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Global Temperature Stuck 18 Years And 7 Months, “Oceans To Bring Cooling Phase in Near Future”

Just a quick post today, German site wobleibtdieglobaleererwaermung here writes that whenever one observes a number of datasets, they have one thing in common: There’s no detectable CO2 warming, and there”s verzylittle out there suggesting the warming will continue. Most temperature datasets don’t show warming, sea ice doesn”t show it, lower troposphere temperature data do […]

National Academy Of Sciences Study Shows World’s Love Affair With “Stepping Stone To Prosperity” Growing!

Despite the trillion-dollar campaign aimed at curbing fossil fuels, the use of coal continues to rapidly expand and is acting to finally pull undeveloped countries out of extreme grinding poverty. Investors Business Daily (IBD) here reports “coal use is surging across the globe“, citing the National Academy of Sciences, which says there’s an “unmistakable coal renaissance under way” and […]

Cooling Atlantic Trend: Iceland Sees Coldest Summer in More Than 20 Years... "Cold Period Taking Over"

Cooling Atlantic Trend: Iceland Sees Coldest Summer in More Than 20 Years… “Cold Period Taking Over”

The Iceland Monitor website here writes the North Alantic island is having its coldest summer in more than 20 years. According to the site: The first thirteen weeks of summer this year have been the coldest in Reykjavik in over twenty years, reveals Icelandic meteorologist Trausti Jónsson. The northern city of Akureyri fares even worse […]

German Scientists: Former IPCC Author Peter Wadhams Showing Pattern Of Irrationaliy …”Extremely Far-Fringe Corner”

Professor Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning recently took a look at the odd behavior of former IPCC author Peter Wadhams, who now suspects the oil industy of being behind the accidental deaths of three climate colleagues. Three British scientists have lost their lives since 2013 – all three had been involved in Arctic research. One […]

July Analysis: Gore Ice-Free Arctic Fantasies Have Seen Their Waterloo… “Polar Ice Caps Are In Fact Growing”

A few days ago German website wobleibtdieglobaleerderwärmung (where’s the global warming – hereinafter WBDGE) also looked at polar sea ice. The site writes that despite all the global warming and ice-melt fantasies circulating through the circles of climate alarmism, “Arctic sea ice extent in July 2015 increased strongly compared to a year earlier.” Linear trend […]

July Data Rolls In…Consensus Of Datasets Agree: Warming Has Stopped… Global Temperature Firmly Stuck!

German website wobleibtdieglobaleerderwärmung (where’s the global warming – WBDGE) does an excellent job at analyzing and observing climate data and trends. German readers are recommended to bookmark this site. In its latest post the site looks at the July results and the overall global temperature and sea ice trend. It finds that multiple datasets clearly […]

Michael Mann Blemishes Himself In Austria …German Scientists: “Can No Longer Be Taken Seriously”

German climate science critics Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, authors of the book: The Neglected Sun, have a comment at their ‘Die kalte Sonne’ site where they criticize Dr. Michael Mann for making reality-detached claims. Hockey stick inventor Michael Mann makes himself look foolish in an ORF-Interview: “One thing they all have in […]

Joe Bastardi: "Heat Will Not Get Erased By Three Solar Cycles ...July 2015 Not The Warmest

Joe Bastardi: “Heat Will Not Get Erased By Three Solar Cycles …July 2015 Not The Warmest

Joe Bastardi at his Weatherbell Analytics presents an excellent Saturday Summary that looks back at earlier El Nino events. Today’s El Nino is being hyped and many are preparing to say that July 2015 will be among the warmest, if not the warmest, on record. Chart: NCEP However the veteran meteorologist tells us in the […]