As Winter Reaches Its Zenith Record Cold, Heavy Snow Bring Chaos, Death Over Northern Hemisphere

Records in the Northeast: Not only is record-cold weather gripping the Northeast USA, with wind chills as low as 50°F below zero and New York City hitting a new low, but also cold is spreading across Great Britain. The cold is also expected to sweep across Europe by early this week. Spring is nowhere in sight and people are growing weary of winter.

The Daily Mail here reports that temperatures in Scotland fell to as low as -14°C this morning, the lowest recording in Britain in four years. Temperatures expected to fall to -15°C later in the week.

Taipei coldest temperature in 44 years

Unusual cold has also gripped Southeast Asia, especially Taiwan. German Bild here reports of “85 deaths in record cold in East Asia“. The German online daily writes that the temperature fell to just 4°C in the capital city of Taipei Sunday morning. Southeast Asia has been gripped by severe cold over weeks.

Heaviest snowfall in 32 years

According to the weather service it was the lowest reading in 44 years. Bild also reports that over 80,000 visitors were stranded on the southern resort island of Jeju due to the “heaviest snowfall in 32 years“.

9000 domesticated animals freeze in Vietnam

Two weeks ago the Austrian reported here of bitter cold gripping Vietnam, freezing to death some 9000 in total cows, pigs, sheep and horses in what they write as the “roughest cold wave in almost 40 years“.

Also the Austrian online reports that winter has reached its zenith as temperatures dip down to -50°C in Siberia and meters of snow pile up in Japan.


15 responses to “As Winter Reaches Its Zenith Record Cold, Heavy Snow Bring Chaos, Death Over Northern Hemisphere”

  1. TimiBoy

    Oh, you’re just cherry picking…


    1. Graeme No.3

      sod will sue for breach of copyright.

  2. DirkH

    Climate Change threatens food supply for Polar Bears! Because of too much ice! Say warmunists!

    But, it looks like the bears have found an alternative food source! SunEdison stock!

    1. yonason

      Link doesn’t work for me right now. Maybe later?

    2. yonason
  3. John F. Hultquist

    When you get zero snow in 32 years (wonder about the time before that) then any snow of a couple of centimeters can bring everything to a halt. The site linked below claims 12 cm. or 4.7 inches.

    There is a very nice photo from NASA’s Terra satellite.

    The cold in the places that are not used to cold is serious. The -50°C in Siberia is much less of an issue because, while rare, it is commonly very cold there. See:
    Whisper of the Stars

    1. John F. Hultquist

      “Whisper of the stars” is mentioned (p. 7) in this Monthly Weather Review from 1958.
      There is also this record of a cold temperature: January 21, 1838, in Yakutsk (northeastern Siberia). It was observed on a Reaumur thermometer to be -48° R. (-76° F. or -60° C.).

    2. yonason

      A couple of years ago, I put my drive North on hold for a week. If I hadn’t, I might have ended up in this. You can see how little snow is on the ground. The traffic jam lasted 18 hours. No sand, no salt, no go.

  4. Lawrenec13

    Don’t know about “and people are growing weary of winter.”

    here in London (and I am a sceptic whatever that means)we’ve had a very mild winter, two or three frosts so far. UKMO have issued a ‘yellow’ warning which to be honest is absolutely useless as UKMO have to promote AGW and also have to over-do H&S warnings. So as an observer outside the UK you would think from UKMO’s website and warning pages that we are totally snowed under. For example tomight they are warning of 0-2cm of snow for the SE this of course is rubbish as the radar indicates that any lightweight showers fizzle out before they reach London let alone settle

    ULMO warnings

    I guarantee that there will hardly be a flake let alone covering. So please don’t you believe what you want to believe unless gross checked with reality. Also this coldish no snow spell will be gone by midweek.
    So a very miserable mild UK this year especially London and the SE

  5. Lawrenec13

    Also never trust the Daily Mail, The Express and the Guardian. The Independent has just stopped publishing

  6. Frederick Colbourne

    I was born in Canada where, as I recall the 1930’s and 1940’s, we regarded February as the nadir of winter, not the zenith.

    My most onerous domestic chore was to tend a coal-fired furnace in the basement and to haul the ashes for collection by the city. For me February was the cruelest month

    I still agree with the main conclusions of H. H. Lamb that warmer is better than colder. Which is why I now live about 600 km (350 miles) or so from the Equator.

    1. Loodt Pretorius

      Frederick, correct me if I am wrong, but, I’ve never read about a hot part of the world being described as cruel. Cruel is only used in the context of harsh winters with snow and the cold seas around the poles. Having been to Yellow Knife in February a few years before I retired I must agree with your description of cruel, I was too cold to think of that description at the time.

  7. David Appell

    You mean it’s cold in winter? How the hell did that happen?????

    For some actual data, check NOAA’s for USA48. Dec-2015 was the warmest December in the records. (I notice you didn’t blog about it.) 2015 the 2nd-warmest month. (I notice you didn’t blog about it.) Even Jan-2016 was the 34th warmest month since 1894 — i.e. in the top 28%.

    NOAA USA48 monthly

    Your biased, selective blogging is not proof of anything.

    1. yonason

      Oh, Oh, and and he doesn’t even post about the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warm periods, either. ALL of them warmer than now! What’s up with THAT?! I wonder what he’s trying to HIDE??!!

      Yeah! You are FINALLY onto something, David Appell!

      I think this is a real turning point.


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