The Narrow Tolerances Of Tolerance…”Open Minded” Berlin Student Searching Apartment To Share

Nothing to do with climate directly, but it is funny and to me it serves to remind us skeptics of the people we are dealing with and their hopelessly warped lens through which they view the world. Such are the people we often find in the climate change movement and at Earth Day celebrations.

The following comes from an apartment search website where we have a young lady searching for an apartment to share with others in Berlin.

Hat-tip Steffen Hentrich at FB.

Here’s how she describes herself and what she expects of her potential roommates:

I, 31, am a good-natured open leftist* and openly feminist student of history (HU) and am searching a cosmopolitan and anti-capitalistic apartment to share with others in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. You need to be open minded when it comes to other lifestyle models and tolerance should be among your top values. Moreover it would be super if there was already a washing machine that I could also use in the apartment. I don’t like aggressions and power games, and so I’m searching for an apartment that is 100% shared by women who are active against terror, war, racial madness, fascism, chauvinism and US cultural imperialism. I am myself a vegan and think that long-term living together makes sense when absolutely no animal-based products find a place in my apartment.

In general I am easy to get along with, but must also be able to say where the limits are and when I don’t want to see anyone. For me this is part of an honest cohabitation. In the past unfortunately I often have had to make the experience of putting up with people who stayed around even when I asked them to (temporarily) leave the apartment.

In return for a room (20-30 sqm) I offer work in the household, repairs and discussions (also therapeutic). Money is the lever of the powerful with which I cannot identify with. But because I respect other views, I would be willing to contribute to WLAN and electricity (even it belongs to the fundamental needs of a person and thus MUST be provided free of charge.)

I’m looking forward to the “casting”.


*Anarcho-syndicalism (but do not always agree with the International Workers Association)”

At the very top of the want ad, Mona writes that the maximum rent she is willing to pay is 5 euros. And it’s generous of her to offer to help out with the WLAN and electricity.

Note how she’s 31, and still a student. But that is not unusual in Europe. And she’s precisely the kind of “open-minded” and “tolerant” talent German liberal arts universities are putting out today.

So tell me folks, is it really possible to reason with such people? Talk about a failed upbringing. The first thing she needs to do is go on a meat diet.

I wonder why Mona isn’t staying with her parents?


Germany’s Leading Late Night Comedy Show Harshly Mocks Germany’s Energiewende!

Awhile back I wrote about a harsh German late night parody of the country’s failed transition to renewable energy.

Now the video appears on Youtube and is accompanied by English subtitles. Hat-tip

Enjoy (and share it!):

Now you can send the video to your lawmakers so that they can think again about following Germany’s lead.

Note: “GroKo” is short for Große Koalition, i.e. Germany’s ruling grand coalition government.


Pot Growers Now Using Energy-Saving, Climate-Friendly Lighting For Indoor Growing, German Daily Reports

Berlin’s leftist, climate-cultie TAZ here reports on how indoor pot growers are switching over to LED lighting to grow their clandestine cannabis. Like, we’re saving the planet too, dude!

cheech and chong

Image cropped from Cheech and Chong film: Up in Smoke, Paramount Pictures.

The TAZ article features a photo of a US grower with the caption:

Indoor growing in Denver: Works better with LED lamps and supposedly more environmentally friendly.”

The problem with regular lamps is that they consume up to 600 watts per square meter and lead to really high (no pun intended) electric bills. Not only does this cut into growers’ profits, but excessive power consumption also raises suspicions at the power companies. The energy saving LED lights now do a better job at hiding suspicious electricity consumption and at the same time solve the problems of keeping the growing basement or garage cool, the TAZ writes.

There’s another security advantage: high electric bills are not the only way of detecting illegal indoor growing activity, the TAZ writes that the German government, for example, uses helicopters equipped with infrared cameras to sense the heat generated by indoor growers. The TAZ writes that this method of detection will have a much more difficult time now that growers are switching to the low-energy LED lighting.

Another savings, the TAZ writes, is that LED lighting with a rating of 50,000 hours have a far longer lifetime before they burn out.

Now comes the really good news for cannabis connoisseurs: LED light frequency can be precisely adjusted and thus help to yield crops that have premium quality, i.e. more high for the light.

Wow, now growers can feel good about growing climate-friendly pot. And potheads will soon be able to smoke weed without leaving a much of a carbon footprint. Smoke a joint – save the planet!


German Mainstream Media Mocks, Fires Stinging Parody At Country’s Collapsing Renewable Energies Project

This is a first and quite possibly a watershed event when it comes to media sentiment towards green energies. It appears it’s no longer taboo in Germany to mock green energy.

In the past German public television and mainstream media always kept the wagons circled around the anthropogenic global warming theory and the Energiewende (transition from fossil fuels and nuclear power over to renewable energies). Now it is becoming the butt of jokes and surprisingly sharp satire on late-night German comedy shows.


