Germany’s Growing Green Dictatorship: Grandmothers Putting Climate Protection Targets “In Jeopardy”!

Not only do the hysterical global warming bedwetters want us to do it with the lights off in unheated room with all our clothes on, now they are poised to request senior citizens to leave their cars in the garage and get around in the rain and snow by foot with their Rollators.

Hat-tip: DirkH

The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) reports on a regional Hanover study that found senior citizens are responsible for harming the climate because “they like driving their cars“. According to the HAZ, the study was conducted by the GGR expert assessment office based in Hamburg, on behalf of the Hanover regional government.

Seniors putting climate targets in jeopardy

The report finds that many senior citizens in the Hanover region “are driving their cars longer and more frequently than in the past” and as a result “the region’s own climate protection target in the area of transportation is in jeopardy“.

Obviously the enlightened Hanover government officials are afraid that the climate gods will be angered if old people do not start behaving properly.

One has to be concerned, if not frightened, that such ridiculous studies are being commissioned and used by governments to justify policy in the first place. The study was commissioned by Hanover’s regional government.

Apparently they feel it is their business to find out who is driving around too much. And under the guise of “climate protection”, the state now believes it has the authority to intrude into our private bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, our cars and every aspect of our lives and boss everyone around.

The HAZ writes:

In the city of Hanover there is a positive development among the citizenry in the direction of climate-friendly behavior. However the figures in the surrounding area are stagnating, the GGR claims.”

Despite the “positive development” in Hanover in reaching climate protection targets, mostly through the herding of people into public transportation and bikepaths, the GGR has discovered that seniors living in the surrounding areas outside of Hanover are using their cars far more than they should. The HAZ quotes the GGR report:

Today’s generation of seniors have a driver license more than ever before. In the meantime older ladies are driving with an automobile almost as often as men are.”

God forbid. The increased mobility of grandmothers, the report concludes, means that they are “as a whole producing more emissions even though the cars are more environmentally friendly.”

As policymakers fly to a climate conference for the 20th time, grandma will have to use the Rollator

The report strongly suggests that poor grandmother should use her Rollator more to get around instead of driving her car, or wait 3 hours for the next bus to come by.

The HAZ writes:

In the whole region people are walking less than they did a decade ago. However, a need for action here has not been mentioned up to now.”

Meanwhile, German politicians, NGOs, and activists are all flying (some in first class) and burning tons of jet fuel (at taxpayer expense) all the way to South America – for the 20th climate conference which is aimed at finding ways to protect the climate.


38 responses to “Germany’s Growing Green Dictatorship: Grandmothers Putting Climate Protection Targets “In Jeopardy”!”

  1. Moose

    These climate lunatics are getting funnier each passing day, a sure sign they are losing it. Be prepared for their downfall, its very close!

  2. Boyfromtottenham

    Hi from Oz. When will this madness end? Or even more importantly, how will this madness end? The fine citizens of Germany seem to have gone to sleep – perhaps lulled by the smooth words of East German-trained Chancellor Merkel and the lack of backbone in the rest of German politics. If they don’t wake up soon I’m afraid that they will find themselves shivering in the dark, and wonder why!

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Why are Germans so scared? So hysterical? In France, ca. 75% of electricity comes from safe and stable nuclear power. They don’t seem to be so loud in their climate alarmism either. Has this something to do with religion? Or better red wine?

      It is baffling to see from the outside, how the German nation falls prey to this moralistic scaremongering. No doubt common sense will prevail in the end. But the cost, the cost…

      1. DirkH

        Simple: After WW II, USA paid Adorno and Horckheimer to reopen the Frankfurt School – they had emigrated to the US before WW II – to deprogram/reprogram the Germans. Adorno did all the work. For two decades he was celebrated by the media. He died in 1968 when his work was done: Creating a new generation of sociologists and journalists protesting everything, using Critical Theory to bring about the Cultural Revolution.

        So, do not mind anything in the “public debate” in Germany. It is ALL BS. It is ignored by most citizens. We’re busy working and paying the highest taxes in the known universe.

        1. DirkH

          Oh sorry, you’re in Norway. You pay even higher ones. I looked it up.

        2. DD More

          Here is a good history of the Political Correctness put forward by the Frankford School.

        3. Henning Nielsen

          I think the roots are deeper and older than that. A single explanation is not enough. Especially when so politically biased.

  3. lemiere jacques

    BUT if they don’t use their cars…they will save money..and spend money doing something else like heating their house a little more…and emit CO2….so stop using you car heat your house…it will be a never ending story…

    save climate ! be poor or die!

