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  1. tom0mason

    OK, Pierre I got the message.

    Every comment of mine that is longer than 3 lines is blocked, in moderation or just never appears until days later.

    I’ll keep reading but no more comments as it is just a waste of time for the both of us.


  2. tom0mason


    I note your name is in the papers again.

    Well done!

  3. Brian Johnston

    Wind turbines do not produce 50/60Hz electricity.
    Wind turbines do produce bulked up energy, harmonics which create the illusion electricity is being produced.
    These harmonics are useless to the consumer.
    The harmonics are through smart meters fraudulently added to consumers power accounts.
    Turbines cannot boil a jug.
    Turbines are a fraud.
    The wind turbine industry should be shut down.
    I look forward to a reply.

  4. J Martin
  5. J Martin

    The link to the Swiss article above, gives a breakdown on solar cell costs in energy terms and concludes they never produce sufficient energy to repay the energy used to manufacture, install and maintain them.

  6. Girma Orssengo

    Thanks for all your work on global warming.

    There is an article I wrote that shows an atmospheric CO2 doubling GMT of 1.4 deg C using results published in the scientific literature.

    Here is the link to the article:

    Girma Orssengo,
    PhD in a Applied Science

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