Tipping Points Postponed Again: Arctic Sea Ice Refuses To Melt ...No Real Shrinking In 10 Years!

Tipping Points Postponed Again: Arctic Sea Ice Refuses To Melt …No Real Shrinking In 10 Years!

Japanese climate blogger Kirye caught my eye here at Twitter when posting a comparator chart of Arctic sea ice extent (and thickness) for 2007, 2015 and this year (2016) for September 4. In a nutshell, what is all the alarm about? She comments that “Arctic ice is not doomed in the real world.” Clearly Arctic […]

German Scientists Say It’s “Game Over” For “Potsdam Climate Alarm Factory”

At their “Die kalte Sonne” site, geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and chemist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt write that Stefan Rahmstorf of the alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research has had to watch another one of his alarmist claims go down in flames. ========================================= Game over: Dutch scientists refute Rahmstorf’s Gulf Stream alarm story By Dr. […]

U Of Leipzig Meteorology Researcher Lashes At Skeptics Of Climate Prophecy 2050 And Beyond

End-of-world warnings are as old as civilization itself. Of the thousands of charlatans who have prophesized end-of-world scenarios over the past thousands of years, none obviously have come true. So isn’t it only natural that sane people today would be a little, if not very skeptical of new announcements of a coming climate Armegeddon? A few […]

Heavier Global Precipitation Not In Our Lifetime – Postponed To 2100, U. Of Leipzig Study Finds!

I had to chuckle when I read the following press release on a study that found that global precipitation has not risen after all. Models and media reports wrong again! ========================================== Leipzig meteorologist studies effects of climate change on worldwide precipitation Rain over the tropical Atlantic. Photo taken from the Polarstern research vessel, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Pospichal/Institute […]

Paging Attorneys General! …

2016 Scientific Consensus: Climate Models Aren’t Working By Kenneth Richard In a 2015 editorial on the dire consequences of human-caused climate change, Marcia McNutt, editor of the journal Science, stated with conviction that “the time for debate has ended.”   It’s the “action” of reducing our CO2 emissions that is now “urgently needed” instead of debating […]

Spiegel Calls Recent Extreme Weather Claims “A Climate Bluff”. Data Show “No Recognizable Increase”!

Parts of Germany have been hit hard by unusually harsh downpours, flooding and thunderstorms over the recent days, prompting some alarmist scientists to barge into TV and radio studios to announce it’s due to human-made climate worsening. Now Spiegel science journlalist Axel Bojanowski comments on this behavior in a commentary titled: “Heavy rains in Germany: […]

Masato Mori’s Harsh Winter/Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice Hypothesis Flops, Brand New Study Shows!

Some 15 years ago we were told that snow and ice in the wintertime would be things of the past. Then Europe and North America experienced a series of harsh winters and climate scientists, turning on a dime, suddenly declared them the result of global warming. Now that claim too is turning out to be […]

Though Media Refuse To Admit, CERN Results Vastly Strengthen Svensmark’s Cosmic Ray-Climate Theory

Looking at the English-language media, one might be led to think that the latest CERN experimental results show that trees alone dominate cloud formation, by supplying the necessary cloud seeding medium. Little reference is made to cosmic rays acting as the cloud formation modulator, initiating the cloud seeding process, as hypothesized by Henrik Svensmark. Lubos […]

Renowned Economics Prof On Climate Model-Based Policy: No "Need To Be A Denier To Qualify It As Methodological Nonsense"!

Renowned Economics Prof On Climate Model-Based Policy: No “Need To Be A Denier To Qualify It As Methodological Nonsense”!

The online Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has published a commentary by renowned economics professor Silvio Borner, University of Basel, where he sharply criticizes climate models and basing political decisions on them.  Photo of Prof. Silvio Borner: Credit: University Basel, by Peter Schnetz He compares climate forecasts to economic forecasts, where in both fields one […]

Little Evidence Showing Climate “Tipping Points” Are Tipping At All! …Artefacts Of Simplistic Models

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Luning and chemist Prof. Fritz Vahrenohlt have recently looked at the so-called climate “Tipping Points” hypothesis, one that is heavily promoted by the alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). The idea of the climate irreversibly tipping into something completely different and potentially hostile once certain thresholds are reached is one often put […]

Profound Admission: New Nature Study Shows Models Still Very Embryonic, "Hardly Trustworthy" Says Top Climate Modeler

