Of 152 Beers Sampled in 2017...Craft, Red Ales Made The Top Of My Favorite List

Of 152 Beers Sampled in 2017…Craft, Red Ales Made The Top Of My Favorite List

Here is something totally off topic, to kick off the New Year. When dealing with climate alarmists, sometimes something relaxing is needed at the end of the day. Beer’s healing power Last April on my birthday I got a book called “Das Heilkraft des Bieres” (The Healing Power of Beer). I was fascinated by the […]

If You Want To Live, Then Run Like Hell From Sugar!

If You Want To Live, Then Run Like Hell From Sugar!

10 Reasons to drastically reduce sugar The latest research not only shows that sugar is addictive, but that it is behind the global epidemic of diabetes and heart disease. It also causes cancer, obesity, violent behavior, and hyperactivity in children. For years there existed a consensus among medical and nutritional experts that saturated fat was the culprit […]

Low-Nutrient, Vertical-Farming Foods Could Pose Serious Health Risk To Vegans Hell-Bent On Saving Planet

There’s no doubt about it, most people today are highly confused and misinformed when it comes to proper nutrition. And when you look at the vast array of kooky food and diet fads out there, it’s clear very few people in fact understand what is really healthy. The obesity rates and chronic disease statistics tell the […]

Medical “Consensus” Blown Apart… World’s Oldest Person Has Eaten More Than 0.1 MILLION Eggs In Her Life!

Remember how over much of the past few decades there was a broad consensus among doctors and the entire medical profession that foods high in saturated fats, like butter, chicken and eggs, boosted cholesterol and thus increased the risk of dangerous heart disease. Instead, the doctors told us, we should focus on a low-fat, high-carb diet. […]

There Are Far Better Reasons For Boycotting Pepsico Products: YOUR HEALTH

Straying off topic today and into the world of nutition, which is also fraught with junk science, tragedy and greed. Pepsico and a “lethal force in society” Forbes reports Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi is not amused over Trump’s election, warning of a potential “lethal force in society“. As a result some people have reacted critically […]

"Modern" Western Nutrition Is Deep In The Dark Ages ...A Catastrophe Of "Modern" Science

“Modern” Western Nutrition Is Deep In The Dark Ages …A Catastrophe Of “Modern” Science

Nothing is more dangerous than bad science driven by arrogance. Readers here are very much aware of this when it comes to climate science. Yet, as surprising as it may sound, the problem of junk science is even far worse in the field of Nutrition. Book (right) available at Amazon. Recently I read a book written […]

Why Climate Science’s Condition Is Terminal …”Science” Has Suffered The Very Same Fatal Disease Before

If you’re looking for an outstanding, powerful analogue that shows the likely future fate of climate science, Ian Leslie (of the Guardian, no less!) has it here. Hat-tip: Mikky The high carb, low-fat science is crumbling with ever accelerating speed and in spectacular fashion. And because climate science was established in the very same way, it […]

50 Years Of “Consensus Science” Gets Scrambled, Battered And Fried!

Global warming alarmists like to tell us that we can all trust the global warming science – because “97% of all scientists – an overwhelming consensus -” agree with the science. They just couldn’t possibly be wrong, could they? Unfortunately history shows us that whenever such claims of consensus are used as the main argument to […]

The Hazards of Veganism: U of Graz Study Showing Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed, Goes Viral!

Almost 2 years ago I reported here on a comprehensive study conducted by the Austrian University of Graz showing vegans and vegetarians tend to have significantly more mental disorders and health issues than meat-loving people. Photo credit: Alpha, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Well, that post has been brought back the public’s attention […]

How The High Fat / Low Carb Diet Dropped My Weight And Triglyceride Level

How The High Fat / Low Carb Diet Dropped My Weight And Triglyceride Level

O/t today. I want to share how I lost 20 lbs and totally reduced my triglyceride level, an important factor for heart health. In his video here, Prof. Ken Sikaris explains why triglyceride level in the blood today is a critical barometer for monitoring your cardiovascular risk and why cholesterol levels are not the crucial factors to […]

How The $250 Billion US Diabetes Industry Operates… “There’s A Lot Of Money To Be Made Keeping You Sick”

Today I’m meandering off into the field of nutrition, as readers here know I do this sometimes – if I feel it’s very important. Recently at Twitter I began following Tim Noakes, a specialist in nutrition. Tim recently posted a link to a video by Dr. Sarah Hallberg, who runs a clinic for treating obesity and […]

German Government Promotes Nutritional Guidelines …That Protect Climate (And Not Human Health)!

If you need more proof that climate change has taken on cult-like dimensions, then look no further than Germany’s Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU), which delivers it in hardcopy in the form of a cookbook for climate-friendly eating. Now people should eat in a way that makes the climate healthy and weather better – forget what is really […]

German Nutritionist Exposes UN Junk-Science-Based Meat/Cancer Link …”Intimidation Of The Public”

Prominent German nutritionist Udo Pollmer (photo right), a frequent guest of the media on issues concerning food, recently commented on and dismissed here the UN’s latest claim that especially processed meats cause colon cancer and red meats show a strong link. Background here. In the segment Pollmer first says that the science in the […]

UN Sham Science Reaches New Dimension of Absurdity: Bug Guts/Meat Are Good For Us, But Livestock Meat Is Toxic!

UN Sham Science Reaches New Dimension of Absurdity: Bug Guts/Meat Are Good For Us, But Livestock Meat Is Toxic!

The UN World Health Organization has begun paving the way for steering the global population away from one of nature’s most nutritious foods for the human species: meat from livestock. Those of us who follow climate science know exactly how the sham works: Select only the studies that support the theory, dismiss all others, and claim the […]

Now Dawning On The Washington Post: Scientific Consensus Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed On

A few days ago the online Washington Post here had an excellent feature story by Peter Whorisky on the long-held belief that food products rich in saturated fats, like whole milk, were a risk to human health. It turns out that this decades-long belief, once backed by a “overwhelming consensus” among scientists, is now appearing to […]

New York Times Dot Earth’s Andrew Revkin Suddenly Believes In “Natural” Causes (And Not Man-Made Ones)

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece aimed at encouraging readers to consider a diet change to improve their health for the coming new year, and to ignore the consensus high-carb/lowfat diet. My own health has improved dramatically since I stopped listening to the preventive maintenance advice peddled by the boys at the expensive […]

Paging George Clooney...99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It's Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Paging George Clooney…99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It’s Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Climate alarmists like to claim there’s a 97+% consensus that CO2 is driving our climate…a claim that is patently false, of course. But even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean the science is settled and that they are right. Having been on the subject of meat-diets and nutrition over the last few days, here […]

Tree-Hugging Vegans Think They Know What’s Best For Us. But Look At Their Kids!

I’ve gotten a few emotionalized, angry e-mails from veggie readers on the story about how meat-eaters are by far much healthier in every respect than vegetarians. They insist that their nutrition is superior and that the University of Graz study is “bullshit”. It’s bought and paid for by the bacon industry! Yet, nothing better illustrates […]

University of Graz Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed Than Meat-Lovers

University of Graz Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed Than Meat-Lovers

It’s no secret that many vegetarians are also radical environmentalists and climate alarmists who are obsessed and hysterical about the planet burning up. Perhaps the University of Graz in Austria has discovered one reason why: their “unhealthy” diet. Study shows that big meat-eaters are healthiest. Photo credit: Alpha, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. A […]