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Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986

Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986

Germany’s DWD national weather service has released the preliminary figures for Germany’s mean temperature and precipitation for May, 2023. The month was normal in terms of temperature using the 1991-2020 climate mean and drier than normal.  May has shown no warming trend for almost four decades By Stefan Kämpfe, EIKE Those who hoped for compensation […]

German Climate Experts Conference: Antarctica Temperatures Show No Warming Trend In 20th Century!

Helmholtz Center in Germany: Antarctic temperatures show no warming trend in 20th century. Climate models unable to reproduce real temperature development By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt [Translated/edited by P Gosselin] From September 21 – 24, 2015, the 10th Deutsche Klimatagung (German Climate Conference) took place in Hamburg. Along with a number of […]

Germany's Winter Temperature Trend In A Nosedive...Now Falling 6°C Per Century!

Germany’s Winter Temperature Trend In A Nosedive…Now Falling 6°C Per Century!

Germany’s version of David Viner is Prof. Mojib Latif (photo left) of the IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, and the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences. Back in the year 2000, after Viner had gotten widespread publicity for his comments, Latif got in on the media act and told Spiegel just days later: “Winters with hard frost and lots […]

Rainfall, Cyclone Data Show No Clear Upward Trend, Contradict IPCC Claims

Rainfall, Cyclone Data Show No Clear Upward Trend, Contradict IPCC Claims

The DIY way to demystify “greenhouse gas” claims By Fred F. Mueller Feel helpless when trying to assess the veracity of “climate doom is looming” claims? Don’t give up trying to understand the relevant basics because you don’t need to be a scientist to do so. There is a rather simple way to get an […]

German Renewable Energies Expert: Global Warming Is Going To Pause As North Atlantic Cools

By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, Klimanachrichten (Translated, edited by P. Gosselin) The unusually mild weather at the turn of the year in Central Europe has strengthened the belief of many in Germany that CO2-induced global warming is in full swing. Globally – and this is the only thing that matters – temperatures are developing in a […]

Germany’s Energy Woes Set To Continue As Government Stays Stuck On Wishful Thinking

Monthly newsletter from Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated, edited by P. Gosselin) ================================ Dear Ladies and Gentlemen The most exciting question in terms of energy policy in the coming months is just how intense is the winter going to be. The German DWD Weather Service reassured the German government and public in November: “The German Weather […]

Oimjakon, Siberia Sees “Extremely Low Temperatures” As Mercury Plummets To 65 Below!

UPDATE: December 5, 2022… now -57°C.  Unusual temperatures for early December…knocking at energy-deprived Europe’s door  German meteorologist Dominik Jung of says, after having reported yesterday of -50°C in Oimjakon, Siberia: “-54°C were measured there this morning.” -54°C is 65 below Fahrenheit. “For early December, these are extremely low temperatures there, which are normally expected […]

Nothing Alarming: Europe Data Show No Upward Trend In Droughts And Forest Fires

German online NOVO-Argumente looks at the forest fire situation in Germany and Europe. Currently parts of Europe are experiencing severe drought conditions and forest fires are raging in Germany. Climate activists and the mainstream are claiming it’s climate change, and it’s unprecedented. But NOVO-Argumente looks at the historical data going back decades and finds nothing […]

As Climate Screamers Spread Alarm, Germany’s Long-Term Forest Fire Trend Has Declined

Help! There’s fire! By Peter Sommer (Translated, edited by P. Gosselin) It’s become an annual ritual. Every summer, when there has been little rain for a long time and unreasonable people set fire to forests, whether through intent or negligence, a solution comes into play: wind turbines. Quaschning’s tweet in English: There are people who […]

Global Surface Temperatures Have Cooled 0.5°C Since 2016

Global Surface Temperatures Have Cooled 0.5°C Since 2016

The globe continues cooling off since surface temperatures peaked from the 2015/16 El Nino. The NCEP/GFS analysis shows May to be the coldest month globally so far this year and the coldest May since 2015, with a deviation in 2m temperatures of only about 0.38°C from the outdated (colder) WMO climate mean 1981-2010. Hat-tip: Schneefan […]

JMA Greenland Mean Winter Temperature Data Inconclusive...Germany Gets a Bit Sunnier, Brighter

JMA Greenland Mean Winter Temperature Data Inconclusive…Germany Gets a Bit Sunnier, Brighter

The latest winter (D-J-F) temperature data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have become available for Greenland. Data source: JMA. Chart by Kirye Though some of the data sets are fragmented and incomplete, we can still get a some idea of what the trends have been over the past 20 years. The three warmest stations […]

A “Weakening Warming Trend Of The Last 40 Years Is Apparent”, Says German Expert

Fritz Vahrenholt: The transition to green energies and the missing warming By Kalte Sonne Dear ladies and gentlemen, During the energy crisis that has become visible in Germany and Europe over the past few months, things have gotten quieter about the supposedly imminent climate emergency. On the one hand, energy prices and security of supply have […]

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