I received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I live in Europe and help my wife, the owner of a small business that provides communication services for business and industry.

I’ve always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and view myself solely as a critical spectator in the climate change debate and arena. I’m not convinced of any one particular position.

As a boy I had a strong interest in meteorology and even dreamed of becoming one for a time. I often read weather charts and was intrigued by extreme weather events. I can recall many extreme weather events occurring back in the 60s and 70s. That’s one reason of many why I think what’s happening today is nothing unusual. In fact, if the media stopped hyping it up, most people wouldn’t even notice “climate change”.

I believe that the activities of man have a modest impact on the climate and environment, but more through landuse and poor waste management practices. For the most part, I believe the forces of nature overwhelm anything man puts out. Man probably has contributed one tenth or two tenths of a degree C warming over the past century.

As Danish economist Proj Bjorn Lomborg says, the focus of public policy and resources really needs to be on solving real problems that exist today like water pollution, poverty, mal-nutrition, urban squalor, education, tyranny and so on, and not on computer-generated catastrophe scenarios that might or might not occur 100 years from now. Too many governments use AGW as an excuse for their policy failures – claiming all problems are due to AGW, and not their own often stupidity or self interest.

I’m not funded by anyone except by my own modest means, and I do not take any donations. This is strictly for fun, learning and free speech.

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  1. David Pristash

    You maybe interested in a climate model I built over the past dozen years. I provided you a link to a monthly report I publish on my website. which describes my model and methods. I’ll be updating it again in two weeks when the new NASA data in their monthly LOTI is published but I do not expect any change. It supports the paper you just translated from a different direction.

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