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Ice Breaker Which Helped Rescue Turney’s “Ship Of Fools” Gets Jammed In Meters-Thick Summertime Antarctic Sea Ice!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUPDATE: Reader ES provides a link shedding more light into the story. Apparently the Aurora Australis broke mooring during a blizzard and ran aground (on ice?) and DID NOT GET TRAPPED IN ICE. =================================== Schneefan at German skeptic site here writes about how yet another ice-breaker has gotten stuck in summertime Antarctic sea […]

Martin Durkin On the Very Brown, Anti-Humanity Roots Of The Modern Green Movement

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailTo understand today’s Green Movement, it is necessary to go back almost a thousand years in history. Prominent television producer and director Martin Durkin does precisely just that in his outstanding recent essay: NAZI GREENS – An Inconvenient History, where he writes of the movement’s “gushing idealization of ‘Nature’”. Makes us wonder why the […]

Activism Under The Influence: German Greens, Munich Environmental Institute Now Demand Safe Alcohol!

Activism Under The Influence: German Greens, Munich Environmental Institute Now Demand Safe Alcohol!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOver the past couple of days an “explosive scandal” has erupted in Germany. Apparently traces of Monsanto pesticide product Glyphosate has been detected in 14 of Germany’s top beer brands, read background here. OMG! Greens warn of a “health danger”: Those 50,000,000 micrograms of alcohol in 1 liter of beer might contain a whole […]

Andes Have Seen No Warming Over The Past 65 Years! Powerful Natural PDO Cycle Dominates

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNo warming in Andes Mountains since 1950 By Dr.Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German translated by P Gosselin) The unpopular hiatus just keeps coming up. But climate activists are remaining defiant and continue to deny it exists. They continue to claim that temperature is rising. Yet, the scientific community has long since accepted the pause […]

Spiegel: Even Warmist Scientists Dismiss Climate Change As Cause Of Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis

Spiegel: Even Warmist Scientists Dismiss Climate Change As Cause Of Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAgain today we see yet another example of why alarmist climate scientists, those with the habit of spreading doom and gloom visions, are simply not credible. Photo: Tomas Castelazo, CC BY 3.0 Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski reports at Spiegel on the claim that climate change is the big factor behind the Syria conflict: Syria: scientists […]

2016: Already Almost 50 New Peer-Reviewed Papers Refuting Alarmist CO2 Science …Show Natural Cycles Indisputable!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat follows below is a list of 48 scientific papers published this year alone showing that CO2 climate science is not what the press and activist scientists like to have us believe it is. Image: National Academy of Sciences logo Recently I posted here on about 250 papers published in 2015. That post was shared […]

Europe To See Winter Extend Well Into March As Another Cold Polar Blast Approaches

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman online weather site here warns that winter is set dash any hopes of an early spring in Western and Central Europe. Europeans in general enjoyed a mild winter this year. But apparently it looks like it’s set to get colder and snowier as the calendar turns to March. The site writes that […]

Leading Expert Slams Consensus As “Anti-Science” …”When You Have Consensus, You Got Trouble!”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBecause the data behind the man-made global warming hypothesis is turning out to be so frail and flakey, we often hear the proponents claiming “97% of climate scientists agree that man is now driving the climate” as an argument. Never mind the 97% figure is a bogus one to start with. Whenever the data […]

New Findings Show Sun, Natural Factors Linked To Sudden Climate Change, Famine, And European Social Collapse

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA reader has brought my attention to more new papers. I haven’t found any mention of them at other sites like WUWT. Perhaps they aren’t able to get through the Gate of Willis. At any rate, just because I choose to bring them up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with them. I […]

Journal Of Solar-Terrestial Physics Presents Findings: “Significant Relation” Between Sunspots And El Niño Southern Oscillation!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe more CO2-obsessed climate scientists deny the sun’s powerful role in driving climate, the more that other serious scientists are finding out that it is in fact truly The Dominant Player in climate. The Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestial Physics here has a recent paper where scientists have found a “significant relation” between sunspots and […]

