History Is Clear: Humans Prospered In Climates That Were Warmer Than Today's...Died In Cooler Ones

History Is Clear: Humans Prospered In Climates That Were Warmer Than Today’s…Died In Cooler Ones

A Short History of the Human Race Part 1, The Late Pleistocene, A Story of Survival By Ed Caryl The story of the human race, Homo Sapiens, is really a story driven by climate, particularly temperatures, rainfall, and sea level. Most of that history has taken place in the last 20,000 years, since the Last […]

Greenpeace Activists Destroyed Sight-Saving Golden Rice. NYT, Beeb, New Scientist Made False Reports

Greenpeace Activists Destroyed Sight-Saving Golden Rice. NYT, Beeb, New Scientist Made False Reports

Bill Gates tweets Revkin on the need for Golden Rice. Green activists acting out of pure ideology and emotion sabotage sight-saving crop… The True Story About Who Destroyed a Genetically Modified Rice Crop By Mark Lynas Did you hear that a group of 400 angry farmers attacked and destroyed a field trial of genetically modified […]

Why Is CO2 Rising? Biosphere Destruction Is The Primary Source, And Not Fossil Fuel Burning

Why Is CO2 Rising? Biosphere Destruction Is The Primary Source, And Not Fossil Fuel Burning

By Ed Caryl The natural CO2 flux to and from oceans and land plants amounts to approximately 210 gigatons of carbon annually. (Note that this is carbon. Multiply the numbers by 3.7 for the total weight of CO2 including the two oxygen atoms.) Man currently causes about 9 gigatons of carbon to be injected into […]

Paging Paul Ehrlich: UN Predicts Record-Setting Grain Harvest...7% More Than Last Year!

Paging Paul Ehrlich: UN Predicts Record-Setting Grain Harvest…7% More Than Last Year!

Remember Paul Ehrlich’s prophesy of doom and gloom back in 1970 when he predicted rising global population (then 4 billion) would lead to mass global starvation already by the 1980s. Today more than 40 years later the planet has a population of over 7 billion and experts are warning of another global menace: obesity. Global […]

The EU's Fast-Approaching Food Tyranny...EU Undertakes To "Radically Transform" People's Dietary Habits!

The EU’s Fast-Approaching Food Tyranny…EU Undertakes To “Radically Transform” People’s Dietary Habits!

The EU in partnership with the WWF has just released a strategy report dubbed: ADOPTING HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE DIETS: KEY OPPORTUNITIES AND BARRIERS, which is part of LiveWell for LIFE, “a pioneering project which aims to contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain, and demonstrate what sustainable diets could […]

The Good Maize Gets Burned - While Toxic Leftovers Wind Up In Our Food Chain!

The Good Maize Gets Burned – While Toxic Leftovers Wind Up In Our Food Chain!

It’s bad enough that the environment is taking a hit from millions of acres of land being converted to a vast monoculture of maize to supply biogas plants and ethanol producers that are supposed to rescue the environment. Food for saving the climate. Consumers get stuck with contaminated leftovers. Photo credit: Bill Whittaker, Creative Commons […]

Higher CO2 Concentrations Will Feed A Billion More People

Higher CO2 Concentrations Will Feed A Billion More People

Ed Caryl today presents the latest of his essays. This one on CO2 and plant growth. ========================================== What Should We Do About CO2 Emissions? By Ed Caryl So, what should we do about CO2 emissions? The answer is: nothing. The evidence that Co2 is harmful, that it is raising the earth’s temperature dramatically, has been largely […]

Die Zeit’s Slovenly Climate Journalism – How They Totally Botched The Story Of The Missing Wheat

What follows is the story of how editors at renowned German weekly Die Zeit completely botched the translation of English text passages to German, thus making their German story completely erroneous, and far more sensational. Climate change threatens the global supply of noodles, Die Zeit claims. Source: ================================================ Embarrassing translation blunders in climate-alarm article […]

New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes”

This week’s print edition of FOCUS includes an interview with the producer of a new environmental film to be shown in German cinemas beginning in January: Climate Crimes – Environmental crimes in the name of climate protection. It will premiere soon in Vienna. Here’s the trailer (in German): The pictures tell the story… If you […]

German Green Pols Forget Their Biofuels Implementation – Now Propose Powering Society With “Herbal Fuels”