Last Friday ZDF German television (Germany’s version of the BBC) launched a blistering parody at the now collapsing Energiewende. The German government obstinately refuses to acknowledge that it is a monumental failure and will never work. Late-night comedian Oliver Welke openly calls the Energiewende a religion: “All you have to do is believe.

When ZDF television mocks the project, then you know it’s in very serious trouble.

The parody stems from Angela Merkel’s grand coalition government’s refusal to accept the findings of an expert commission who gives the Energiewende project a grade of “F-minus”. Welke openly asks if Angela Merkel’s Grosse Koalition (grand coalition) government – abbreviated GroKo – formed with Sigmar Gabriel’s center-left SPD Social Deomcrat party “has gone nuts” after refusing to listen to the advice of the experts.

At the 0:57 mark, Welke reiterates the findings of the commission: “The green power subsidy is causing the power price to go up and leads to less climate protection.” Adding at the 1:17  mark: “Why are they doing that? It’s totally illogical.”

Albrecht Humboldt joins Welke in the parody, confirming at the 1:28 mark that the Energiewende makes no sense but that this is all beside the point. It is something “you just have to believe in! The Energiewende works only if we all really believe in it!” he proclaims sarcastically.

At the 1:47 mark Welke demonstrates to the audience just how nuts the Energiewende has become:

Last year every German forked out €240 for green power fees…babies, seniors, every German. A total of 21.8 billion euros for power that on the market has a value of only €2 billion. That’s sick!”

This quality of criticism Welke aims at the Energiewende in Germany is unprecedented in sharpness and cynicism for mainstream media. The wheels the green-energy wagon are truly coming off in Europe. The green-energy dream is in irreversible collapse.

The remainder of the harsh parody mocks the Energiewende as a religion that requires full faith from its followers. Though the brunt of the jokes is aimed at the GroKo (grand coalition government) the real target is the Energiewende and the policy of early retirement at age 63.

At the 4:25 mark Tina Hausten sarcastically tells the audience:

Stop questioning the policies. Thinking about them just gives you a headache! Just pay and be happy!”

To which everyone responds by singing: “Oh happy days!”

At 4.29 Welke says: “This new GroKo sect is starting to scare me!

At the very end at the 6:10 mark Welke makes it official:

Yes, so the GroKo is now officially deemed a religion.”

I’ve prepared a rough transcript of the entire parody in English and have sent it over to Hajo Smit at here, who will add English subtitles to above video.


Global Warming Alarmist Bill Nye Confuses Antarctic Continent With The Arctic…Doesn’t Know North From South!

Bill Nye once again makes a fool of himself, this time on NBC’s Meet The Press before a national audience. At the 8:26 mark:


“Would you say the Antarctic has less ice than it used to?”

From NBC’s Meet The Press.

Er, Bill, that graphic you’re holding up is one of the Arctic, and not the Antarctic. Nye doesn’t even know north from south!

And concerning global sea ice, today it is at near normal levels. Nye cherry-picking the single data-point of September 2012 at the single location of the Arctic is not a persuasive argument – never mind him using the wrong chart.

Finally, I’ve never seen an issue with so much consensus be so hotly disputed. Why is that so? It is because, obviously, the claimed climate consensus is a complete myth.

I would have taken both Nye and Gregory apart with half of my regular average brain tied behind my back.


Andrew Revkin, If It Wasn’t For Black Carbon Nobody Would Be Prosperous Enough To Buy Your Music

I see New York Times science journalist Andrew Revkin has applied his musical talent to record and release a song criticizing evil black carbon:

I’m still trying to figure out people like Revkin. They constantly rail against the very things that make their lives pleasant, safe and fulfilling. To me it’s as rational as hating African-Americans, yet loving jazz and blues music to death. Makes no sense!

They want everybody else to stop using carbon, yet seem to immensely enjoy the benefits the black stuff brings. Society today without the petroleum industry is like an ice cream cone without ice cream. Without lights, we’re back in the dark ages.

If you don’t like carbon, well then don’t use it. Don’t use any fossil fuel, don’t use anything made of plastics, and don’t buy from any vendors that use plastics or carbon fuels…i.e. like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food processors, airlines, taxis, etc.. We’d all love to see you yourself live without plastic and petroleum first, i.e. bathing in a cold river, running around, donning a piece of hide, eating bugs and berries filled with parasites, and squatting over a hole to do your biz.

Man used to live without carbon fossil fuel, and it really sucked. They lived to be about 20 – on average!

Anyway I hope you like the music, I like it. But a Neil Young he’ll never be.

I’ll buy his CD (minus one song), but only after he says thank you to the petroleum industry, who made it possible for him to compose and produce the music in the first place. We all live in this world together, and it’s time people start appreciating everyone else’s effort. Stop being idiot ingrates.

