that aerosols are the preferred wild card used by embarrassed climate scientists whenever their models fail to properly account for unexpected cooling periods…which incidentally is more than 97% of the time. The cooling […]

1980s Dire Warnings Of Acid Rain / Forest Die-Off Prove To Be Pure Fallacy From Hysterical Scientists a

I spent a few days with my wife in Amsterdam, and so blogging was a bit on the light side. Today’s story is a short one about acid rain and forest die-off. Most people over 40 will certainly recall that one. Whenever scientists are completely wrong, they hope no one will notice years later and that […]

Renewable Energy Expert Fritz Vahrenholt Calls Germany’s Feed-In Act Obsolete…”On The Brink Of Failure”

Before he retired, Professor Fritz Vahrenholt was the CEO of RWE Innogy, the biggest investor of renewable energy. However during his time as CEO, he realized that the renewable energy systems did not live up the promises made by their manufacturers and promoters. In the July 2014 edition of top agrar, a commentary by Fritz Vahrenholt […]

Alexander Zaitchik Of Media Matters Completely Botches Story, Gets Every Fact Wrong

By Die kalte Sonne (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) On July 7, 2014, at the blog ‘Media Matters for America‘ appeared an article by Alexander Zaitchik on the 9th International Climate Conference in Las Vegas titled: Climate Denial Goes Vegas. Among other things, the focus was to shine a bad light on the speakers and to […]

Remember The "Very Early Warning Of Next El Niño" Paper By Ludescher? "False-Alarm Rates Below 0.1"!

Remember The “Very Early Warning Of Next El Niño” Paper By Ludescher? “False-Alarm Rates Below 0.1”!

Very recently the Australian Meteorological Institute issued a bulletin advising that the chance of an El Niño in 2014 had “clearly eased“. And if one were to occur, it was “increasingly unlikely to be a strong event“. Like this year’s El Niño itself, reliable prediction method remains elusive as ever. Graphic: NOAA. This of course all flies […]

Divergence Between Model Temperature And Reality Reaches Record High...And Is Now Accelerating!

Divergence Between Model Temperature And Reality Reaches Record High…And Is Now Accelerating!

When it comes to the climate debate, everyone knows that it really all boils down to how much is man’s impact. It has nothing to do with whether climate is changing or not. It always has. The core question is how accurate are the climate models and are they really accurate enough to use for policymaking? […]

Climate False-Alarmism Reaches New High…Australian Met Institute Confirms “Chance Of El Niño In 2014 Has Clearly Eased”!

Earlier this year the media were overflowing with reports about how a “super El Niño” was shaping up and that it could be a powerful one, so powerful in fact that it would make 2015 “very likely to become the hottest year on record by far.” Read for example posts by noted climate end-of-world theorists/cheerleaders Joe […]