Food prices have been in the headlines lately, with more than enough stories blaming the crop shortages on climate change. That’s what the German greens would like to have us believe. Today, with huge swaths of land being covered and devoured by industrial-scale biofuels agriculture and food prices rapidly climbing to politically dangerous levels, the greens […]

Michael Miersch

News Magazine FOCUS Reveals German Green Movement’s Very Brown Roots

 If you ever wondered why people in the Green Movement often seem to take on an air of arrogance, condescending superiority, to be masterful at propaganda, spiteful of human population, preoccupied with lebensraum, intolerant of other views and just plain bossy, journalists Michael Miersch and David Harnasch tell us what is probably behind it. It turns out that […]

Adding To The Concert Of Alarms: Water Consumption And Food Wastage

Adding To The Concert Of Alarms: Water Consumption And Food Wastage

Nuclear meltdown, acid rain, ocean acidification, sea level rise, famine, obesity, drought, megastorms, floods, extreme weather, rain-forest destruction, species extinction… These are just some of the bogus scares the UN and activists use to keep the masses in a state of panic. The more, the better. Hardly a day goes by without the media fretting about […]

Government Now Spoon-Feeds Helpless, Incompetent Danes

I know some Danes are not going to like my tone here, but too bad. Why is it the government needs to tell you how to eat?Have you never learned? As long as you full grown Danes are unable to feed yourselves, then you deserve all the ridicule the rest of the world can muster. […]

Nestlé CEO: Biofuels Have “Returned Hundreds Of Millions Back To Extreme Poverty”

German online daily DIE WELT reports here on how Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe says that the farming of biofuels dramatically exacerbates global hunger. Nestlé is the world’s largest food conglomerate. Hat-tip: Recently a truly lame-brain study (later debunked here) was published claiming that global warming caused war. It would be advisable for the incompetent authors of […]

Callous Der Spiegel: Organic Food Business More Important Than The Lives Of Millions Of Africans

Our friend Rudolf Kipp at the German Science Skeptical site here has a shocking report on a callous Der Spiegel piece that appeared yesterday. I’ve translated Rudolf’s report in English with his permission. =================================================== Organic Foods Are Killing – This Time in Africa by Rudolf Kipp Children are dying in Africa – just so that German organic food […]

Deaths: Organic Food Deaths 29 – Fukushima 0

Here’s a mix of various news stories in Germany. 1. E. Coli epidemic in Germany (and handling with gloves) Journalist Michael Miersch reports on the double standard in reporting the organic food catastrophe in Germany. Since E. coli bacteria infected the supply of food and so creating Germany’s worst food outbreak and scare in decades, the […]

Germany’s Biogas Bhopal? Deadly E. Coli “House-Made” Says Expert

UPDATE:  Healthy green organic farms may be the source! Hat-tip DirkH. and here: Police raid organic farm ========================================= The German Die Welt online here reports that veterinary and medical experts are now saying that biogas plants may be the source of the lethal E. coli bacteria now running rampant through Germany. Although the disaster is nowhere the […]

Cats Leave Biggest Carbon Paw-Print Among House Pets, Study Finds

Cats are really bad for the climate, according to a new study. And so the next time it rains “cats and dogs”, you’ll know know who to blame. H/t: German daily Bild, which has more readers than the WSJ, USA Today and NYT combined,  reports that cats leave huge carbon paw-prints and so make […]

Deadly E-Coli Bacteria Spreading And Bringing Death To Germany – Suspected To Originate From Organic Farming

Instead of utopia and paradise, Germany’s green dreams are delivering an ecological nightmare, turning the country into a toxic cesspool of lethal man-made biocides: botulism and now E-coli bacteria. Millions of consumers are now at risk. A few days ago I wrote about how biogas plants are producing and distributing deadly botulism throughout Germany and how a thousand […]

German “Green” Biogas Plants Producing Deadly Botulism – “Could Be Catastrophic To Wildlife”

German sporting and dog magazine Wild und Hund reports that thousands of domestic and wild animals are falling ill from tainted waste from green “climate-friendly” biogas plants, which is then used as an agricultural fertilizer in fields. Hat tip: Dirk Maxeiner here (in a commentary titled: “Gross negligence in green”). Wild und Hund has put out a press release […]