UPDATE: Andrew left a reader comment, which I repost as follows (my emphasis):

I’ve got to differ with you on this being a song about evil. It describes clearly all the stuff carbon does for us (“it’ll spin your wheels, it’ll nuke your meals, it’ll turn your night to day..”) and the downsides (greenhouse buildup, the occasional oil war). I did shift the lyrics a few years back to take out “Satan.” That resulted in some jabs (appropriate). I explained why here (and I think this constitutes the “thank you” you talk about): [F]olk music is a plastic and evolutionary process. Originally, it said, “Satan came along and said, ‘Hey, try lighting this.’ He opened the ground and showed us coal and oil.” And, you know, I thought a lot about that. I probably approached the song initially in the voice of your traditional, Bob Dylan rabble-rouser. And now I look back, and I think, you know, it’s not Satan; it’s normal. It’s just us. So I changed it to, “Someone came along and said, ‘Hey, try lighting this,’” which is much more human and real. And as many of my free-market, blog-commenter friends would say, look at all the benefits that have come from burning fossil fuels.”


Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!

The metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming/accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.

No picture could better symbolize and communicate the intellectual bankruptcy and disillusionment of a faithful group who refuse to believe they have been led astray. This has to be deeply embarrassing, if not outright humiliating.

It’s reported here that many of the climate science boatpeople are actually from renowned media outlets, like The Guardian, who we can safely assume were onboard hoping to capture dramatic images of vast areas of open sea water, or of calving ice sheets with hundreds of tons of ice breaking off and plunging into the sea hourly. And with a little luck, maybe even some photos of a couple of drowned penguins.

Nowadays true believers find themselves journeying to the extreme corners of the globe in a desperate search for signs of the coming climate catastrophe. Signs are getting tougher to come by.

Indeed in Antarctica what they found was a reality that was precisely the exact opposite of what they had expected or had hoped for: no open sea seas – just thousands and thousands of square kilometers of sea ice, which ironically turned on them.

“Post-hoc rationalizations of model failures”

To save face they are changing their story and concocting new rationalizations. Perhaps all the unexpected ice is in fact a sign of warming after all!  This, for example, is what senior science writer for Comedy Climate Central Andrew Freedman is now claiming at Twitter, much to the rich entertainment of skeptics:


You see, Freedman explains, it’s all in connection with “ozone depletion” and it all comes “with human fingerprints“.

And when pressed on why warming is causing less ice in the Arctic but more in the Antarctic, climate science boat-person Freedman tweets: “…key to remember is the geographical circumstances are totally different.”

Freedmann gets so deep into it that Bishop Hill eventually calls his claims “handwaving post-hoc rationalisations of model failures.” Another reader writes he thinks Freedman “is making it up as he goes along“. Anthony Watts tweets near the end: “Andrew Freedman is falling for the same ‘anything consistent with AGW’ silly logic fail that Laden did.”

Obviously the climate boatpeople are desperate and have nothing else left to lose.

UPDATE: See latest video here:


Germany’s Intelligence Agency Warns Of “International CO2 Conflicts”…But Geology Expert Calls Warnings “Pure Comedy”

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service) BND is Germany’s version of the CIA, and it has just released a report on the threat posed by climate change and CO2 emissions. It claims that the conflicts of the future will be over CO2 emission allowances!


Image: Cropped from photo by A.Fiedler, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

First, readers need to be cautioned that such reports issued by intelligence agencies (always eagerly released to the public) often times have very little to do with reality, and most are designed to manipulate public sentiment. Those familiar with climate science will quickly put the report on par with reports of Martians preparing to attack the planet. In simple terms: it’s a lot of BS.

Germany’s leading political daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) wrote yesterday a piece titled: Bundesnachrichtendienst sounds the alarm on climate change.

The good news: “Energy supply security no longer an issue”

Before getting into the scary CO2 climate conflict details from the BND report, there are some very good news – news we’ve suspected all along – especially amid all the reports on the discoveries of huge shale gas and crude oil reserves popping up almost daily. The BND report writes (my emphasis):

The conflicts of the future now revolve around carbon dioxide. Energy supply security is no longer an issue.”

The bad news however, so projects the BND, is that future conflicts will be about “who will be able to emit how much CO2.” Countries will be fighting over CO2 emission rights, BND scenarios suggest.

Now that there are no longer any natural developments left to fight over like water, oil, food, living space, natural resources, etc., the German government seems to be creating an artificial global conflict by designating CO2 as a pollutant that mustn’t be emitted. Too bad the BND never bothered reading the latest scientific literature on global temperatures and CO2 climate sensitivity. Expect the German government to eagerly use the BND report to justify more intervention into private lives.

Wikipedia writes that the “BND acts as an early warning system to alert the German government to threats to German interests from abroad. It depends heavily on wiretapping and electronic surveillance of international communications.” Somehow from these activities the BND has concluded that climate is the worst threat.

Green Party officials immediately seized on the report. The FAZ quotes Green Party chief Simone Peter: “Whoever keeps using fossil energies such as coal and oil, accelerates climate change, exacerbates international conflicts, and is messing with the coming generations of the future.“

The BND writes that the problem is that emerging countries will emit increasing amounts of CO2 as they develop, thus quickly exhausting the world’s emission allowances, which in turn will lead to international conflict.