    1. DirkH

      I once drove an ultraleftist girl crazy with that argument.

      1. Josh

        Yes, these kinds of arguments tend to annoy them. Your best weapons in battle against the Greens are facts and logic.

        1. lemiere jacques

          yes and it works in the opposite way…
          “i save climate going to work riding bike”… no…you save money and you may enjoy e a trip a the end of the year…

          i save climate insulating my house…no…
          and so on…

          especially if you trust the greens who pretends that their policy will not reduce our wealth..

          1. Henning Nielsen

            Do you realize how much co2 you are emitting when bicycling? It is really irresponsible. Lie still in your bed, do nothing -no, not even that- and save the world.

          2. Jeff

            With regard to insulation, there was an article in
            (out-of-)Focus Online that said the payback for adding
            insulation to a house is around 51 years.

            At about the same time, they had an article about the
            extreme fire danger of foam insulation.

            Can’t win for losing. I guess having the insulation in flames
            would at least keep things warm for awhile 🙂

  4. John Silver

    Germany, history, leopard, spots.

    1. DirkH

      Inventor of propaganda was Edward Bernays, a NYC resident…

      1. John Silver

        No, much earlier.
        I would say that modern day propaganda was invented by the British Empire, it was necessary to keep it together.

        1. DirkH

          Just wanted to refute the recurring and annoyingly false notion that Germans are the originators.

          1. Jeff

            Yep, probably originated earlier still….wonder if the Pharoahs
            had press agents? How else would they convince/coerce people
            to build the pyramids?

  5. John F. Hultquist

    I recently read – on this site or on a link from here, I think – a quote from the scientist that claimed to have first used the 2 C° increase in temperature. In response to a question he said ‘I plead guilty’ of coming up with that, or some such wording. It might have been Klaus-Eckart Puls, but I can’t find it again.
    Can you or one of the regular readers help?
    Thanks much,

    1. Mindert Eiting
      1. John F. Hultquist

        Thanks M. E.,
        That is the thing I wanted. I did not read it there. When I searched for it my results were overwhelmed by the great number of places that were spouting 2C as truth.

        1. Henning Nielsen
  6. JeffT

    Let the elderly leave their cars in the garage, go to the shops by foot using their walkers, die of exposure to cold. – Problem solved.
    Rev Thomas Malthus, Paul Ehrlich and Dr John Holdren would be pleased.

    1. Jeff

      I was thinking the same thing – the “one less mouth to feed” is never very far from the greens/watermelons (watermeloncholy?) minds. Of course, they don’t mind feeding themselves (cf. Al Gore), just as long as it’s the correct mouths being fed..

  7. DirkH

    Great news from Sweden: the minority red green coalition might die an untimely death due to bourgeouis majority rejecting their budget.

    This affects Germany insofar as the red-green Swedish coalition -who also happen to believe in the failed climate models- planned to reduce lignite mining and electricity production from lignite in East Germany, where they have control over Vattenfall, the energy company owned by Sweden and operating in Germany.

    1. DirkH

      And… it’s gone!

  8. Bob Tisdale

    Pierre, they’re providing opportunities for entrepreneurs: Rollators with studded snow tires! That’s the answer. Then, because the grandmothers might slip and fall, they could create inflatable “air bag” clothes. Think of the opportunities.

    I hope I don’t need to put a [sarc off] on that.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      We do this better in Norway, we harness our polar bears to the Rollators, saving bears and grannies at the same time! And if by some acccident we run out of seals to feed the bears, well….

  9. DirkH

    Glorious red-black government coalition of Germany will create economic boom by redistributing 80bn EUR from taxpayers into meaningless cost structure increases to save the climate, environment minister Hendrickx (SPD) decrees.

    1. Jeff

      The late, great Billy Preston had a song about (that I now can’t get out of my head 🙂 ):

      Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’ …..

      (better Hendrix than Hendricks? ). Gotta’ get that lady to find a new job, out
      of government… maybe chasing moonbeams… no, that’s Jerry… sigh…

  10. Sam Pyeatte

    Given German history, burning at the stake may be in their (seniors) future, although that would be polluting…perhaps that contradiction would accelerate the already sky-high neurosis of the left.

    1. DirkH

      Given American history… the name Sheridan ring a bell? If you’re from somewhere else I got other examples. Just ask.

  11. John F. Hultquist

    Here’s another for the “Eat these and die” folder. A small and selected sample with a short time, but still interesting.

  12. Dean_from_Ohio

    “I’ll give you Sharkey, you thieving ruffians!”

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