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Global Investments In Renewable Energies Crash in 3rd Quarter 2016, Bloomberg Reports!

Citing the London-based consulting company Bloomberg New Energy Finance the German Business News here reports that “investments in renewable energies collapsed worldwide in the third quarter” of this year, led by Europe, China and Japan. Compared to the 3rd quarter of 2015, investment, mainly in solar and wind power, fell a whopping 43 percent. Among the […]

Flagship Daily ‘Die Welt’ Calls Germany’s Ban Of Internal Combustion Engines By 2030 A “Fairy Tale”

There have been a number of reports that Germany will ban the internal combustion engine (ICE) by the year 2030, i.e. in just 14 years. This has been already voted on by Germany’s Federal Council (Bundesrat). Although 14 years can be plenty of time to usher in a technical revolution (e.g. think of how much technology […]

Top Environmentalists Aghast As Germany's 'Energiewende' Turns Into A Green Dystopia!

Top Environmentalists Aghast As Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Turns Into A Green Dystopia!

First vigorous support followed by cheers But then came silence and then denial, Followed by downplaying Today, outrage is exploding That’s the story of Germany’s attempted Energiewende (transition to renewable energies). The mood has turned 180° since the early days. Once welcome, Germany’s Energiewende is now being met with shock and outrage as the envoiornmental destruction […]

Germany’s Social Violence Against The Citizens …Green Feed-In Tariffs Set To Jump Painful 15%!

Michael Krueger at Science Skeptical writes that Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariffs paid by power consumers are to risen to new record, painful levels. Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariff is expected to skyrocket another 0.75 euro cents/kilowatt-hour – to 7.1 euro cents. The following chart shows the annual growth of the feed-in tariff in cents […]

At 20% Below Expectations, Bavarian Wind Park Disappoints Its Small Investors

At BR Bavarian public broadcasting here, Judith Zacher writes how the Zöschingen wind park has lost the air under its wings and has disappointed investors. At the time it opened in 2013, it was Bavaria’s largest citizens-operated wind park. But the BR writes that “there’s not enough wind and the financial expectations can hardly be […]

Alarm... Major German Grid Operator Announces Whopping 80% Higher Grid Fees! "Power To Be More Expensive"

Alarm… Major German Grid Operator Announces Whopping 80% Higher Grid Fees! “Power To Be More Expensive”

Yesterday the online German news weekly FOCUS here wrote an article that is certainly more bad news for Germany’s electricity consumers, who are already paying among the highest rates in the world. One of Germany’s major power grid operators, Tennet, announced it is “massively increasing power grid fees” and that “power is going to be more […]

More Headaches Than Power: Germany’s Wind Energy Fails To Deliver! “Energiewende Finished?”

The greatest obstacle to wind energy is its unreliable, weather-dependent supply. If the wind stops blowing, then it’s lights out! Image cropped from: Yet, proponent’s often claim the solution is offshore, for example out in the tempestuous North Sea. There the wind is always blowing, they like to tell us. Unfortunately this too is turning […]

Power Expert Says Germany Faces Renewable Energy-Political Fiasco - Technical Problems "Piling Up"

Power Expert Says Germany Faces Renewable Energy-Political Fiasco – Technical Problems “Piling Up”

Professor Fritz Vahrenholt wrote an expert assessment for the Liechtenstein-based Geopolitical Intelligence Services on the situation concerning Germany’s power grid stability and its current renewable energy policy. He says Germany needs an immediate and fundamental course correction if it wishes to avert a disaster. Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt. Photo credit: DkS. Costly for the consumer Vahrenholt […]

Germany's Media Sobering Up To The Widespread Corruption Of The 'Energiewende' and Wind Lobby

Germany’s Media Sobering Up To The Widespread Corruption Of The ‘Energiewende’ and Wind Lobby

German flagship ARD public television recently broadcast a report on Germany’s Energiewende called: “The Battle Over Wind Turbines” Meet the Schmidt’s in northern Germany. The family, like many Germans, once welcome wind turbines and viewed them as a responsible way to produce energy in an environmentally and climate friendly way. Today the ARD reports that they […]

German Scam: “A Contribution To Rescuing The Climate” Is In Fact Just “A Multibillion Euro Business”

Germany’s largest circulation daily, BILD, recently wrote an article titled: The Multibillion Euro Madness With The Energiewende, which looks at the profound failure of Germany’s transition to renewable energies and the government bowing to the green energy lobby. The BILD article refers to a recent German ARD public television documentary. “Exploding costs” BILD begins by […]

Brutal Wind Industry ...Leading German Wind Energy Opponent Receives "Threats To Life And Limb"!