Another problem is America’s booming shale gas revolution, which will act to depress prices worldwide. Consequently renewable sources will have no chance to compete. Cheap US coal is already being exported by the USA to Germany, throwing sand into the gears of the country’s renewable energy transition. The FAZ adds:

And the earlier worries of oil and gas reserves running out are gone. [..] The reason for this is new technologies that have made it possible to exploit previously in accessible reserves.”

Again the historical pattern of false doomsday scenarios is once again clear and confirmed…developing, unexpected technology repeatedly canceling earlier seemingly certain projections of disaster. Five years ago few people believed the world had enough reserves of fossil fuels to last 50 years. That was one of the argumentation pillars used by green energy proponents. Today we find ourselves practically drowning in fossil fuels. Prices are in a free fall.

Any journalist investing 30 minutes time researching earlier projections made by intelligence services globally will find most of them at one time or another issued doomsday reports of “fossil fuels running out and global conflict erupting as a result.”

Expert: CO2 conflict claims are “pure comedy”

These earlier doomsday projections probably were legitimate at the time, as it did appear reserves were in decline: The data suggested this to some extent. But the latest projections that CO2 will lead to conflict are not even based on data and observations, but on bogus computer scenarios. They are utterly baseless.

In an email, geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning called the BND’s latest CO2 conflict claims “pure comedy” and “brain-washing”.

The BND also states that in the future there is going to be a “CO2 disposal problem” because CO2 concentrations are expected to reach the critical 450 ppm level, a level that activist scientists say may cause the climate “to tip”.


Bastardi’s / Jung’s Initial Winter Speculation Morphs Into “A Killer 2014-Winter Forecast” – Fear Spreads Across Europe!

I had to laugh reading the French reports I mention below.

A few days ago I saw the same kind of stuff in the Russian and Italian media: meteorologists and meteorological institutes forecasting a “killer 100-year 2013/14 winter“. It’s all over Europe. Where does this come from?

It seems that meteorologists Joe Bastardi’s and Dominik Jung’s preliminary, legitimate speculation of a possible colder-than-normal 2013/14 winter has been miscommunicated and morphed into a serious forecast of “a killer 100-year winter“. Everywhere in the European media I’m now seeing reports that a “really hard winter may be on the way“. Dude, fear and a rush for snow shovels is about to break out!

First the Belgium-based, French-language news site has an article titled: On The Way To A Winter Of Death?“.

The piece cites German meteorologist Dominik Jung, who runs the site Lately Jung has been analyzing European and American weather charts in order to try to get a heads up as to how the winter could shape up, which could serve as especially valuable information for a host of industries, e.g. tourism or retailing. But the writes:

Awaiting the arrival of winter, European meteorologists are already predicting an icy season, and not one that’s just run of the mill, but rather the coldest one in 100 years.

A natural phenomenon will be the source of the cold wave that is about to strike Europe head-on: the melting of Arctic ice which is cooling the oceans, which in turn leads to the formation of cold air currents that will plunge into our regions this winter.”

At this point, the reader already has the idea that it’s going to be a really harsh winter, and next thing you know he’s spreading it all over town. later in the article does add that meteorologist Marc Vandiepenbeeck at the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) warns that the atmosphere is far too complex to make such predictions with any real degree of certainty, and that making such predictions is “wacky”. writes Jung says that predictions of the most horrible winter in a 100 years must be taken with healthy dose of doubt. But then it writes:

…he maintains that the winter 2013/2014 will probably be ‘extremely bitter’.”

Where did the predictions of a bitter cold winter get started?

So we ask in this case, what is original source of this “super-winter forecast“? How did it all get started? The answer is a classic example of how normal, innocent speculation unintentionally can morph into a much huger story, eventually get accepted almost as a scientific fact, and then start to spread across the land.

Website here gives us good evidence of where the seed for the “100-year killer-winter” inadvertently got planted. CatNat writes:

…many European forecasters are predicting a cold one for 2013/2014. ‘Dominik Jung, German meteorologist, explains that next winter will be abnormally cold, and so does American Joe Bastardi, who works for weather giant AccuWeather, and who explains that ‘it’s going to be very cold’.”

Little of this is accurate, of course. Firstly, Joe stopped working for Accuweather a long time ago. Secondly I’m not aware of Joe ever saying: “It’s going to be a very cold winter.” I do recall him saying that NOAA was looking at the probability of a cold winter and that there were a couple of factors pointing to a cold winter. But he never predicted it to my knowledge.

Anyway, it seems that Joe’s Saturday Summary is gaining a good sized audience in Europe.

CatNat then explains that the cold winter prediction is “based on climatic indicators” which indicate that “Arctic air will plunge into Europe. The abnormal cold are also influenced by the Arctic oscillation (variation in atmospheric pressures at sea level between 20°N and the pole), one of the principal factors of influence on winter temperatures in the northern Hemisphere.”

CatNet adds:

For Americain meteorologist Joe Bastardi, low solar activity is also in play. A similar cycle was observed during the 1950s, with cold waves extending until spring.”

