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Accelerating Global Erosion Consensus Smashed – Artifact Of Observation

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe consensus was that global erosion of mountains and the Earth’s surface had been accelerating over the last 5 million years. Well, guess what? This once long accepted hypothesis has just been smashed by researchers at the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam Germany. They present their results in the May 13 issue of Nature.  […]

4th ICCC - Is it Worth It?

4th ICCC – Is it Worth It?

Share this… Facebook Twitter The Conference has begun – I’ll get right to the points. 1) How’s the mood going to be over there? Like a funeral? LOL! Yeah, like dancing on the grave of your most bitter and hated enemy. I wish I could be there. It goes without saying, the mood will be […]

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