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  1. Pierre, I received the arctic temperature data. I’m still in Mexico, and my outbound email doesn’t work, which is why I’m replying this way. I will work on it next week when I get back to my computers.

  2. For those interested in the Sun and the Sun-Earth connection (+ Northern lights) my new popular science book has been released.
    Based on my lectures wile working at NASA Goddard Space Flights Centre as the SOHO Deputy Project Scientist.

    “Our Explosive Sun – A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life”.

    Our Explosive Sun includes 143 color illustrations and photos of the Sun, several of which were made especially for the book and have never been published before. Additional material, available via Springer Extras, includes a large number of animations and video material. A PowerPoint presentation of the book is a useful resource for teachers.”

    More info, electronic version and sample pages:

    Best regards


  3. Pierre, attached find 2 items to consider for your blog:

    People are covering the Zugspitze with plastic tarpaulins to reduce snow melting from sun. Hilarious, since: the plastic is dirtier than the snow, hence melting will be faster (note picture 5/5), and “Wir können viel durch gesammelten Schnee schützen” i.e. a lot of snow was accumulated last winter …

    “Fast neun Prozent Rendite mit Solarstrom” on the basis of calculations from “Experten vom Europressedienst in Bonn”. But: the amortisation periods range from 13 – 19 years! While the calculations are not shown, this result is consistent with my own assessments, and mean that you are not even with the subsidies are making money unless the equipment is lasting for more than that many years. The internal rate of return in my onw calcs had been 2-3%, i.e. not much better than Tagesgeld.
    Good luck with your solar panels :-)

    1. It is indeed interesting. Here they are confirming the orbital forcing, but nothing about the Svensmark cloud amplification mechanism. To me the paper does indicate that not much is really happening with temperature when taken over the last 2000 years.

  4. P Gosselin,

    there is smthing fishy with your blog: more often than not when I post a comment it just disappear — just to appear later

    resulting in my posting same comment again, double posting, misunderstanding, hurt feelings, etc

    could you look at it? or am I doing smthing stupid?

    1. Relax. It’s wordpress’s built in black list of certain words. Happens to half my comments as well. Pierre fishes them out of the spam bin if he gets around to do it.

    2. You have to be patient. Your comment must first be approved if the spam filter detects anything it thinks is taboo.

  5. 2 points re. website.

    The new social media share buttons obscure the text of the posts, both in Firefox and IE and is very irritating.

    Your Scafetta model link to WUWT is broken.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!


      1. Just had same problem. fix was to make the browser winder broader OR the text smaller via ctrl -; to make the dark background border appear.

        1. OK that works, much to my surprise I might add!

          I could be picky and moan that I don’t like to see wasted space around the edges, but I won’t.



  6. Pierre, I’m a regular reader of your blog and appreciate news of what is happening in the climate wars in Europe and Germany. As a skeptic, I find your information encouraging. Looks like the German people, and to some extent the media and politicians, are finally waking up to the AGW sham. Danke, mein Deutsch is nicht genug für Deutsch lesen. Aber Ich spreche ein bißchen Deutsch.

    My wife and I will be in Copenhagen in early May (05/2-5/14). You mentioned you live in northern Germany. Any plans to be near Copenhagen during our brief stay? It would be a pleasure to meet you.

    An American fan.

    Bill Yarber

  7. Hi the EIKE paper needs a full translation, I asked them and they sent what appears to be a computer generated translation which is unintelligible. My reasoning is that the paper needs to be distributed to policy makers as an example of the misrepresentation of the facts and blatant political agenda of the IPCC.
    Can you help. My science German of 1960 is failing me.
    PS really appreciate your view from the EU zone.

  8. Thanks , I’ve just been llooking for informatin approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

    But, what about the conclusion? Are you positive
    about the supply?

  9. Hi Pierre,

    I have been linking to your “Climate Scandals” as a useful source for bold predictions that have failed to come true. My contention is that this forms a criterion for evaluating whether climatology has anything meaningful to say about the world, and can be considered as a science. However, I think it is a bit unsporting to only linked to failures. There are bound to be one or two successes. Have asked a certain blogger to email his friends to find a few examples. I have only be looking at climate blogs for nine or ten years, so think they will struggle. I know you are an American, but in the English tradition of “helping the underdog” could you – or any of your readers – think of any predictive successes that the climate community can cling too?
    Any contributions gratefully received

  10. Mr. Gosselin:

    I’ve tried to log-in numerous times, but I still need a user ‘id’. Please let me know the best way to do that. Thanks.

    Kevin Roeten
    106 Weston Place
    Asheville, NC 28803

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