Near the end, CatNat does add that seasonal forecasts are weak in reliability, and that seasonal forecasts are barely better than flipping a coin. Yet, it’s doubtful that most readers ever got that far.

And now it’s too late. All of Europe it seems is now convinced that the coming winter is going to be a real tough one – maybe even the worst in a 100 years! Not because Joe Bastardi and Dominik Jung predicted so, but because their original speculation somehow got miscommunicated and morphed into a dire prediction as it passed through the media grapevine.

The two recent French reports cited above are just the latest. A few days ago I saw the same stuff in Russian and Italian media. I expect to see more such reports – maybe even soon at the Beeb.

Makes you think that maybe the same type of runaway fantasy occurred in climate science. An increase in the atmospheric concentration of a trace gas exploding into a multi-trillion dollar global panic.


Climate Bullshit Bingo Hottest Game In Town – Now All The Rage At UN IPCC Conferences, Climate Speeches

Are you’re getting bored by all the repeated nonsense you hear when listening to a climate speech by an alarmist, or watching a climate report on TV, or just reading a newspaper report on climate? Then try playing “Climate Bullshit Bingo“:

Bullshit Bingo Climate 2

Whenever you here one of the climate buzzwords on the card above, check it off and call out “Bingo!” as soon as you have a row of five in any direction. Play it with your friends at the next conference or speech (be sure to use different cards).


“Amazing! I recently saw a speech by Al Gore and yelled ‘Bingo’ after just 23 seconds!”
– Naomi O., California

“I set a personal best record at a recent speech by Prof. Michael Mann: Bingo after just 11 seconds!”
– Gavin S., New York

“I have to admit I’m addicted to the game, and play it every time I see Obama make a speech.”
– Andy R., New York

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has helped my speech writers immensely.”
– President Barack Obama

“Can’t wait to try Climate Bullshit Bingo at the next UN IPCC Convention!”
– Roger H., London

“I hardly ever called out ‘Bingo!’ at a Heartland Institute climate conference. No wonder I’ve stopped reporting on them.”
– Seth B., Washington D.C.

“My speeches on climate science must be getting better and better. I hear people shouting out ‘Bingo!’ earlier and earlier, sometimes after less than a minute!”
Michael M., Pennsylvania

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has crossed the Atlantic and is now sweeping across Europe, especially Germany!”
– Stefan R., Potsdam

“I’ve stopped falling asleep at climate speeches by warmists.”
– Pierre G., Germany

“My attention level at climate speeches by James Hansen has shot up dramatically!”
– Marc M., Washington D.C.

“It was fun at first. But with so many people shouting ‘Bingo!’, it’s kinda become a distraction at UN conferences.”
– Anthony W., California


Dana Nuccitelli Refuses Reality: Richard Tol Calls John Cook’s Survey “Silly Idea…Poorly Implemented”

Not surprisingly Dana Nuccitelli of obstinately refuses to see the facts, even when they are staring him right in the face. Richard Tol at Twitter has thrown the now notorious John Cook survey, of which Nuccitelli was a co-author, into the dustbin of history.

Here’s the exchange between the two:

Dana Paper


Tol’s last comment pretty much sums up the quality Cook’s and Nuccitelli’s work. I could say every day last year in my hometown was over 25°C (if I ignore 320 of them and misclassify a quarter of the 45 I did count).

Dana Nuccitelli is becoming a real asset for the skeptics, one that we certainly don’t want to lose.

You can link to the Twitter exchange here: Richard Tol (@RichardTol) May 21, 2013

The Cook paper comes further apart…


Audio Of Harald Martenstein’s Satire On Global Warming Science

MartensteinDie kalte Sonne website here has the link to the German language audio of Die Zeit’s Harald Martenstein’s skeptical piece I wrote about here. If you can understand German, then it’s worth taking a minutes time to listen to it.

You can listen to the audio version here. It is indeed an effective satirical hit on the comedy that global warming science has become.

Photo credit: Lumu, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2


Construction Of Warming-Obsessed PIK’s New €17-Million Facility Gets Shut Down…By Frost, Cold, And Snow!

Other than NASA GISS, few institutes are as climate warming-obsessed as the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). To keep the global warming fear machine up and running in the future, it looks like the PIK is expanding its facilities (warning: at this PIK link there’s an atrocious translation to English).

PIK webcam

Hello? Anybody here? Warmist PIK’s new facility construction shut down by snow and cold! Photo source: pik-webcam.

However, it’s obvious from the above photo that construction of its new global warming facilities have been stopped – because of bitter cold!

The photo taken this morning by the PIK webcam doesn’t show any construction activity at all happening on the site. It has been shut down by the unusual late-March bitter cold and snow, which according to PIK’s own climate models, were supposed to be a thing of the past.

And that isn’t about to change anytime soon as the forecast for the days ahead doesn’t look good: -13°C over the weekend! This means no work until at least after Easter.


