The Green Movement’s Death-Farms

Thanks to reader ThomasJ, who provided this link to a Norwegian documentary about bird-killing windfarms. It might take a few moments to load. And although the clip is in Norwegian, the pictures themselves tell the story. The Norwegian windfarms are turning once majestic landscapes into a nightmare.

I’m also amazed at the number of websites, blogs, documentaries, reports, etc. popping up and casting light on this large-scale avarian slaughter by windmills. Expect resistance to this failed experiment to grow. The Green Movement is quickly proving to be an abject folly.

Aren’t all those windmills along Norway’s prestine natural coastline just lovely?

Update: No problem littering the landscape with bird-chopping windmills – but try putting up a new bridge.

Update: More bird killing

5 responses to “The Green Movement’s Death-Farms”

  1. ThomasJ

    Thanks, PG, for informing about the clip. Hopefully, it’ll get wide spread.
    Brgds from Sweden

    1. pgosselin

      Many thanks to you! It’s time to put the brakes on this mindless folly.

  2. Gregoryno6

    Between this piece here and other articles I’ve seen about the disastrous wind farms in California and Spain, I would have thought the word was well and truly out on the downsides of this technlology.
    Unfortunately it appears that folks in Massachusetts are determined to learn the hard way.

  3. Derek

    I used a phrase a bit back at Jo Nova’s blog along the lines of,
    ” When walking near a wind farm, please remember that the soft squelch beneath your feet is probably “wild bird pate” ”

    btw – Have you heard of the Spanish Solar farms generating electricity at night.
    Strange, but true…

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