Profound Admission: New Nature Study Shows Models Still Very Embryonic, “Hardly Trustworthy” Says Top Climate Modeler

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski held an interview with climate modeling scientist Edouard Zorita of the GKSS Research Center in Geestacht near Hamburg, Germany. Eduardo Zorita, paleoclimatologist, GKSS Research Centre Germany tells Spiegel climate models have a long way to go, much remains poorly understood and that they are hardly trustworthy. Photo:; CC BY-SA […]

Huge NOAA Correction! 2016 Likely Will Not Even Be Close To Setting New Temperature Record As La Niña Kicks In

NOAA/CFSv2 strongly corrects ENSO forecast Schneefan at German climate science site writes here that the NOAA’s ENSO model CFSv2 saw considerable deficiency with its recent forecasting, which not long ago foresaw ongoing global warming El Niño conditions for 2016. What follows is the BOM Climate Model Summary from 16 March 2016 with the NOAA/CFSv2 […]

Three Brand New Peer-Reviewed Papers Refute IPCC Global Warming Science, Climate Models!

What follows are the 3 newly published papers and their abstracts which flat out conclude IPCC alarmist science may be fatally flawed. Hat-tip Kenneth Richard. The main points are emphasized in bold print. 1. Trends in Extreme Weather Events since 1900 – An Enduring Conundrum for Wise Policy Advice It is widely promulgated and believed […]

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has "Squandered Much Credibility" ...Playing A "Shady Role"

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has “Squandered Much Credibility” …Playing A “Shady Role”

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Photo: Vahrenholt/Lüning; Source: DkS The GISS-Institute of NASA is playing a shady role in the climate debate. For years it was directed by creedal climate activist James Hansen, and has since squandered much credibility. Now his years-long colleague Gavin Schmidt is at the […]

German Scientists: Urgent Corrections Needed …Global Temperature Rise Far Below “Best Estimate” Model Projection!

By now most German readers here know the excellent site by global warming science skeptics Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt. The two authored the book “Die kalte Sonne“, which upset the German climate science establishment. The book is also available in English under the title: The Neglected Sun. At their Die kalte Sonne site […]

Veteran Meteorologist Bastardi Calls Policymaking Based On "Grossly Overwarmed" Models "Insanity"

Veteran Meteorologist Bastardi Calls Policymaking Based On “Grossly Overwarmed” Models “Insanity”

The whole of this week’s Weatherbell’s Saturday Summary by high profile meteorologist Joe Bastardi of course is excellent, but this week especially the first 4 minutes or so dealing with climate are of particular interest. In it the veteran meteorologist, who has an unusual talent for making long-range forecasts, brings up some excellent points as the […]

Climate/Geology Professor Friedrich-Karl Ewert Says “Standards Of Science Not Met” By Climate Models

A few days ago I posted a piece about an article written by award-winning journalist Günter Ederer, who had reported on Prof. Karl-Friedrich Ewert’s analysis of NASA temperature data – data that he found to have been “incredibly altered” to show warming. That NTZ post has been shared or liked close to 20,000 times so […]

A Hell Week For Global Warming Alarmists: Crumbling Consensus, Inconvenient Data And Policy Rejection

It hasn’t been a good week for the global warming alarmists. Three events have rocked the movement and caused alarmists to go into a state of alarm. Putin calls global warming “a fraud” The first event Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used to play along with the issue, has come out and called global warming science […]

Germany October 2015 Almost 2°C Below Climate Model Projections! …0.8°C Colder Than 1981 – 2010 Mean

Germany’s DWD national weather service now presents the preliminary weather results for October 2015 in Germany, a region that finds itself in the middle of Europe. Like September, also October is coming in cooler than normal, i.e. no sign of climate change. The real fact of the matter is that if it weren’t for all the […]

Scientists: No Need For "Economic Kamikaze Program In Paris" ...2°C Warming Won't Be Reached Even With IPCC Numbers!

Scientists: No Need For “Economic Kamikaze Program In Paris” …2°C Warming Won’t Be Reached Even With IPCC Numbers!

Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Frank Bosse present a guest post, reviewed by Nicolas Lewis, explaining why the IPCC’s claimed climate forcing by CO2 is overly inflated and that the world does not have to be rushing madly to eliminate CO2 emissions. Note: The above title is my own, and not of the authors. -PG ================================================ […]