Prof. Mojib Latif Has Easter Egg In His Face…Tells Us A 1960s Climate Fib

LatifOnce again German meteorologists are reminding us how the predictions of warm, snowless winters made in 2000 are turning out to be completely false, as Bild writes here, just when Germany gets socked by more snow and cold.

A few days ago I wrote a post about Mojib Latif postponing warm winters by up to 100 years into the future as a result. It seems indeed much of what Latif writes and says needs to be taken with much caution. Not everything he says is accurate. In fact sometimes he plays it a little fast and loose with the truth.

In the very same interview at klimaretter, he is quoted as saying (my emphasis):

When I was a kid in the 1960s, we sometimes still had snow at Easter. In the meantime we have really forgotten how a winter really appears – and there can be winters also in times of global warming.”

Well, he was a kid growing up in Hamburg. So just how many snow-blanketed Easters did Hamburg see in the 1960s? We know it saw one hell of a hurricane that makes Sandy look like a picnic.

Latif used the word “sometimes” to describe the frequency of “having snow at Easter” in the 1960s, implying 3, 4, or maybe 5 times. It would be stretch calling 2 times “sometimes”. Once is certainly not “sometimes”.

Sorry I have to do this, but what follows are the Easter snow ON THE GROUND statistics in cm for Hamburg of the 1960s, looking at Holy Thursday through Easter Monday:

1960: 14-18 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1961: 30 March – 3 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1962: 19-23 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1963: 11-15 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1964: 26-30 March; 0,0,0,0,3cm
1965: 15-19 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1966: 7-11 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1967: 23-27 March; 0,0,0,0,0
1968: 11-15 April; 0,0,0,0,0
1969: 3-7 April; 0,0,0,0,0

Of the 50 days of Easter-time during the 1960s, only one single day saw snow in Hamburg – a whole 3 cm on Easter Monday, March 30, 1964!

Maybe there’s a good reason why people don’t recall the winters that Mojib says we supposedly used to have. Perhaps it’s because they never really occurred as he claims they did. Or did Mojib spend his Easters up in the mountains during his childhood and he’s confusing them with Hamburg?

We don’t want to be too hard on Mojib, as it is true that the 1960s were colder than say the 1990s or 2000s.

But if someday you should ever find yourself drinking a beer together with Mojib and he starts telling his fishing stories, just remember his Easter snow stories.

Mojib Latif is a meteorologist and climate scientist at the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research in Kiel (Geomar). Photo credit: Björn Láczay from Moosburg, Germany. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Tarot Cards Climate Article Suggests That AGW-Induced Arctic Ice Melt Creates “Superstorms”

We know that according to the catastrophe-obsessed nut-jobs, everything bad is enhanced or caused by global warming. So this won’t surprise you.

A new journal article appearing in Oceanography by scientists Charles H. Greene, Jennifer Francis und Bruce Monger at Cornell University now suggests that Hurricane Sandy was related to human-caused climate change. The article is short, and is worth reading just for the laughs.


Hurricane Sandy was just too weird to not have been caused by AGW, scientists suggest. Photo source:, public domain photo.

According to the journal article, the relatively open late summer waters in the Arctic disturbs the Arctic polar Jet Stream and thus causes weird weather down in the middle latitudes. The scientists write that Sandy did not lose strength after making landfall “because it was supercharged with energy derived from a southward dip in the jet stream over the Mississippi Valley that ushered in an invasion of cold Arctic air (Figure 1).”

Of course nobody is going to dispute how the course and strength of Sandy developed. That’s well-documented. But to say that the weather patterns that led to Sandy’s development were due to human caused global warming indicates a science that is desperately clinging to life.

As evidence of a link to global warming, the authors say that Sandy taking a sharp turn west was “something never observed before in records going back to 1851″. In other words because the weather did not behave normally, global warming had to have been behind it. Moreover, the authors write: “To literally top it off, the storm surge combined with full-moon high tides and huge ocean waves to produce recordhigh water levels that exceeded the worst-case predictions for certain parts of New York City.”

Almost in comic fashion, the authors also attempt to pre-emptively defend themselves against the expected (well-deserved) criticism, basically saying that Sandy’s behavior and the weather patterns surrounding the storm were so unususual that it had to be have been due to the global warming-induced Arctic ice melt.

And maybe so was that freak car accident that occurred on last weekend’s icy streets.

They reason:

Although a direct causal link has not been established…perhaps the likelihood of greenhouse warming playing a significant role in Sandy’s evolution as an extra-tropical superstorm is at least as plausible as the idea that this storm was simply a freak of nature.”

This today passes as science. Sad.

Mike’s Nobel Trick Spreads…NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog – Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

European Union (EU) As a resident, taxpayer and contributor to the European Union, I am truly humbled and deeply honoured as one of the first Nobel Peace Prize climate websites.

As most of you know, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo recently announced its decision to award it to the EU. That makes NoTricksZone one of the first Nobel Prize climate websites.

As you will all recall, the Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the IPCC in 2007. IPCC scientists, such as Drs. Michael E. Mann and Kevin Trenberth, are therefore “laureates”, at least that’s what some of the world’s leading climate authorities claim.