Brutal Wind Industry …Leading German Wind Energy Opponent Receives “Threats To Life And Limb”!

German public television ARD here has a report on how one of Germany’s leading environmentalists has been getting death threats because of his opposition to the destruction of forests by wind parks. Enoch zu Guttenberg. Photo cropped from here. According to the ARD, Enoch zu Guttenberg claimed: I am getting even threats to life and […]

Breitbart Writes Donald Would Be “Way More Beneficial To The Environment” Than Hillary

Rising conservative media star Breitbart here writes that “A Donald Trump presidency would be way more beneficial to the environment than a Hillary Clinton presidency“. This could come as a bit of a surprise for some when you consider the turbo-level of economic growth and prosperity a Trump program would almost certainly usher in. Yet, contrary […]

Wind Turbines Now Kill 3 -5 Million Bats Per Year. And For What?

by Kenneth Richard Bats are known to be some of the world’s savviest aerial acrobats. Using their mysterious sonar system and shape-shifting wings, bats adeptly swerve and swoop and dive in flight to avoid collisions with both stable and moving objects. And yet bats stand no chance against a 200-meter high wind turbine with blades […]

German Daily ‘Die Welt’: “People Rebelling Against Wind Power” …Viewed As “A Destructive Force”

The July 24, 2016 print edition of national flagship daily Die Welt wrote a feature story on how German citizens are becoming fed up with the widespread crony capitalism of the wind energy business and are thus now mobilizing a fierce rebellion. The German daily writes of health issues for people living in their vicinity. The […]

The Poor Get The Shaft – Forced To Pick Up 7 Billion Euro Power Tab Of German Industry!

Here’s more proof that Germany’s scheme to shift over to renewable energy sources, the so-called Energiewende, is backfiring – this time socially. German climate alarmist site “Klimaretter” (Climate Rescuer) writes here that Germany’s Energiewende has been unfair to consumers, but a real bonanza for some large power consumers. Claiming competition disadvantages (and they are indeed real) […]

El Niño 2016 Now History… “La Niña Coming: The Earth Is Cooling”

La Niña is coming: the Earth is cooling! By Schneefan. (Translated and condensed by P. Gosselin) The warming El Niño weather phenomenon has been history since June 2016. The cool La Niña started in mid July 2016. The daily anomalies in sea surface temperatures (SSTA) in the main Niño region 3.4 are now updated. In mid […]

Energy Experts Warn German Renewable Energy Path Tantamount To Economic Harakiri

Energy Experts Warn German Renewable Energy Path Tantamount To Economic Harakiri

Energy experts Jürgen Großmann and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt wrote in an opinion piece in Saturday’s hardcopy edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) that renewable energies are expensive, costing 2 to 3 times more than conventional energy. FAZ: “Worry over transition to renewable energy” The two German experts warn that any attempt the country makes to […]

“I Could Throw Up”…”Wind Power Mafia” Clandestinely Destroys Rare Stork Nests To Clear Way For Turbines!

German real environmental activist Andreas Kieling here at Facebook has posted a video showing the gruesome and sickening destruction of birdlife by windmills and tells of an alleged premeditated criminal dismantling of rare black stork nests by the “wind power mafia”. The video is in German, but the pictures are of universal language. At the […]

German Power Giant RWE Risks Becoming “Largest Bankruptcy In German Business History”!

Germany’s “Energiewende” (transition to renewable energies) is threatening to cause widespread economic havoc. Not only have almost every major solar manufacturing company in Germany gone bankrupt, leaving economic blight in its wake, now traditional power giants, which hire tens of thousands of skilled workers, are threatened by bankruptcy. Today German flagship daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung […]

Folly: All Of Europe’s Wind Power Capacity Only Could Steadily Provide Enough Electricity For Tiny Belgium!

Swedish site posted a chart presented by Rolf Schuster showing Germany’s and much of Europe’s total wind power generation over the first 6 months of this year: Wind power production Germany and Europe. Chart by Rolf Schuster, from The first thing one notices is wind power’s extreme supply volatility. In February wind production peaked at […]