German Consumers Paying Record Amount For Green Energy ...Energiewende On "Best Path To Financial Disaster"

German Consumers Paying Record Amount For Green Energy …Energiewende On “Best Path To Financial Disaster”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe online daily Berliner Zeitung (BZ) here reports that German consumers in 2015 have “never paid so much money for supporting renewable energy.” Wind energy is hugely expensive and doesn’t work well. Photo: NTZ Some 15 years ago German Environment Minister, Jürgen Trittin, wanted the public to believe that Germany’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) would only […]

Impossible To Ignore ...In 2015 Alone Massive 250 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers Cast Doubt On Climate Science!

Impossible To Ignore …In 2015 Alone Massive 250 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers Cast Doubt On Climate Science!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailReader Kenneth has compiled and submitted a comprehensive list of some 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers from 2015 on climate, all supporting the premise that the Earth’s climate is driven in large part by natural factors. It now has been posted. Science institutes can no longer ignore massive body of scientific evidence that contradicts the […]

50 Years Of “Consensus Science” Gets Scrambled, Battered And Fried!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGlobal warming alarmists like to tell us that we can all trust the global warming science – because “97% of all scientists – an overwhelming consensus -” agree with the science. They just couldn’t possibly be wrong, could they? Unfortunately history shows us that whenever such claims of consensus are used as the main argument […]

As Winter Reaches Its Zenith Record Cold, Heavy Snow Bring Chaos, Death Over Northern Hemisphere

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRecords in the Northeast: Not only is record-cold weather gripping the Northeast USA, with wind chills as low as 50°F below zero and New York City hitting a new low, but also cold is spreading across Great Britain. The cold is also expected to sweep across Europe by early this week. Spring is nowhere in […]

Global Warming Cancels Plattsburgh, New York, Winter Carnival…Because Of “Extreme Cold”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWinter carnivals are popular, and naturally organizers hope to get cold and snow to make sure they go well. Years ago global warming activists were warning that the days of winter carnivals were numbered, and that snow would be soon a thing of the past. Winter carnivals faced cancellations due to missing snow and […]

Arctic Sea Ice Trend May Have Turned The Corner As Ice Volume Picks Up Over Past 5 Years

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs Arctic sea ice approaches its annual maximum level for the year, now is a good time to look at how it stands – especially in what some are claiming to be the hottest year on record. The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) here shows currently Arctic sea ice is at its highest level in years […]

“Acoustic Torture” …Austrian Chamber Of Physicians Warns Of Health Hazards From Large-Size Wind Turbines

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOnce dismissed as something merely imagined by people close to industrial wind turbines, health disorders caused by infrasound are emerging as being very real. Austrian site here has a press release by the Vienna Chamber of Physicians warning of health hazards from large-scale wind turbines, citing “comprehensive studies”. It calls for a minimum […]

Solar Report January 2016 …Current Solar Cycle Quietest In Almost 200 Years As “Triple Whammy” Approaches!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Sun in January 2016! By Frank Bosse and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The largest mass of our solar system (99.8% of the total mass) was also rather quiet in January. The determined solar sunspot number (SSN) was 56.6, which is 71% of the mean this far into the period, calculated […]

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption ..."In Part A Criminal Business"...Only A Few Profit

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption …”In Part A Criminal Business”…Only A Few Profit

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailYesterday I wrote about how wind park planners and the city councilmen who recklessly approve them may be held personally liable for damage to health that they cause, primarily through infrasound.  With locals wind parks, too often crony deals are involved and legitimate opposition gets brushed aside or squashed. The result is often a […]

Germany: City Council Members Approving Wind Parks May Face Personal Liability For Damage To Health!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe legal winds are shifting! Many city councils and wind park planners are going to have to clean up their acts when pushing through their pet wind park projects. Germany’s Fundamental Law specifically expresses that the State is obligated to protect the life and physical body of the individual, foremost from illegal attacks by others. […]

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