Excerpt from Dr. Trenberth’s CV. Hat/tip:

So in the future, NoTricksZone expects to be treated with utmost respect. Don’t you dare challenge what it says.

I’ll sue if you do!


Bathtub Plug Is Designed To Remind Us That The Planet Is In Peril!

Time only for a short story today, from Sebastian Lüning’s and Fritz Vahrenholt’s “Die kalte Sonne” here. I’ve translated:

“Sounds crazy but it’s true. For all those who doubt climate change, a company called Propaganda has designed a bathtub plug in the form of an iceberg with a polar bear stranded on it. By using this plug, the perilous situation of our planet will finally be made clear, the product description promises. You can find the product description at Discovery 24 Shop, and is as follows:

‘Climate warming also in the bathtub

Melting polar caps, rising sea level, changed precipitation patterns, and increasing weather extremes – these are all consequences of global warming. And because there are people who still refuse to believe it, Chaiyut Plypetch, designer at PROPAGANDA, has found a clear symbol for climate change through a sole polar bear on an iceberg. At first glance, the bathtub plug with the polar bear may look cute, yet it communicates the seriousness of the situation in a simple and forceful way.

The bathtub plug from PROPAGANDA; Material: plastic; dimensions: approx. 7.5 cm high, approx. 7 cm diameter, chain approx. 53 cm long. Order No.: 5621208

€ 16,90 incl. VAT, s+h not included’

Thanks to Ms Renate Lüning for the tip.”

Nice to see that it’s made from that good old petroleum by-product we call plastic. I find the price of €16.90 a bit, well, capitalistic. Maybe the state will subsidize them.

I wonder if it’s flexible, as sitting down on the damn thing could really hurt. Or a person could trip over it.

Hey! Let’s send one to a warmist! (Yes, I know that sounds mean :).)


Now Backyard Barbeques Are Destroying The Planet – Leading German Alarmist Site Frets

The demonization of the outdoor barbecue has begun – expect it to be banned soon in our lifetime.

I like visiting the German alarmist websites. Among my favorites is klimaretter “climate rescuers”, a leading alarmist site run by a gaggle of tree-hugging, panic-spreading kooks who insist the end is near. They’re aligned with Joe Romm, Bill McKibben and other nutjobs. Stefan Rahmstorf donates money to them.

Today their entertainment did not disappoint me. Climate-rescuer contributor Georg Etscheit shares his experience and exasperation over a barbecue birthday party he was invited to by his barbecue-fan dentist – too much smoke, environmental destruction and fat!

For the environmentally and climatically obsessed Georg, all that the charcoal-burning and meat-eating is a “pyromaniacal ritual” that is intolerable and has to stop.

First he frets that in the future climate change will surely bring us many more days that will be ideal for having more environmentally destructive barbecues.

Next, he describes the set-up his meat-eating dentist had:

In his yard behind his dental practice, he had a pavilion set up for guests and his barbecue equipment was placed near it. The first thing that caught my eye was this voluminous casket-like appliance of US-American origin, a metal box with a huge cover for the charcoal. There’s an overheat feature that is supposed to be good for handling an entire pig. And such an animal was indeed lying on that casket, red, oozing and carved – a wretched picture. And I was supposed to eat that soon?”

But the cruelty that the poor pig frying on the grill had to endure was the least of his worries. Next he describes the dentist’s grill in more detail:

My barbecue-enthusiast dentist of course owned a luxurious barbecue grill, the kind you can buy at every home-center. Such a luxury grill-monster on wheels can easily cost several thousand euros. Sizzling on the grill, producing huge clouds of smoke, was an abundance of sausage and spare ribs. Then I noticed he also had a smaller spherical grill with a dozen grilled chickens going as well.”

Georg then complains about the all the smoke and grease, advising barbecue guests that it’s best to wear old clothing to barbecues because…

Smelly clouds of smoke are produced by the burning spare ribs and charred chicken, which are also drenched with artificial smoke-aroma barbecue sauces, all accompanied by mayonnaise-soaked egg, potato and pasta salads, which all surely leave fat and grease everywhere.”

How yukky! By now I can imagine poor Georg sitting as far away as possible, in some corner all by himself. He adds:

I don’t want to go further into detail. But for me it is clear that there is little to be desired from such pyromaniacal male rituals from the early times of the homo sapien sapiens. From a culinary perspective, invitations to barbecues are almost always a catastrophe, also health-wise because charred fat and meat in addition to the synthetically produced sauces and marinades are known to be extremely carcinogenic and very difficult to digest without huge quantities of pure alcohol.”

Well, alcohol does help. Next he describes the environmental and climatic impacts of barbecues:

Ecologically and from a climate perspective, barbecues are nothing but a disaster. Just the enormous quantities of meat at barbecues is completely unacceptable. Then there’s the charcoal, which is ecologically okay only if you look at it only on the surface. About two thirds of the 300,000 tons of charcoal burned in Germany every year by barbecue fans comes from the South American rain-forests. Most of the raw wood for this must be illegally cut.”

Again the rainforests. Georg then says that barbecues will take the planet to a tipping point:

Barbecue fans contribute to the destruction of the rain forests in three ways, and thus to climate change: First because of the soy production needed for producing huge amounts of meat. Secondly through the chopping of trees for producing charcoal. Moreover, this takes away an important source of fuel for the local people, who then in turn have to cut even more trees down. Now that rising temperatures are leading to a classic vicious circle whereby the number of summer evenings with”super barbecue weather” are rising, which in turn drives up demand for more charcoal, which leads to more deforestation  and so on.”

Has he never gone camping in the forest? I think Georg just needs more getting used to barbecues. Everybody invite Georg to your next barbecue: I’m having one on August 25, and Georg you are invited to come.


Tim McCarver Nominated For 2012 Nobel Physics Prize – McCarver’s Theory: Home Runs Correlate With CO2!

And thus he has a good shot of joining the elite ranks of Nobel Laureates along with the esteemed Al Gore and the IPCC. Hat-tip: Hot Air.

If anyone needed more evidence that climate change science has become completely irrational and idiotic, here’s another glittering jewel. It’s another sign of the spreading mental disorder that is fanned by the junk science of manmade climate change. Everything that is different today is now due to man-made climate change.

We’ve all heard the stereotype descriptions about jocks and brains. Unfortunately there are some out there who somehow find ways of setting back the debunking of such stereotypes 10 years or more. Ex-MLB player and now announcer Tim McCarver has single-handedly succeeded doing just that.

Listen to what he says concerning baseball players hitting homeruns: Click HERE.

Global warming Climate change, he theorizes on national TV, makes the air thinner and so the ball carries further when hit.

It has not been proven, but I think ultimately it will be proven that the air is thinner now. There have been climatic changes over the last 50 years in the world. I think that’s one of the reasons that balls are carrying much better now than I can remember.”

Stupid! stupid! stupid!

But wait – McCarver’s Theory may actually be true. Planes indeed today are flying further than ever per litre of jet fuel – it must must because of the “thinner air” – clear evidence that McCarver’s Theory is undeniable. The same is true for cars and trucks, which today go further than ever on a litre of fuel, again thanks to reduced air resistance from thinner air.

Furnaces are also burning more efficiently, thus indicating it must have something to do with the air. Wind speeds are faster too, thanks to thinner air making air molecules fly faster. The body of evidence is growing!

I bet if NASA, Hadley or the PIK crunched the numbers with their sophisticated models and supercomputers, McCarver’s Theory would gain a consensus among the real scientific community, Royal Academy and the National Academy of Sciences.

Concerning the homerun records, perhaps the MLB could go back and adjust the statistics. Hank Aaron could be awarded another 30 homeruns because the air back then was “thicker”, and thus take back the record he lost to Barry Bonds, who unfairly set his record in “thin air”.

Also see WUWT for more on the story.


Altered States And Sensory Deprivation: As The Globe Warms, The Cold Spreads!

The widespread frigid cold gripping Asia and Europe is illustrated by the following chart (Source here) .

Media outlets have reported that this is the worst February cold wave to hit Europe and western Russia in 25 years. Dozens have frozen to death over the last few days.

So it goes without saying that the warmists at their websites are truly desperate for an explanation – any explanation will do. It turns out that all the cold is caused by global warming, the warmist sites and one institute are now claiming. And, the global warming is going to cause winters to get even colder in the future, they say.

Their level of desperation is clearly illustrated by their most recent absurd claims to explain the cold. The reason for all the cold, writes warmist site (climate rescuer) emphasis added:

It’s going to get much colder. So far 70 people have frozen to death in Central Europe, but this is only the start of the effects of global warming: The less summertime  ice coverage there is in the Arctic, the higher the probability is for Arctic cold in the following winter in Munich, Dresden, Potsdam, Warsaw or Kiev. That’s the result of a study from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Ocean Sciences.”

The same rubbish is also being spewed by warmist site Klima der Gerechtigkeit (Climate of Justice). Both of these hard-up sites are referring to an Alfred Wegener Institute paper I mentioned a few days ago here.

Altered States

So how does a little local Arctic summertime warming freeze half the globe? The Alfred Wegener Institute says that in the summertime the warming melts the Arctic ice, which leads to a more exposed Arctic Ocean, which in turn then can release heat into the atmosphere. This heated atmosphere then triggers altered atmospheric dynamics that morph into massive widespread frigid cold waves sweeping down all over the northern hemisphere 6 months later.

You see, the situation was reversed back in the 1960s and 70s when all the extra summertime Arctic ice coverage led to all them warm Eurasian winters – you know – the ones with all the snow and cold in Europe?

Altered atmospheric dynamics where a little warm triggers massively amplified cold?

I’d say the Alfred Wegener Institute has become that weird little laboratory in that early 1980s film Altered States. Climate science trips, sensory deprivation, hallucinations, dormant genes – it’s all there folks!